[Assessment reminder: It is detected that you have been promoted to the first-level **** king, and the combat power exceeds 100 million stars, reaching the second-level **** king assessment standard! 】

[Assessment reminder: You will be automatically sent to the second-level assessment area, please prepare for the contestants...]


Soon, Qin Feng turned into a white light and disappeared in place.

In the next second, he went to the sky above the other side of the world, standing on a sea of ​​clouds...

The examination room for the God King assessment is distributed in nine places in the sky!

The avenues contained in each side of the world are different!

All the players have to do is to observe the images of heaven and earth and realize the way of Jiuding!

At this moment, Qin Feng looked around the sea of ​​​​clouds, and there was no one there!

Looking at the top of the head again, there is still a huge phantom of Qiankun Cauldron!

He looked under the sea of ​​clouds again, and he could see hundreds of millions of miles at a glance.

I saw the world below, there are mountain people hunting, fishermen fishing, and mulberry people picking mulberry...

This is a simple and peaceful mortal world!

Most of the human beings in this world exist in the form of tribes!

And each tribe has its own totem beast!

Those totem beasts, in the eyes of those tribesmen, are like gods, and they are extremely noble!

But in Qin Feng's eyes, he felt a little incredible!

Because the divine beasts believed by these tribes are just some local-level vicious beasts!

In Qin Feng's eyes, the earth-level beasts are not even at the level of ants.

But in the eyes of the people of this tribe, that is the existence of aloofness!

And those earth-level beasts have high intelligence and are willing to shelter those tribes, forming a delicate relationship of support between the two sides!

This kind of social structure is also very interesting!

Having said that, Qin Feng is also the first time to see human beings in this map of mountains and rivers...


At this moment, Tiandao sent another reminder...

[Assessment reminder: Welcome contestant 'Qin Feng' to enter the second-level assessment area! 】

[This side of the world contains Houtian Avenue ranked 2499th to 2nd, known as the second-level avenue! 】

[If a contestant realizes a 'Second-level Dao' within 9 hours, it means that they pass the assessment and can get the promotion reward of the God King! 】

[Reminder: The difficulty of comprehending the second-level avenues is much higher than that of the first-level avenues! 】

After listening to the prompt, Qin Feng felt something!

The comprehension difficulty of the second-level avenue has increased!

The time limit to clear the level has been shortened from 10 hours to 9 hours!

In this way, the difficulty is only doubled!

Fortunately, being promoted to a top-level **** queen, my understanding will increase by 30%!


Without waiting for Qin Feng to think about it, the giant cauldron in the sky projected a dazzling golden beam of light, directly covering him!

The second-level assessment has officially started!

Under the blessing of the light of the Lingding Cauldron, Qin Feng's comprehension has improved rapidly, and it is much clearer than before in the first-level examination area!

That is the extraordinary thing about being promoted to a top-level **** queen!

At this moment, Qin Feng hurriedly sat cross-legged, looking down at the heaven and earth like a god...


In just a split second, his consciousness enveloped the whole world...

Soon, his attention falls on a peculiar tribe...

The people of that tribe were neatly dressed, and their leaders even wore silk satin.

Unlike the people of other tribes, they are either wrapped in animal skins or leaves...

Qin Feng was curious, so he probed into the tribe...

Soon, he will figure it out!

The totem spirit beast supported by that tribe was actually a prefecture-level silkworm baby named Silkworm Spirit, who taught the humans of that tribe to use silk as clothing...

Qin Feng took a closer look and saw that the tribe had planted a large number of mulberry trees!

In every silkworm tree, there are silkworms!

Some of those silkworms are eating mulberry leaves, some are spinning silk into cocoons, and some are breaking cocoons into butterflies...

Seeing the silkworm cocoons hanging on the trees and the moths emerging from the cocoons one after another, Qin Feng felt a burst of insight inexplicably...

At the moment, he observed it carefully!

Before he knew it, he closed his eyes and entered a state of epiphany...

Time just passed by minute by minute!

I don't know how long it has passed, Qin Feng suddenly lit up with a dazzling light!

A new aura of the Great Dao emanated from him...

In the next second, a reminder of Heaven's Dao sounded in his consciousness...

[Assessment reminder: congratulations on gaining insights from this world, and having an epiphany to realize the Dao of the Day After Tomorrow—the way to break the cocoon...]

[Congratulations, you successfully passed the 'Avenue of Aspiration' assessment and got the promotion of the second-level **** king! 】

[Congratulations to contestant 'Qin Feng' for completing the Erding-level God King assessment and winning the Erding-level God King promotion reward...]

[Reminder: It took 13 minutes and 11 seconds to detect the player 'Qin Feng', that is, passed the second-level assessment, refreshed the best score in the universe, and won double the reward]

[Therefore, the rewards of this round of contestant 'Qin Feng' are as follows...]

[Reward players' combat power + 200 million stars! 】

[Reward the player's luck + 20,000 times the value! 】

[Reward players with double God King enhancement (two tripods)! 】

At this moment, Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes, and there was a look of joy on his face...

Successfully broke through again!

This second-tier reward is really rich!

It's exactly double the size of a tripod!

Qin Feng is very satisfied!

At the same time, he broke the level within an hour!

That round of genius-level breakthrough rewards are coming soon!


Soon a purple beam of light was projected from the phantom of the Qiankun Cauldron and poured directly into Qin Feng's head...

The promotion from the 'One Ding-level God King' to the "Second Ding-level God King" has officially begun...

Qin Feng closed his eyes and accepted the reward happily...

In the next second, the first Dao Ding light and shadow appeared behind him, and the second one began to condense...

The second 'Aspiration and Harmony' opens...

After a quarter of an hour, the reward is over!

Qin Feng opened his eyes again, his face full of joy!

At this time, Tiandao sent another reminder...

[Assessment reminder: It was detected that the player 'Qin Feng' passed the level in this round, which did not exceed 1 hour, so he received a genius level clearance reward! 】

[The contents of the reward for entering the level are as follows...]

[Reward players with 5 billion stars! 】

[Reward the contestant with 5 Taiqing Daojing! 】

Such a reward makes Qin Feng overjoyed again!

The second-tier genius reward is more than double that of the first-tier genius!

Especially the reward from Taiqing Daojing made him very satisfied!

After Qin Feng has obtained all the rewards of the Erding level, Di Jiang and other subordinates have not yet reached the second level...

Soon, Qin Feng was sent to the third level to continue the assessment...

Time is passing minute by minute!

Qin Feng's breakthrough was also extremely smooth!

In the third pass, he realized the "way of writing characters", which took 16 minutes and 26 seconds!

In the fourth pass, he realized the "way of civilization", which took 19 minutes and 11 seconds!

In the fifth pass, he realized the 'the way of the nation', which took 24 minutes and 17 seconds!

In the sixth level, he realized the "Way of All Nations", which took 32 minutes and 03 seconds!

In this way, Qin Feng passed one level after another!

His harvest is one wave after another, and he has already made a lot of money!

The only thing that worries him is that it takes him longer and longer to pass the level, and it is getting harder and harder to win the genius-level reward.

It didn't take long for Qin Feng to pass the seventh level again, which took 39 minutes and 19 seconds!

The seventh level!

Na Hong Yuan Universe player, the most difficult level ever passed!

According to its requirements, it must be passed within 4 hours!

Since the birth of this universe, only Luohu, Dajitian, and Tianzun have passed through.

Now, Qin Feng has also passed, and it only took 39 minutes and 19 seconds to refresh the results and win the first place in history!

For his amazing performance, outsiders still don't know!

If a record like this is refreshed, Heavenly Dao will not announce it!

If Qin Feng wins the Bading-level God King, that kind of first record, the way of heaven will be announced in the Zixiao Palace!

Today, more than 300 players have gathered in the hall of Zixiao Palace, and the scene is getting more and more lively!

At the same time, they have been discussing Qin Feng!

Qin Feng naturally doesn't know about those things.

At this moment, he is receiving the reward, and the seventh Dao Ding light and shadow has condensed behind him!

Wait until all rewards are over!

Qin Feng slowly opened his eyes, his eyes were full of joy...

But before he was happy, Tiandao sent another reminder

[Assessment reminder: It was detected that the player 'Qin Feng' passed the level in this round, which did not exceed 1 hour, so he received a genius level clearance reward! 】

[The contents of the reward for entering the level are as follows...]

[Reward players with 100 million stars! 】

[Reward the contestant Taiqing Daojing 30 pieces! 】