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Global Games: Start with 10 Billion Psionic Coins

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Novel Summary

Alien civilization invaded, global psionics recovered, and a game against alien civilization was born…

What? All transactions in the game can only use psionic coins?

Can’t you quickly increase your strength without burning a lot of money?

Su Yu smiled while standing beside the world’s largest psionic spring.

I have tens of billions of psionic coins! Are you scared?

Ps: There are already 1.6 million words of the old book, and the credibility is guaranteed.

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GGSBPC
Alternate Title:全球游戏:开局百亿灵能币
Author:dumb fireball
Weekly Rank:#243
Monthly Rank:#325
All Time Rank:#1170
Tags:Adventure, Army Building, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Fantasy, Game Ranking System, Harem, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism, Rebirth, Romance, Sci-fi, Second Chance, Virtual Reality,
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37 Comments on “Global Games: Start with 10 Billion Psionic Coins
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  1. "The nemesis nemesis, what do you mean by 'God Huakba' when you blew yourself up just now? It feels so imposing!" Its too much, we didnt do anything to chinese yet you shamelessly racist.

  2. Drop di chapter 346-348 ,agak di sayangkan pas peledakan diri masa pake kata allahu akbar 🥲,meski ada yang muslim begitu tapi gak semua, dan kata allahu akbar seakan di becandain ,rasis ke agama gada sama sekali sikap toleransi beragama ,dah kuat nahan ccp plus kegoblokan mc nya hadeh malah dpt feel di chap segtu langsung drop #cintatoleransi

  3. Chapter 207, does the writer not remember how much he paid the 4 villagers at the beginning??? 50 coins a day and 1500 coins a month...... And his money doesn't decrease, how long has it been at 7 billion????

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