[Congratulations to the contestant 'Qin Feng' for completing the Bading-level God King assessment and winning the Bading-level God King promotion reward. The reward content is as follows]

[Reward the player's combat power + 500 million stars! 】

[Reward the player's luck + 150,000 times the value! 】

[Reward the player to strengthen the God King (Bading level)! 】

[Reminder: It was detected that the player 'Qin Feng' was the first player in the universe to win the 'Bad Ding God King', so he won a record reward]

[Record reward: that is, the promotion reward is tripled, so the reward for this round is changed as follows]

[Reward the player's combat power + 1.5 trillion stars! 】

[Reward the player's luck + 450,000 times the value! 】

[Reward players with 3 times the level of God King enhancement (Bading level)! 】

After listening to the prompt, Qin Feng was overjoyed!

1.5 trillion combat power blessing!

Just this one, he made a lot of money!

The record-breaking reward is so powerful!


At this moment, a beam of reward light was projected from the phantom of the giant cauldron and poured into Qin Feng's head.

The next second, behind Qin Feng, began to condense the light and shadow of the eighth Dao Ding

The Bading-level 'Aspiration and Harmony' opens

Qin Feng's combat power and luck began to soar wildly all the way

It lasted for over a quarter of an hour!

The promotion of the Bading God King is over!

Qin Feng also slowly opened his eyes, his face full of joy!

But at this time, Tiandao came to remind again

[Assessment reminder: It was detected that the player ‘Qin Feng’ passed the level in 50 minutes and 07 seconds in this round, which did not exceed 1 hour, so he won the genius level clearance reward! 】

[The contents of the genius-level rewards are as follows]

[Reward players with 200 million stars! 】

[Reward the contestant Taiqing Daojing 40 pieces! 】

The genius reward of the eighth level has also arrived!

The generous rewards did not disappoint him!


Soon, a beam of reward light fell from the sky and poured into Qin Feng's head.

His combat power has skyrocketed again!

After a long time, the combat power reward is over!

Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes with a satisfied smile on his face.

With repeated rewards, his combat power reached 24.81 trillion stars, far exceeding his expectations!


At this time, the sky shook again!

The second reward beam falls!

Afterwards, forty Taiqing Daojing slowly fell along the beam of light and arrived in front of Qin Feng.

He happily put away Daojing and checked it briefly. As always, it was the Dao that he had not awakened!

In this way, he has accumulated 147 Dao Crystals!

Qin Feng smiled with satisfaction and sent Daojing into the small universe

Next, he is going to pass the ninth level!

When he thought of the ninth test, he felt a little nervous in his heart!

It took him 50 minutes and 07 seconds to break through the eighth level, which was 10 minutes and 04 seconds longer than the seventh level!

According to the increase in difficulty, it would take him at least 10 minutes to break through the ninth level, so it would be just over an hour!

More than 1 hour, then there is no genius reward!

In other words, if he wants to get the genius reward of the ninth level, I am afraid it is very hanging!

According to his estimation, I'm afraid the success rate is less than 50%!

At this thought, Qin Feng felt a little tangled in his heart!

Since he wants to pass the level, he naturally wants to take all the rewards without leaving a trace of regret!

How can you miss the genius reward of the ninth level!


Before Qin Feng could think about it, he turned into white light and was forcibly teleported away.

Jiuding-level assessment, automatically opened

At the same time, in the main hall of Zixiao Palace.

The big guys finally calmed down!

At this moment, they looked at each other face to face, and they all sighed in their hearts!

Even the Azure Dragon Domain Master was full of emotion!

The Azure Dragon Domain Lord has always believed that Qin Feng can take down the God King Bading, but he did not expect it to be so fast!

Only three hours before and after!

Lord Qin Feng won the Eight Ding Divine King, which is really terrifying!

This comprehension is not as simple as that of Rahu, Dajiantian, and Tianzun, but it is far stronger than the three of them!

Thinking of this, he felt incredible!

It seems that I still underestimate Lord Qin Feng!

At this moment, the sigh of Tiankui Domain Lord rang in his ears.

"Brother Qinglong, I really didn't expect that Qin Feng's comprehension is so terrifying, it has already surpassed Lord Luo Hu!"

Tian Kui is so sorry!

Now that he mentions the name "Qin Feng", he is no longer as disdainful as before, but has a little more respect!

In this world where strength is respected, the strong will always be respected!

Today, Qin Feng is recognized as the first in Hongyuan's comprehension!

For this alone, Tiankui Domain Master felt that he should be respected!

At this time, the Azure Dragon Domain Lord swallowed his saliva: "Yeah! Brother Qin Feng's comprehension is far beyond my expectations! In my opinion, he has a great chance of winning the Jiuding-level God King!"

The Tiankui Domain Lord nodded slightly: "There is indeed hope! However, the Jiuding-level avenue is a congenital avenue, and it is extremely difficult to understand! The difficulty of understanding from the seventh-level to the eight-level may only increase by 30% to 50%!"

"From the Bading level to the Jiuding level, the difficulty is increased by two or three times! Besides, the Jiuding level assessment time is only 2 hours! It's hard to say whether Xiaoyou Qin Feng can pass the customs!"

After hearing these words, the face of the Azure Dragon Domain Master changed slightly.


From the Bading level to the Jiuding level, the difficulty of the assessment has undergone earth-shaking changes!

After all, the perception of the Innate Dao is much more difficult than the Acquired Dao!

That's a qualitative change!

With this in mind, the Azure Dragon Domain Lord took a deep breath and said, "In this way, it's still hard to say whether Brother Qin Feng can win the Jiuding God King, I'm afraid it's 55%!"

Tiankui Domain Lord nodded slightly: "It is true! However, even if Qin Feng did not win the Jiuding Divine King, it would be very remarkable. He is the first Bading Divine King in this universe!"

Speaking of this, Tiankui Domain Lord's tone showed admiration.

It was at this time that the surrounding bigwigs were also talking about it.

Similarly, they also began to discuss whether Qin Feng could get the Jiuding God King.

Qinglong found that 70% of the players thought that Qin Feng could not get the God King Jiuding!

There are 20% of the players, maintain a wait-and-see attitude!

Only 10% of the players think that Qin Feng can win the Jiuding God King!

It can be seen from this that most players are not optimistic about Qin Feng.

This makes the Azure Dragon Domain Lord very uncomfortable!

He could see at a glance that many people were not optimistic about Qin Feng, but they were jealous and did not want to see Qin Feng so good.

Among the players who can enter this Zixiao Palace, which one is not a genius, all of them have a proud heart!

There is jealousy among geniuses!

They can accept the power of Rahu, Dajitian, and Tianzun, because those three are out of their reach.

They can't accept that there is a younger generation who can surpass them and surpass them!

This made them very uncomfortable, and they were unwilling to be optimistic about Qin Feng!

Even some players began to pray in their hearts that Qin Feng would fail the Jiuding-level assessment!

This made the Azure Dragon Domain Lord very unhappy!

Looking at the other side, Lu Yadaojun and Xuanzu both had gloomy faces, but they were silent!

Seeing this, the Azure Dragon Domain Lord silently retracted his gaze, and his heart was not happy.

"Brother Qinglong, if you listen to those people's comments, they are basically sour words. It seems that many people don't want Xiaoyou Qin Feng to get the Jiuding-level God King!"

Tiankui Domain Lord couldn't help but sigh.

He also saw some clues!

The Azure Dragon Domain Lord sneered: "It's not up to them to decide what the result is! Whether Qin Feng brothers can get the Jiuding God King, the result will be out soon! After all, the Jiuding-level assessment is only two hours!"

Tiankui nodded: "That's right! Then wait! After two hours, everything will be clear! I hope Xiaoyou Qin Feng can create another miracle!"

"I hope so!!"

After the Azure Dragon Domain Master took a deep breath, he looked at the entrance of the Yunxiao Palace and began to wait anxiously.

At the same time, in the Yunxiao Palace, in the map of Shanhe Sheji.

The sky above the ninth world!

Qin Feng is sitting on top of the clouds, overlooking the heaven and earth below

He has been blessed with the light of Lingding Cauldron!

At this time, the ninth level assessment has begun

Qin Feng's heart was a little anxious.

Hearing the previous assessment prompt, this level is actually about realizing a congenital avenue!

Comprehend the Innate Way!

That difficulty is several times more difficult than comprehending the acquired avenue!

He originally thought that the genius reward of the ninth level would also be obtained.

Now it seems that, let alone getting a genius reward, it would be good for him to pass the customs smoothly.

Of course, if there is a chance to get a genius-level reward, it is impossible for him to give up

Thinking of this, Qin Feng concentrated on his mind, overlooking the world below.

Below is a big unified world!

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