Hearing the prompt, Qin Feng smiled!

The further this assessment goes on, the more generous the reward will be!

Even the genius-level rewards are terrifyingly rich!

I don't know if Luo Hu, Da Jitian, and Tian Zun have received the genius reward of the seventh level?


Before Qin Feng could think about it, a golden beam of light fell from the sky!

The battle bonus has started!

Qin Feng's momentum skyrocketed all the way!

It didn't take long for him to gain 100 million star combat power!

Then, the second reward beam fell!

Thirty Taiqing Dao Crystals slowly fell along with the beam of light!

After receiving Dao Jing, Qin Feng took a look and smiled!

Sure enough, as he expected, it was all the avenues that he had not awakened!

Having said that, he broke through from the first level to the seventh level, and the accumulated Taiqing Daojing reached 107, which represents 107 avenues!

Qin Feng put away the Daojing with satisfaction, and sent them all into the small universe, letting the mind body to refine!

After doing this, he opened the panel to check the recent strength progress...

[Full-level Human]: The Heavenly Servant (Advanced)

[Qin Yuan Universe]: Lord of the Universe (Advanced)

[Air Luck]: 1.51 million times

【Reputation】: 7.29 million points

[Xiantian Avenue]: 40

[Total number of avenues]: 1924

[Basic combat power]: 23.11 trillion stars

After reading this, Qin Feng showed a satisfied smile!

Just after breaking through the seventh level, his basic combat power reached 23.11 trillion stars!

According to such an improvement rate, if he wins the Jiuding-level God King, it will increase to at least 25 trillion, or even more and a half!

If you count the assessment of the special **** king and the sacrifice of the combat power of many subordinates, it is inevitable to break through the goal of 30 trillion!

With this thought, Qin Feng is looking forward to it!

"¨. This God King assessment is really good! Next, I should go to pass the eighth level ¨¨!"

At this moment, Qin Feng smiled slightly!

He is going to refresh the record of this universe and win the Bading-level Divine King that no one has ever gotten...

Chapter 1015 Jiuding Assessment! Reign of Saints!

Thinking of this, Qin Feng turned into a white light and disappeared in place...

The next second, he appeared in the sky above the eighth world...

Tiandao also sent a reminder...

[Assessment reminder: Welcome contestant ‘Qin Feng’ to enter the Bading-level assessment area! 】

[If a contestant comprehends a 'Badding-level avenue' within 3 hours, that means passing the assessment, they can get the promotion reward of the God King! 】

[Reminder: The comprehension difficulty of the eight-level avenue is much higher than that of the seventh-level avenue! 】

After Qin Feng took a deep breath, he felt a little nervous.

He is not worried about not being able to pass the level, but only worried about not being able to get the genius level reward!

It took him 39 minutes and 19 seconds to break through the seventh level, and he was getting closer and closer to the 1-hour time limit!

If the comprehension of the eighth level exceeds 1 hour, then he will not get the genius level reward!

The genius-level reward of the seventh level is 100 million star combat power and 30 Taiqing Daojing!

The reward of the eighth level is definitely more generous, how could he miss it!

So in the next assessment, he must go all out!


At this moment, a light of spirit cauldron fell from the projection of the 'Qiankun cauldron' and enveloped Qin Feng!

The Bading-level assessment has begun!

Qin Feng did not dare to neglect, and quickly passed through the clouds, looking down at the heaven and earth like a god...

In the next second, he saw that there was a war-torn world below!

The feudal lords are everywhere!

Qin Feng only swept away his consciousness, and he read thousands of cities and hundreds of millions of lives!

In that glance, he saw a lot of separatist forces, some fighting, some forming alliances, some fighting infighting, some kinship, and so on...

Look at the common people in the world, the people have long been unable to live!

Throwing the corpse in the wilderness, no one ignores it!

Rivers of blood flowed everywhere!

Seeing this scene, Qin Feng sighed in his heart!

He saw that the seven directions of heaven and earth before, were from wild and uninhabited land, to primitive tribes, and then to character creation, civilization, nation, all nations...

The development of human beings has grown from nothing, from barren to rich, from barbarism to civilization, from loose tribes to unification of nations, becoming more and more brilliant!

But I didn't want to, after reaching the top of the glory, they started fighting separately, killing each other, and becoming a lifeless person!

Isn't this what prosperity must decline!

Thinking of this, Qin Feng's heart was touched!

That ethereal state of enlightenment was instantly activated...

In this way, Qin Feng devoted himself to enlightenment...

At the same moment, in the hall of Zixiao Palace!

There are more and more players in the field, and the atmosphere is getting hotter and hotter!

Beside Lu Yadaojun, there is a group of half-step powerful people, one by one, trying to curry favor with him...

These people curry favor with Lu Ya, one is to not offend Lu Ya, and the other is to find a backer.

If you can get the favor of Lu Ya 273 Daojun, it means you have a backer in this assessment!

Of course, not all players are qualified to talk to Lu Yadaojun.

With Lu Ya's esteemed status, only a few half-step Dzogchen players are qualified to talk to him.

That Taibai Domain Master was particularly active!

Like those half-step peak players, they can only stand on the periphery and dare not intervene easily!

As for the half-step eternal players, they don't even have the qualifications to approach!

At this moment, in the corner of the hall.

Tiankui Domain Lord looked at Taibai Domain Lord and others with envy on his face!

These guys can get close to Lu Yadaojun, that's an honor he can't get!

After all, he is only half-step eternal, not even half-step peak, so he is qualified to speak to Lu Yadaojun.


Thinking of this, Tiankui Domain Lord sighed helplessly in his heart!

At this time, he suddenly saw the Azure Dragon Domain Lord on the side, staring closely at the entrance of the Yunxiao Palace, with an anxious look on his face...

From the beginning to the end, the mind of the Azure Dragon Domain Master was not placed on Daojun Lu Ya.

His thoughts are all on Qin Feng!

When others want to befriend Lu Yadaojun, they want to find Lu Yadaojun as their backing!

And the backer of the Azure Dragon Domain Lord is Qin Feng!

He doesn't need to look anymore!

At present, he only hopes that if Qin Feng can get good grades and become stronger, then his backers will be stronger.

But Qin Feng's assessment results are not clear to him, and he is inevitably a little anxious...

It was at this moment that the murmur of the Tiankui Domain Lord rang in his ears.

"Brother Qinglong, are you worried about Qin Feng?"

The Azure Dragon Domain Lord couldn't help but take a deep breath: "Yes! At present, Qin Feng's situation is not good!"

"Lu Ya Daojun was dissatisfied with him! Later, those guys fanned the flames again, resulting in a situation where Daojun didn't punish Brother Qin Feng, and he couldn't justify it!"

"Listening to the tone of Daojun Lu before, I also want to teach brother Qin Feng a lesson. I am worried that brother Qin Feng will be poisoned by Daojun Lu Ya when he comes out!"

The Azure Dragon Domain Lord said his biggest worry!

Tiankui Territory Lord said coldly: "Oh! If Lord Daojun really wants to do something to Qin Feng, then Qin Feng will take the blame! Before, so many people saw Daojun arrive, and they all stood there waiting!"

"Only that kid turned a blind eye, and even took the lead in the Zixiao Palace. Such behavior is clearly not taking Daojun in his eyes! Then you can't blame Daojun for doing something against him!"

Speaking of the end, the tone of Tiankui's domain owner is strange, and he thinks that Qin Feng deserves it!

The Azure Dragon Domain Lord is a little embarrassed!

If others say Qin Feng like this, he will be very unhappy.

But the Lord Tiankui is his old friend, and the two have always had a good relationship, which made him not know what to say for a while.

Speaking of which, Tiankui Domain Master is a decent person, even if he has a straight heart and speaks straight.

He criticized Qin Feng's previous mistakes. From a common sense, it was indeed Qin Feng's disrespect for Daojun and contrary to common sense.

But in the eyes of the Azure Dragon Domain Master, Qin Feng is just a little more youthful and arrogant!

Speaking of which, Qin Feng does have that proud capital!

If it weren't for Lu Yadaojun's long cultivation time, he would not be able to compare to Qin Feng.

He also believes that Qin Feng will definitely surpass Lu Ya in the future, but he is not an opponent yet!

He has to find a way to resolve Qin Feng's current crisis.

Thinking of this, the Azure Dragon Domain Lord smiled bitterly: "Brother Tiankui, Brother Qin Feng's previous behavior is indeed a bit inappropriate! After all, he is young and promising, so it is inevitable that he is a little frivolous!"

"However, I'm good friends with him after all, and I can't watch him get murdered! Brother, do you have any way to save Brother Qin Feng from disaster?"

"This...", Tiankui Domain Lord frowned slightly and couldn't help thinking.

Looking at the face of the Azure Dragon Domain Master, he is also willing to make suggestions for this matter.

But after thinking for a while, he also smiled bitterly: "Brother Qinglong, I'm afraid this is difficult to handle! Did you find out? The group of people were fanning the flames one by one, and they all wanted Daojun to deal with Qin Feng, the purpose was to consume Daojun The number of violations!"

Qinglong took a deep breath and said, "Yeah! I've thought of this for a long time. None of those guys are safe! I'm afraid there are still some people who have been gloating on misfortune, just waiting for Brother Qin Feng to have an accident!"

Tiankui sighed: "Hey! Human nature is like this! In order to protect themselves, they will do things that harm others and benefit themselves. However, Daojun Lu Ya is not so easy to fool."

"If Qin Feng comes out and asks him to immediately apologize to Lu Yadaojun and give him some apology to give Lu Yadaojun face, maybe Daojun will let him go! After all, Daojun is not willing to waste it at will. Violations!"

The eyes of the Azure Dragon Domain Master lit up: "Hey! This method seems to be feasible! It seems that I have to guard the exit of Yunxiao Palace, and when Qin Feng comes out, I will immediately let him admit his mistake to Daojun Lu Ya!"

Tiankui Domain Lord nodded slightly: "At present, this is the only way to save him! However, whether Lu Yadaojun will buy it or not, then it is up to fate!"

As soon as these words fell, the Azure Dragon Domain Lord became anxious again.

In this way, the two stayed near the entrance of Yunxiao Palace, whispering while waiting for Qin Feng to leave the customs...