Chapter 1159 Two roads before the dark energy troops

   But arguing is of no avail.

   Now that things have developed like this, they will not change their minds even if they quarrel with Dallak.

   After a loud quarrel for a while, the volume of the dark energy gods dropped. But they were still in a state of confusion, like headless flies buzzing around.

   Sid the Firefly Locust is also in a mess.

   It has lived for nearly 2,000 years in its life, and this is the first time it has encountered such a big crisis! If you are not careful, you will have to confess your life here!

   But no matter how disturbed it is, it must forcefully calm down and think about the way out, and it cannot give up until the last moment.

  After racking his brains for a long time, Sid the Grasshopper said to all the gods in a slightly trembling voice: "Everyone, since things have developed to this point, it is useless to complain anymore.

  Dalak now has a reason to deal with us, and he will definitely not give up our piece of fat. We add so many strong men from the Holy Silver Army, as long as they can devour us, it is enough to save it thousands of years of penance! "



   "Dalark will definitely not let us go."

  The scene was full of mourning and sighing again.

   There were no fools among the gods present, and they knew very well that if they were put in Dalark's place, they would not hesitate to do the same.

   It is simply impossible to surrender to Dalark and gain a way out.

  Among the crowd of dark energy gods, a **** asked Sid: "Master Na Sid, I see that you have been thinking for so long, do you have any good ideas?"

  All eyes turned towards Sid the Fire Locust.

   Everyone knows that Sid is resourceful, so there must be some high-level opinions when he speaks up now, right?

  Sid the firefly locust drew twice in the sky with the end of the feather sheath unhurriedly: "In fact, there are only two roads in front of us.

   The first way is to find a way to contact the Holy Silver army before they go far, and then work together to kill Dallak! "

   " it difficult!"

  Hearing what Sid Yingcai said, many dark energy gods gasped.

   Want to forcibly kill a planet-level existence!

  Of course, in the history of the Holy Silver civilization, there are not without precedents of hundreds of god-level joint killing planetary levels.

But the problem is that there are not many such precedents, and planet-level existences can destroy planets. If they fight Dallak on Skrull, and Dallak destroys the entire Skrull planet, then their subsequent battles will be very difficult. .

   "Is it really possible to kill Dalark?"

   "I don't think it's possible?"

  Many **** level raised doubts.

   But there are also god-level peaks who stand up and express their views.

   Among them, the first to stand up was a holy silver man named "Eugene".

  Yujin is considered the top existence among the god-level peaks. Among the dark energy gods present, his strength is second only to Sid the grasshopper.

  Yujin crossed his arms, frowned and said, "Sid, you just said that the United Holy Silver Army killed Dallak, and I thought of this idea just now.

   But I find it hard to do. To kill Dalark, we and the Holy Silver Army have to pay at least half of the sacrifices, that is to say, at least 150 god-level deaths can solve Dalark. "

Dallak turned his head and looked at all the gods present: "But everyone must be well aware of the military discipline of our dark energy troops. Don't say half sacrificed, but if one tenth is sacrificed, the whole team will collapse immediately! We can't have Such a strong will to continue fighting!"

   "..." None of the dark energy gods present spoke, but everyone agreed with Eugene's point of view.

  What is the virtue of the dark energy troops? They are the gods who have the most say. Everyone is a group of people who will do anything for the benefit, and they are often the most afraid of death.

   Not to mention half the death rate, even if it is only one in twenty, they don't want to take this risk unless they are forced to die.

   "It's not just us, the Holy Silver Army is about the same, right?" A god-level person in the crowd said, "I'm afraid the Holy Silver Army is unwilling to make too many sacrifices.

  Although they used to be brave and good at fighting, it was because when they died in battle, the hymn would often preserve their souls and help them reshape their bodies at any cost.

  But now that the hymn has been completely destroyed, and the Holy Silver Army has lost its backbone, how can they still have fighting spirit and not be afraid of sacrifice?

  So I also think this method will not work, at least the possibility of success is not high. "

   "Yes, you are right."

"I think so too."

   "Yes, it is difficult for us to work together, and no one will be willing to sacrifice themselves."

  Many god-level voices agreed.

  Sid the Grasshopper shook his head when he heard the words. It looked at Eugene and said, "Eugene, the sacrifice is actually not as great as you said.

  If Dalark is really in a state of complete victory, then the possibility of us defeating it is indeed as you said, and about half of the people need to sacrifice. But the question is - is Dallak really in a winning state? How much combat power can it exert now? "

  Hearing what Sid Yingying said, the crowd of dark energy gods immediately quieted down.

  They immediately understood the meaning of Sid's words.

yes! Dalark is not at his peak!

   It's really hard to say how much power it can display!

  Although Dallak showed an astonishing momentum just now, a large number of gods were frightened, but is there a possibility-it is strong outside but capable in the middle?

  Dalak was in extremely poor condition when he first came out of the wave space, otherwise it would not have fallen headlong to the surface of the planet, which would be quite a shameful move in the entire planetary world.

  Then how much has its strength recovered now? How much can it display?

  Many people focused their attention on Sid the Fire Locust, waiting for him to continue talking.

  Sid the Locust also lived up to expectations, and immediately continued: "According to my speculation, Dallak's strength is definitely not at its peak, and he can't exert all his strength. If we join forces with the Holy Silver Army, the number of victims will drop to about 30%.

  Of course, this is just an alternative plan, and whether to implement it depends on your choice. "

   "Yeah, it's just a backup."

   At this time, some gods remembered that Sid the grasshopper said that there are two roads, and they immediately asked: "Master Sid the grasshopper, what is the second road?"

  Sid did not pretend to be foolish, and immediately replied: "Of course the second way is to run away.

  We escape to the outer reaches of the galaxy, how far we can run, and whether we will be caught up and swallowed by Dalark in the future depends entirely on our own luck. "

   "Are you running away?" Many god-level brows were frowned.

   What Sid Yingchao said is actually good, either fight or run, choose one of the two.

   But how to choose?

   Fighting against Dalark may cost 30% to 50% of the people. If you run away, the percentage of people who will be sacrificed will not be small, right?

  Are they willing to fight? Or do you leave your life to luck?

  (end of this chapter)

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