Time goes by minute by minute!

In a blink of an eye, half an hour passed!

The number of players in the hall has reached more than 500 people, and it has become more and more lively!

Looking at the strength of these players, more than 80% are half-step eternal, and more than 10% are half-step peak!

That half-step Great Perfection powerhouse is only eleven people!

As for the boss of the Eternal Realm, Lu Yadaojun is the only one at present!

Seeing this scene in front of him, the Azure Dragon Domain Lord murmured in his heart that if Qin Feng didn't have the crisis of Daojun Lu Ya, his strength should be second in the field.

This thought came to me. At the entrance of the Zixiao Palace, a white light flashed, and a figure stepped in!

Players are here again!

Everyone looked at the people who came!

Seeing the person coming, the audience exclaimed in surprise!

"Hey! It's Xuanzu!"

"Master Xuanzu is here too!"

Even the Azure Dragon Domain Master couldn't help showing awe when he saw the person coming.

The Tiankui domain master got up in a hurry, intending to salute the people who came...

I saw that the person who came was a bald old man, wearing a black robe, with a cold and majestic temperament.

Looking at its realm breath, it has already exceeded half a step of great perfection, but it has not reached the eternal realm!

This old man is one of the five great ancestors!

Ranked last among the five musts, even weaker than Kunzu!

If Qin Feng was present, he would definitely not take it seriously.

But to those domain masters, Xuanzu is a big man!

"I've been waiting to see Lord Xuanzu!"

"Master Xuanzu, stay safe!"

At this moment, many players greeted Xuan Zu warmly.

Even the Tiankui Domain Lord stood there and greeted him from afar.

The Azure Dragon Domain Lord didn't say anything, and the corner of his mouth was slightly curled.

He secretly compared Xuanzu with Qin Feng, and felt that Xuanzu was far worse than Qin Feng.

With Qin Feng as a backer, what Xuanzu is he afraid of?

His only worry is that Lu Yadaojun will be detrimental to Qin Feng.

At this moment, Xuan Zu saw that everyone greeted him, and his attitude was extremely respectful.

He is very useful and very proud!

But in the next second, he saw Daojun Lu Ya, and his face changed slightly!

Afterwards, he hurriedly walked to Lu Ya and saluted him respectfully.

"Xuanzu has seen Lord Daojun!"

Lu Ya nodded with satisfaction: "Don't be too polite! Xuanzu, you came very early this time! Among the five musts, you are the first to come!"

Xuan Zu smiled and said: "Come early, it's better to come by coincidence! Before Xuan Mou came, he was still thinking about whether Lord Daojun will participate in the assessment this time? After all, rumors have begun to circulate in the outside world, and this may be the last inheritance assessment. !"

Lu Ya nodded slightly: "Yeah! Just after hearing this rumor, I decided to stop waiting and come here to give it a try!"

Xuan Zu smiled and said: "This time, with Lord Lu Ya taking action, I think the inheritance will eventually fall into the hands of adults. I'll be a foil and get some resources back, it's not bad!"

Lu Ya shook his head with a wry smile: "Hey! I'm afraid you have a high opinion of this Daojun! The assessment difficulty of Zixiao's inheritance is even greater than that of the original Three Realms inheritance! Even Luohu, Dajitian, and Tianzun have all failed. I want to get it, I'm afraid It's as hard as going to the sky!"

Xuanzu hurriedly said: "Sir, I haven't tried it yet, so how can I know the result? When this assessment is over, it might fall into the hands of Lord Daojun!"

"That's right!"

Lu Ya sighed involuntarily.

At this time, Xuanzu said again: "Master Daojun, Xuan wants to deal with personal affairs here, I wonder if it will disturb you?"

Lu Ya smiled slightly: "If you have anything to do, just do it, don't ask me for instructions!"

Xuanzu was overjoyed: "Thank you Daojun for agreeing!"

After saying this, Xuan Zu turned to look at the crowd and spoke aloud.

"Excuse me, which player's name is Qin Feng?"

As soon as these words fell, the whole audience was confused!

All the players look out for each other!

It was the first time they heard the name 'Qin Feng', and even Lu Ya didn't know who 'Qin Feng' was?

In the field, only the Azure Dragon Domain Lord and the Tiankui Domain Lord looked stunned!

Xuanzu is looking for Qin Feng? !

The Azure Dragon Domain Lord and the Tiankui Domain Lord couldn't help looking at each other from the ground, and their eyes were full of puzzled expressions.

At this time, the domain master of Taibai asked curiously: "Master Xuanzu, who is 'Qin Feng'? This name is very unfamiliar! I have never heard of it!"

As soon as these words fell, the players nodded slightly and all agreed!

Xuanzu patted his head: "This ancestor almost forgot, this son is somewhat unknown! If you don't let you see his appearance, I'm afraid that even if you do, you won't know it's him!"

As soon as the voice fell, he waved his hand.

Suddenly, the projection of Qin Feng's portrait appeared in front of everyone...

"Hey! It's him!"

"It was that kid!"


As soon as the portrait came out, there was an uproar in the audience!

Even Lu Yadaojun was stunned!

He didn't expect that the person Xuan Zu was looking for was the kid who disrespected him!

At this moment, Xuan Zu saw everyone exclaiming incessantly, and his eyes suddenly showed joy.

It seems that everyone recognizes it, so this is the reason.

Immediately, he asked: "Everyone, have you seen this son?"

The master of Taibai Territory hurriedly said: "Master Xuanzu, it turns out that this kid is called Qin Feng! This kid's cultivation base is not high, and now he is only in the **** realm! At present, he is in the Yunxiao Palace!"

"Yunxiao Palace?!"

Xuanzu's eyes lit up, and he looked at the entrance of Yunxiao Palace with some joy.

But then, he looked back with some regret.

such a pity!

Only the main **** realm and the **** king realm can freely enter and exit the Yunxiao Palace!

He couldn't get in.

In this way, he knew that Qin Feng was in the Yunxiao Palace, and he couldn't kill Qin Feng!

Having said that, Maitreya didn't lie to himself, that kid is really the master of the gods!

He really didn't understand, how could an ant in the main **** realm offend the Great Sacrificial Heaven?

Now, Da Zhetian has let him kill Qin Feng, and he is willing to pay a high reward!

Just when Xuanzu was thinking about it, Lu Yadaojun's voice sounded behind him.

"Xuanzu, why are you looking for Qin Feng?"

Lu Ya wanted to find out the reason.

Xuanzu hesitated for a while and said, "Lord Daojun, Xuan Mou, let's tell the truth! That Qin Feng offended Da Jitian! This time, Da Jitian asked Xuan to help him deal with Qin Feng!"

As soon as these words came out, the audience was stunned!

They didn't expect that the kid who was in the realm of the gods would offend the Great Sacrificial Heaven!

Lu Ya couldn't help but ask: "That kid has offended Da Jitian?"

Xuan Zu's heart moved: "Sir, listen to your tone, that kid also offended you?"

Lu Ya nodded slightly: "There is indeed an offense! That kid was rude to Ben Daojun before. I wanted to teach him a lesson, but I didn't expect him to enter the sky in advance, and he couldn't teach him!"

Xuanzu was surprised: "I didn't expect it! That kid even offended Daojun, it seems that he is a young and frivolous habitual offender! Sir, it seems that we must teach him a painful lesson this time!"

Lu Ya sneered: "Just a lesson, I'm afraid it's not serious enough! If you want to do it, be tough! Wait! Wait for that kid to come out and talk about it!"

Xuanzu said happily: "Daojun is right! This kid is so arrogant, there is no need for him to exist. Right! My lord, that kid should enter the Yunxiao Palace to assess the **** king! I don't know how long he has been in there?"

Lu Ya pondered for a while: "It should be three hours, right?"

Xuanzu muttered: "Three hours, not a long time! According to this time, that kid should be taking the test of the Sanding-level God King!"

Lu Ya sneered: "You can get the Sanding level in three hours? That's an amazing comprehension! I'm afraid there are not many people who can achieve this level in the audience?!"

Xuanzu nodded: "That's right! Daojun, then do you think that kid should be assessed to that stage?"

Lu Ya smiled proudly: "If you want to see this Daojun, maybe you are still in the test of the second-level **** king..."

As soon as these words fell, a sudden change occurred in the field!


Over the hall, there was a sudden roar!

The ethereal voice of Tiandao also sounded...

[Zixiao Announcement: Congratulations to the player 'Qin Feng' for winning the Bading-level God King, creating this cosmic record, and winning a record-breaking reward! 】

What? !

The eight-level **** king!


The whole show shook!

Everyone was stunned! .

Chapter 1016 Epiphany Innate! Soaring strength!

The big guys can't believe their ears!

God King of the Eight Tripods!

Even Rahu, Dazaitian, and Tianzun haven't achieved that kind of achievement!

Qin Feng actually did it!

Could it be that the comprehension of that kid is stronger than those of the three superpowers? !

At this moment, the field became extremely quiet!

It was as if the air had frozen!

When a needle falls, it can cause a loud noise!

At the same time, the Yunxiao Palace, the Mountains and Rivers Society Jitu ~ inside.

Above the clouds of the eighth heaven and earth.

There is a dazzling avenue on Qin Feng's body - Lingguang.

The hint of Heavenly Dao kept reverberating in his mind

[Assessment reminder: congratulations on gaining insights from this world, and having an epiphany to realize the Great Dao of the Day After Tomorrow—The Way of Rise and Fall]

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