Infinite Space knows that eternity exists in this world, but even so, there is no relevant killing task, which shows that the strength of eternity does not pose a big enough threat to reincarnators.

Thinking of this, Chu Tian's mood couldn't help but calm down a lot.

The eyes that looked at Eternity were also a little more mocking.

Perhaps in the eyes of eternity, it is impossible for Chutian to make rapid progress in a short period of time.

Therefore, he will be defiant expansion.

"It's madness!"

Yong Yong snorted disdainfully, and then said contemptuously, "Since you want to court death so much, then I will fulfill you!"

The eternal figure suddenly moved, and he rushed towards Chutian as fast as lightning.

This speed is indeed much faster than the last battle, and the strength is estimated to be at the level of SS!

No wonder Eternal is so arrogant!

But what Eternal does not know is that Chutian is now a SSS-level reincarnator!

A reincarnator of this level can really step on the void, shatter the galaxy, and destroy a planet at the click of a finger!

Chu Tian looked at him blankly, just staring at him so motionless.

In Eternal's eyes, Chu Tian was completely frightened and forgot to resist.

"I will give you a careful calculation of the hatred on the Blue Star back then!"

Yong Yong sneered, and then punched Chu Tian's abdomen.

He didn't plan to kill Chutian immediately, he wanted to torture Chutian and then play with his woman in front of Chutian!


When he threw this punch, he was surprised to find that...

The other party really used only one hand to grab his fist easily, and his face still looked calm and composed.

"Well, the strength is indeed much stronger than the last time I saw you. It is probably equivalent to an SS-level reincarnator. No wonder you are so confident."

Chu Tian nodded slightly and commented.

" could it be."

Eternal stared in shock and said, "How could you have so much strength..."

"It's not impossible."

Chu Tian said lightly, "I'll give you two more chances and allow you to shoot twice. After two times, it will be my turn to fight back."

"No, it's impossible, I understand, you must be bluffing, right? In fact, after taking my punch, you have already suffered internal injuries..."

The eternal self-enhancing ability is very good. He quickly "understood" it, and then laughed: "Chutian, don't pretend, it is impossible for human beings to defeat me now."

"You mean, you're not human anymore, are you?"

Chu Tian looked up at Eternal and asked.


Eternal snorted coldly with disdain: "That lowly body can't bear my current power at all, and now a greater existence!"

"Tsk tsk... I've heard a lot of betrayal, betrayal in business, betrayal in love, betrayal in the country, but it's rare to betray the entire human race as thoroughly as you are."

Chu Tian shook his head slightly, now Eternal has lost himself, lost his mind, and this kind of person can't be saved.

"You think you're strong and you think I'm putting on a show, don't you?"

Chu Tian chuckled lightly and wrote lightly: "Okay, then I will take two more moves from you, and you must seize the opportunity. If you don't kill me within the two moves, then you will be the one who will die!"

"Death is imminent, and I'm still pretending!"

Yong Yong sneered: "Looking for death!"

His pupils shrank suddenly, the wings behind him also trembled rapidly, and a scorching light burst out from his eyes.

A phantom like a **** appeared behind Eternal, and endless black gas was exuding around the phantom.

"Is this the power of his belief? It seems to be quite strong."

Chu Tian secretly said in his heart.

This guy, Eternal, betrayed the human beings all over the world, even at the cost of destroying human beings, and obtained the strength he is today. If he knows how to hide himself, he will spend decades in the inner world.

Decades later, Chutian, who cannot increase his strength through the land of demons, will naturally not be an eternal opponent!

but now……

Eternity appeared too early, and Chutian could easily pin him down.

"Give me...die!"

Eternal rose into the air, and then Void threw a punch towards Chu Tian.

The phantom behind him also threw a heavy punch!

That heavy punch was like a falling meteor, falling towards Chutian at an extremely terrifying speed.

Chu Tian stood on the spot and responded with the attitude of the triple world king, without doing any evasion.


The huge fist landed on the ground, causing the ground to tremble, and the ground began to crack open like cobwebs.

The fist embodied by the phantom smashed into the deep pit that appeared on the ground, like a meteorite falling, and a burst of light erupted, and it continued to spread around!

Seeing this, Lingxi and Chu Yu quickly used the Angel Gene System and the Haoyue Gene System to quickly form a translucent protective shield around them.

"Master Eternal is so powerful now!"

"That damned human named Chutian, I'm afraid there's not even scum left now, right?"

Several demons behind Eternal are discussing in whispers.

They are sighing about the power of eternity, and they have been shocked by the scene in front of them.

A huge pothole can appear with one punch, and the surrounding area is completely razed to the ground, leaving no grass alive!

This terrifying power makes them extremely envious.

"This guy named Chutian is also looking for his own death. Wouldn't it be good to stay in the human habitat all the way, and he can live a few more days.

"He dealt with Bousong and Bachin before. He originally thought that they would be very powerful, but he didn't expect it to be so, tsk tsk... So it seems that Bousong and Bachin are the ones who underestimate the enemy and carelessly follow Chutian's way."

When they were discussing, the voice suddenly stopped.

They found that after the smoke dissipated, a figure stood in the pit the size of a meteorite.

The figure gradually rose up and floated in mid-air.

"He, he's not dead? Hell, how is this possible?!"

Eternal and those demons were taken aback and exclaimed: "Unscathed? This is impossible!"

Chu Tian stood in mid-air, looking at Eternal: "You still have a move."

"Why... why didn't you die?"

Eternal is unbelievable, he thought for a while, and then suddenly said: "I understand, I remember that you have a life-saving ability, it seems that after being fatally injured, you can avoid a death..."

"Damn, I forgot about this one, but it's no big deal, at most it's just another shot..."

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