"Big news, big news, last night our squad leader cleared the dungeon of "Spider-Man" and got an E-level rating, and even got a thousand points!"

"I've heard about this too. I've also heard that the leaders above have begun to pay attention to him. Maybe our monitor will go directly to the state department as soon as he graduates from college!"

"Yeah, but I'm envious. I heard that the country has set up a heavenly organization, and now it specializes in recruiting this kind of reincarnation. Once hired, the monthly salary is hundreds of thousands!"

"What is this? Our counselor, that iceberg beauty obtained Saiyan blood not long ago, and now she has become the leader of the Heavenly Court department!"

"Wow! I heard that the Saiyan bloodline is very powerful. Once activated, the combat power will explode, and I will envy me!"

"What's the use of your envy? People get their lives in the devil's land. People like us should stay in the safe zone honestly!"


Chu Tian slowly opened his eyes, listening to the voices of the people around him, he couldn't help being a little confused.



Isn't this one from the "Dragon Ball" manga and the other a movie?

Also, what samsara, what safe zone, what does this mean?


Chu Tian glanced at his surroundings and looked at the faces of his classmates, feeling very familiar.

It took him a long time to realize that this was his classmate in college?

And this school, isn't it your own university?

How is this going?

Chu Tian vaguely remembered that he had just finished moving bricks and the foreman had just paid him his salary. Excited, he went to the clubhouse with a few co-workers, wanting to make a set of health care to be comfortable.

This is the first time he has entered such a place. He didn't expect that when he was about to start, his head dizzy, and he came to such a place after waking up!

"I'm... transmigrated?"

Chu Tian muttered to himself, and then bursts of pain came from his head, and then a fragment of memory poured into his brain.

Chu Tian flipped through these memories, only to be sure that he really had crossed over.

And the owner of this body is also called Chu Tian, ​​but now he is eighteen years old!

A big health care, let him go straight through!

Before Chu Tian could get excited, he discovered that this time-travel seemed a little different.

This world is still somewhat different from the world he knows.

This is a parallel world, and the planet he is on is not Earth, but a planet called Blue Star.

Other historical progress, including human geography, is not much different from Earth.

However, there is a world called "Infinite Space" here.

There are seven billion people on Blue Star, and everyone can enter this space, which is a bit like a virtual online game in an online game novel.

The difference is that virtual online games are used for entertainment, while infinite space will kill people!

There are all kinds of dungeons in the infinite space. As long as you complete the dungeon tasks, get points, and exchange corresponding abilities, you can also have them in reality.

And those copies made Chu Tian very shocked!

All the copies here are based on the stories of animations, movies, novels, etc. he has watched before.

For example, what my classmates said just now, "Spider-Man", this movie is a copy in the infinite space.

On the Blue Star, there are no such novels, animations, and movies, and no one knows the plot and difficulty of it.

In other words, except for Chutian, in the entire infinite space, no one knows how to clear the dungeon!

Because, only Chutian has mastered the plot that they don't know!

As for the appearance of infinite space, it has been on Blue Star for several years, and no one knows why it suddenly appeared.

There are many people who try to investigate the infinite space, but those people have suddenly disappeared from the world and their whereabouts are unknown.

Since then, no one has dared to investigate Infinite Space!

After a brief panic, people accepted this existence. After all, as long as you swipe a copy to become stronger, you can also use super powers in reality!

Chu Tian's face flushed with excitement. For others, the copy might be **** and a nightmare.

But for Chutian, he who masters the plot is heaven!

After school, Chu Tian ran towards home.

As soon as he left the school gate, he saw several people handing out flyers, and they also handed out a few to Chutian.

The flyer is a job advertisement.

"Anneng Group recruits reincarnations, and requires the minimum strength to be E-level, and the wind attribute ability is preferred!"

"Huang He, the owner of Jiangnan Leather Factory, personally recruited bodyguards. The requirements: the comprehensive strength should reach the D level, and the monthly salary should start from 200,000!"

Not only companies, but even government departments are now recruiting super-powerful reincarnations, giving them special treatment according to their strengths!

Chu Tian showed an excited smile.

He returned home, lay on the bed, his mind moved slightly, and he called for infinite space.

Then, a white light flashed.

When Chu Tian opened his eyes again, he had already appeared on the square of infinite space.

Although Chu Tian's consciousness has entered the infinite space, his body is still lying on the bed honestly.

And beside his body, a faint white light flashed.

This is a protection mechanism of the infinite space for his body, protecting him from any harm during the time period when he enters the infinite space.

But this protection mechanism will not last long. I heard that as long as the strength reaches F level, the protection mechanism will be cancelled!

What is the specific situation, there is no memory in it, he is not clear about it!

On the square of infinite space.

Around Chutian, there were also many white lights flickering, and it was the same people who logged into the infinite space one after another from here.

Chu Tian's heart moved slightly, and a holographic projection attribute panel suddenly appeared in front of him.

Name: Emperor (Chutian)

Region: C

Strength: 12

Spirit: 12

Stamina: 10

Agility: 10

Unassigned attribute points: 0

Ability: English (Level 4) Driving (Introductory)

Overall Evaluation: Failed

(Note: the average for normal adults is 10!)

Looking at the attribute panel that appeared in front of him, Chu Tian had a headache.

He didn't expect that the self in this world would be such a middle schooler, and he even gave himself an ID name called the emperor.

Not only that, but even the image of the body in the infinite space was transformed by the self in this world before.

In the infinite space, almost everyone will choose to change the image when they enter the infinite space for the first time, in order to be a little different from the real world, so that it is convenient to hide their true identity.

Those who have entered the infinite space will have a comprehensive strength evaluation.

From the lowest F to the highest SSS, if the display is failing, it means that even the strength of F is not up to the standard.

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