Lingxi's ears turned red, she whispered: "What are you talking about, Chu Yu and Pete are watching..."

Chu Tian chuckled softly, leaned against Lingxi's ear, and said softly, "We're both old and married, and we're still so shy, why don't we go back to the human habitat..."


Lingxi hurriedly interrupted, she glared at Chu Tian with a flushed face, shook her head into a rattle and said, "Wait... wait until I return to the world before **..."

The last time I tossed it all night, my body still hurts.

If it comes again, it's really going to kill you!

Hearing this, Chu Tian was stunned for a moment, and couldn't help but wonder, "Ah? I mean we go back to the human habitat to practice the supreme cultivation technique. I will teach you to practice... What are you thinking in your head?"

Chu Tian tapped Lingxi's head lightly with the back of his hand.

Lingxi stared at him, reaching out to pinch Chu Tian's arm: "Chu! Tian!"

"Hey, hey, stop, stop, stop."

Chu Tian hurriedly begged for mercy: "Lingxi and Pete are watching, you are an angel, an angel can't bully the weak."

"You're still weak?" Lingxi gave Chu Tian an angry look: "Forget it, I'm too lazy to care about you!"

Chu Tian smiled and opened his mouth. Just when he was about to speak, Pete suddenly grabbed the corner of his shirt.

"What's wrong?"

"My king, what does ** mean?"


There will always be many doubts in the world that cannot be answered.

There are also many doubts that are not easy to answer.

For example, the situation facing Chutian now.

When a cute, cat-like, furry creature crouches beside you, pulls the corner of your shirt, and asks you a lot of embarrassing questions.

Chutian couldn't help but want to ask Pete several times, if she has read so many human books, is it possible that she has never read the Little Yellow Book?

After reading one or two books, you will not ask such embarrassing questions!

Just when Chu Tian didn't know how to explain it.

A prompt sound from infinite space sounded again in his ear to help him resolve this embarrassment.

"Ding! The Devil's Son will land at this coordinate point in 6 days, please prepare for the reincarnation in advance!"

"Attention: If you fail to kill the devil's son after 6 days, the dark era will come, and the infinite space will be closed forever!"

This prompt sounded in the ears of all the reincarnators in the inner world.

Immediately afterwards, a holographic virtual screen appeared in front of them, and a huge map was displayed on the virtual screen.

Is a global map of the world.

There are a total of three continents in the world, and the area of ​​each continent is about 30% larger than that of Eurasia combined.

The names of the three continents displayed on the holographic virtual screen are the first continent, the second continent, and the third continent.

Human habitat is on the second continent.

There is a red dot flashing on the holographic virtual screen, and that location is the third continent!

It is also the continent where Chutian is now, about a thousand kilometers to the east of where Chutian and others are located!

"In six days, the devil's son will descend on this continent, at that location, a thousand kilometers away."

Chu Tian told everyone about the previous announcement of the infinite space.

His expression became extremely solemn.

He now has SSS-level strength, which is comparable to god-level strength, but he is still not fully sure of his own strength.

To be honest, the terrifying power and speed displayed by the opponent when he fought the Devil's Son last time made Chu Tian still have lingering fears.

Although Chutian at that time, the strength is only S rank.

But the devil's son only fights Chutian through a clone...

The real strength is probably above Chutian!


Chu Tian licked his dry lips and said solemnly: "We may explain here, do you regret following me and leaving your world?"

Lingxi was startled, and said sweetly, "You are my world..."

Well, Chutian has already got the answer, but if he can, he still hopes to send Lingxi to other worlds.

Obviously, Infinite Space will not allow Chutian to leave this world until the Devil's Son is solved.

"If this is the case, I'm afraid that time will have to rely on the patrol wind... I hope the patrol wind can be a little stronger." Chu Tian thought secretly.

When the reincarnator of space attribute uses his special ability to the extreme, he can open up an independent special space. If the user's strength is strong enough, it is not impossible to even create a world.

Chutian intends to run Xunfeng to create a small world, a world that is enough for Lingxi to survive...

As for Chu Yu and Pete...

Once Chu Tian is dead, Chu Yu will also disappear. Although Pete will not be implicated, but with Pete's loyalty to him, I am afraid that he will die and seek revenge for the son of the devil like crazy!

It's going to end badly...

Chutian can only save Lingxi, and only Lingxi.

During these six days, Chutian began to restore the vitality of the earth under his feet by using the powerful vitality of the grass element.

Although this land was smashed into a huge, nearly 100-kilometer-square-meter deep pit by Eternal, this did not affect the powerful vitality of the grass element shrouding this land.

The deep pit did not recover, but the giant deep pit was quickly covered with moss and some weeds!

These weeds and moss mean new life.

The horizon, which was originally stained with blood, was gradually changing because the earth had regained signs of life again.

Although there are still a large number of demons on the third continent, it is not enough to affect the safety of the lives of reincarnators and cultivators!

The main demon servants in this world have been wiped out, and those low-level demons are nothing at all.

After five days.

There is only one last day left until the Devil's Son arrives.

And in the distance of the third continent, there are a large number of reincarnations and immortals rushing here.

"Chu, Chutian!"

Ning Surou, Xunfeng and Wang Genji quickly flew to the coordinate point in the infinite space. The three of them were panting and exhausted: "Have you been here all the time?"


Chu Tian nodded and said, "Eternity is at the center of this continent. Five days ago, I had a battle with him there."


Ning Surou asked, "Has he been eliminated by you? What is his strength?"

"The strength of the reincarnator is almost equivalent to SS level. It is true that he has made a lot of progress, but it is useless."

Chu Tian spoke lightly, revealing full domineering in his words.

"SS class..."

Everyone took a deep breath.

I can't help but feel fortunate: Fortunately, Chutian is in the inner world. If there is no Chutian, the consequences will be unimaginable!