Chu Tian could hear the conversation of the three demons clearly from far away.

If they are allowed to summon the Devil's Son from another world in advance, I am afraid that the seven-day countdown will be cleared in an instant!

Now Chutian is not in the best state. If he is facing the devil's son, he may be overwhelmed and lacking in strength!

After hearing about it, Lingxi and the others no longer hesitated and rushed to the three demons, fighting with them, disrupting their plans to summon the devil's son!

"Chu...cough, Chutian...I..."

The eternal vitality is extremely tenacious. After the explosion, his body was almost crippled, and his bloated face was completely burned, even scorched.

But even so, he was still alive, his hideous and terrifying face was full of anger, his eyes were red, and he stared at Chu Tian with a split canthus, and let out a low roar like a beast.

"I'm going to let you die!!!"

Eternal crimson eyes, rushing towards Chutian like a complete madness, his attack is disorganized, and he has completely lost his mind now.

"It's all because of you, because of you and I became like this. Back then on the Blue Star, Zeus and I once proposed a deal to you. As long as you join forces with us, the three of us will share the Blue Star equally, and I can even tell you how to get out of it. The shackles of infinite space, isn't this condition attractive?"

"Why are you willing to be a tool of infinite space, and refuse to join hands with me, causing me to fall into such a situation!"

"Chutian, it's all because of you!!!"

Like eternal madness, fists like raindrops follow.

Chu Tian could accurately predict where he would attack every time he made an attack through his ability to read, so he was completely contemptuous, and he didn't even look at Eternity, relying only on one hand to defend.

"What's good for me to divide the Blue Star equally?"

Chu Tian narrowed his eyes slightly and said, "Do you really think Infinite Space would allow you to do this? You probably don't know. I later received a Z-level evaluation, and since then I can talk to the elves of Infinite Space."

"I learned from the elves that Infinite Space is only attached to the rules, and uses the rules to issue tasks or perform dungeons. If the Infinite Space does not follow the rules, it can easily kill you, no matter where you are!"

"What you think is very simple, but it's just ignorance!"

Chu Tian said lightly: "You can go on your way. No matter how many times you are resurrected, I will kill you every time until the power of faith in you completely disappears."

"Don't tell me that the power of your faith is endless. It's impossible. If it was really endless, you would have killed me in one move."

"Eternal, you are still so arrogant, and your strength is still so rubbish. You turned out to be a C-rank reincarnator at most, right? Well, C-rank **** is rubbish, and you can only improve your strength through some sidelines, tsk tsk."

With Chu Tian's ridicule, the last bit of reason of eternity disappeared.

This is the pain in his heart.

He knew how much it cost him to have his current strength. He made a deal with the demons in the Devil's Sons, gained power, was promoted to S-rank at once, and then was taken away by the Devil's Son and tortured... by the dazzling, his this paragraph Although the strength of time has greatly improved rapidly, he is no longer completely human!

Eternal madly attacked Chutian, and every punch used up all his strength, so that after a few thousand punches, his strength was exhausted, and it became extremely difficult to even move a finger.

Chu Tian's face was expressionless, and his heart moved slightly.


The magic flame began to burn on Eternal's body, engulfing his two halves in an instant.

Not even the scum is left of the eternal dead.

Chu Tian stood in mid-air and waited quietly for a while. After confirming that Eternal would not be resurrected again, he relaxed his vigilance and flew in the direction of Lingxi and the others.

During the previous battle, Chu Tian was guessing that the power of faith that eternity relied on must require him to take the initiative to guide the power of faith to reshape the body.

If Chutian kills him directly, then there will be remaining power to guide the power of faith in eternity. After resurrecting again, he will have to waste time to kill him.

And maybe it won't appear here after eternal resurrection, maybe it will appear somewhere randomly.

In that case, Chu Tian had to spend a lot of time finding and killing Eternal.

This is more than worth it.

Therefore, after Chutian tried to anger Eternal and exhausted all the power in his body, he might not have the power to guide the power of faith to resurrect again!

At this time, not far.

The battle between Lingxi and the others and the three demons has already been decided.

The strength of the three against three demons is almost an overwhelming advantage.

Especially when Lingxi is equipped with a heaven-defying destructive weapon like Xingming, she can even do a one-to-two match!

" are not human?"

The three demons felt that the power released by Lingxi and others was vastly different from the power of human beings. They widened their eyes and said in surprise, "It's not human, why...why did you choose to help humans!"

"I am indeed not a human, but Sister Lingxi is a human, but it is very different from the human you understand."

Chu Yu used her ability to restrain Gu Xin and said with a smile.

"Chu Yu, stop talking nonsense with it, this kind of devil kills it as soon as possible!"

Lingxi snorted coldly, her eyes full of anger.

Chu Yu heard that, and then used the scythe of the **** of death to easily harvest Gu Xin's life with a single scythe.

The remaining two demons are also dying soon. With the cooperation of the three, they will be killed in less than ten seconds!

"Brother Chutian."

Chu Yu's sharp eyes found that Chu Tian was rushing towards her and others. She stood on tiptoe excitedly and waved her hand: "We have finished dealing with these three demons."

"Good job."

Chu Tian glanced at the three demons and praised, "It's faster than I thought."

"All this is the credit of Sister Lingxi."

Chu Yu said crisply: "Sister Lingxi can deal with two demons alone. Pete and I deal with one demon. It's easy to win."

When Lingxi heard Chu Yu compliment her, her face turned slightly red, her cherry lips slightly parted, and when she wanted to say something, she suddenly found that Chu Tian's burning eyes were staring at her.

Her face turned even more red.

"You, what are you looking at..."

"I'm looking at my wife."

Chu Tian came to Lingxi's side with a smile, put one arm around her waist, smelled the faint fragrance coming from her body, and said softly, "Why, my wife won't let her husband see it?"

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