Chapter 1160 vote decision

   "For such an important matter, let's decide by voting."

  Sid the Locust glanced at the direction in which the Holy Silver Army was going, and said, "I'll send a message to the Holy Silver Army to ask them to wait.

  We use 10 minutes to vote. Please think carefully during these 10 minutes and make your own choices carefully. "

   After finishing speaking, Sid the Fluorescent Locust sent a message to the Holy Silver Army using his mental power.

  Holy Silver Interim Commander Bruce is very face-saving, and he also knows the importance of the vote of the dark energy force, so he immediately ordered the fleet to slow down after receiving the information, waiting for the result of the vote of the dark energy force.

  The gods of the dark energy troop frowned.

   They still agree with the "voting by vote" proposed by Sid the Green Locust, but the problem is that 10 minutes is too little time.

  This is a very important decision, and just 10 minutes is not enough.

  But the time of "10 minutes" is indeed appropriate, because the Holy Silver Army will definitely not be willing to wait for them for too long, and must make a quick choice.

  So no god-level rebuttal to Sid, no one complained about time constraints, everyone was racking their brains to think about how to make a choice later.

  If you choose "Unite the Holy Silver Army and kill Dalark at all costs", then there will be about 30%~50% of god-level sacrifices;

  If you choose to escape, the number of god-level deaths will not be less, in fact, it will be more!

   If they really want to escape, as long as they don't escape the galaxy, there is a high probability that they will not be able to escape Dalark's palm.

   If there are no accidents, at least 60%~70% of the gods will die!

  If only the probability of survival is counted, there is no doubt that "joint operations" are more advantageous.

   But compared to a joint death battle, running away has a very big advantage, that is, you can rely on your own ability and will not be dragged down by pig teammates.

   Some god-level abilities are relatively strong. They are either strong, good at escaping, or have excellent performance on warships. They are confident enough to escape Dalark's pursuit.

   It is different when fighting in alliance. It depends on whether the teammates will hold back and the spirit of sacrifice. If everyone is afraid of death, nothing will happen.

  So every dark energy **** level is very entangled, repeatedly considering gains and losses, and considering which path to choose.

  Of course, there are exceptions, that is, the 6 dark thunder dragons and the god-level dark thunder dragon descendants.

  These 6 don't need to think about how to choose, just wait for Dallak to go out and immediately flock to the adults.

  What they have to do now is to minimize their own sense of existence and avoid being noticed by other gods. Of course, it is best to sneak away without being noticed.

  However, they still have to vote. If they don’t vote, they will be more likely to be noticed.

  The 6 dark thunder dragon gods exchanged their mental power for a while, and immediately decided to cast the "escape route" together.

  As long as the other dark energy gods escape, they will naturally be safe.


   10 minutes passed in a flash.

  After the point, Sid the Fire Locust ordered the fleet AI to open the voting panel again, and there were still two options on it. Provided for everyone to choose.

  But before starting to choose, it solemnly said: "Everyone, this choice is very important, please make your choice carefully!

   And after the selection is over, no matter what the result is, I hope that everyone can obey the majority and act according to the voting results.

   Only when we reach a consensus can we maximize our survival probability, otherwise all of us will be losers! "

  (end of this chapter)