"Your ending is doomed, Chutian!"

Eternal scolded coldly, and then he waved his fist again.

The phantom behind him also waved huge fists and slammed towards Chu Tian!

boom! ! !

Another violent explosion sounded, and then another powerful energy wave spread out.

Almost all within a few hundred kilometers have become ruins!

A large number of vegetation and trees began to burn due to the impact of the energy shock wave, and the surrounding mountains collapsed with it!

"He should be dead now, right?"

Eternal breathed heavily, his forehead covered with beads of sweat.

His body also trembled, not because he used too much strength to tremble, but from the fear of Chutian in his heart.

"Damn, why am I afraid of him? My strength is at least fifty times stronger than before!"

Yong Yong noticed the fluctuations in his heart, he couldn't believe it, what happened?

"Forget it, he's dead now anyway."

Eternal licked his lips, then greedily looked into the distance into the air.

There stood Lingxi, Chu Yu and Pete.

The pair of fleshy wings behind him began to wave, taking him towards the direction of Lingxi and the others.

"You are Chutian's woman, right?"

Yong Yong laughed arrogantly and said: "Now that Chu Tian is dead, why not kneel at my feet, I can spare your life, how about that?"

"Eternal, are you sure that Brother Chutian is dead?"

Chu Yu's playful voice suddenly sounded.

Eternal looked back, he looked at Chu Yu and felt a little familiar.

He suddenly thought of something, his pupils shrank suddenly, millions of hairs on his body stood up like an explosion, and then he quickly retreated a few dozen meters away.

"You...you are that special item of Chutian? Damn it, according to the rules, you should also disappear. Could it be that...Chutian didn't die?"

After all, Eternal was a reincarnator before, and had met Chu Yu a few times. Knowing the relationship between Chu Yu and Chu Tian, ​​he naturally understood that after Chu Tian died, Chu Yu should also disappear!

If Eternity still belongs to the reincarnator, there is even a very slight chance that Chu Yu will become his special item for his use!

But according to the rules, if a reincarnator is killed by a non-reincarnator, his special items should also disappear.

After Yong Yong understood, he looked around with vigilance on his face. He widened his eyes and said, "Impossible, I can't feel his breath anymore, how could he still be alive..."

"Eternal, look at the top of your head."

Chu Yu stretched out his right hand and pointed to the top of Eternal's head with a smile on his face.

"Top of the head..."

Yong Yong was stunned for a moment, looked up at the top of his head, and his face suddenly changed.

"Your death has come, eternity!"

Chu Tian's icy voice sounded above Yong Eternal's head, the real mirror sword in his hand glowed with purple light, and the power of thunder and lightning constantly lingered around the real mirror sword.

The unthinkable knife comes again!

A knife that fell from the sky was like divine punishment!

With the sound of zizi electric current, it smashed on the top of the eternal head in an instant!

When the knife fell, the sky changed color, and a purple space crack appeared in the air. With a direct knife, the space was once again chopped into a void hole!


Chutian's True Mirror Great Sword slashed down from the top of Eternal's head like cutting tofu, and cut his body in half with one knife.

But he did not die immediately. After his body became two halves, it existed with an extremely hideous and disgusting appearance.

The internal organs and other organs in Eternal's body are completely exposed in front of everyone, and the heart is still pounding.

What is different from the human heart is that his heart is surrounded by pitch-black liquid, a bit like sewage in a sewer.

But Chutian knew that this was not sewage, but a special liquid that fed his heart!

Chu Tian's eyes narrowed slightly, and his heart was extremely cold.

"Damn, this guy is no longer human, not even a demon."

Chu Tian licked his lips and stared at him solemnly.

"I said, you can't kill me, I have the power of faith, I'm immortal!"

Yong Yong smiled wickedly, he laughed wildly, and roared to the sky: "Chu Tian, ​​I want you to die! You have blocked me too many times, this time I will never allow you to block my plan again!"

Eternal's speed became much faster again, he came to Chutian in an instant, and then slammed out with a punch!

Chu Tian looked in his eyes, snorted coldly, and reached out to grab his fist.

Never thought that the eternal half-pulled face suddenly showed a disdainful smile, and his eyes suddenly looked behind Chu Tian.

"If you want to count on my back and the other half of your body will sneak attack on me... I advise you to give up this plan."

Chu Tian said in a very calm voice.

He had already sensed that something was wrong, not to mention that now that Chutian has the ability to read, he can predict the future for 0.025 seconds!

That's enough time for him to react to it!

"You are the first to be able to resist my unthinking knife and still be so energetic."

Chu Tian said lightly: "Your vitality is very strong, even stronger than the disaster disaster, but your strength is very bad, you are not qualified to let me use all my strength."

"Next, it's my turn to fight back, I hope you can handle it."

As soon as Chu Tian's voice fell, his body instantly disappeared in front of Eternal. He jumped a few hundred meters high, then clenched his right fist tightly, and behind him a golden dragon phantom shot out into the sky, falling with Chu Tian's body. !


The Dragon Fist exploded in an instant when it was close to eternity, and the burst of power almost lifted the ground of the continent hundreds of kilometers around it.

The three demons watching the battle from afar, first felt the impact damage caused by Wuxiang's knife, and before they recovered, they were indirectly baptized by the dragon fist.

At this time, the three demons were already scarred and bruised all over.

They did not participate in the battle, but just stood by and watched from a distance. Even if they were affected by this energy, the damage caused was still irreversible to them.

"Okay, so powerful, Chutian is so powerful, why is there such a powerful human being!"

"With such a powerful human being, I am afraid that only the son of the devil can deal with him!"

"That's right, let's call the devil's son now. The disasters of other worlds, the devil's son should have been dealt with too!"

"Now it seems, that's all there is to it!"

After a brief discussion between the three demons, they began to emit a terrifying gray light.

A few kilometers away, Chu Tian noticed something was wrong, his expression changed slightly, he turned his head and shouted into the sky, Chu Yu's button monitor shouted: "Lingxi, Chu Yu, Pete... those three demons are friends. For you to deal with, don't let them summon the devil's son for the time being!"