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Global Descent into the Crypt World: A Divine-Level Decomposer

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Novel Summary

Humans all over the world have come to a mysterious world full of crypts.

Everyone starts a hole with a shovel. If they want to survive, they dig everywhere and go to other holes to find resources.

Xia Chengfeng, who has already cleared “The Cavern World”, is overjoyed and chooses the decomposer talent at the start.

And rely on divination to predict good and bad luck in advance.

“Divining the hole above, a sign of doom, the undead neighing in the hole!”

“Divining the hole on the left, a lucky sign, the sweet berries are already ripe.”

“Decompose the ruined goblin bones and get the soul crystal +1.”

“Decompose the primitive knight’s sword to get mithril +10 and strength rune +1.”

In this cruel global alien survival test, a decomposer rises strongly!

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GDITCW
Alternate Title:全球降临异界:神级分解师
Author:Fire Hole
Weekly Rank:#111
Monthly Rank:#7
All Time Rank:#1693
Tags:Alchemy, Army Building, Beast Companions, Calm Protagonist, Crafting, Cunning Protagonist, Farming, Game Elements, Kingdom Building, Level System, Magic Beasts, Male Protagonist, Monster Tamer, Monsters, Ruthless Protagonist, Survival, Survival Game, Transported into a Game World, Weak to Strong,
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40 Comments on “Global Descent into the Crypt World: A Divine-Level Decomposer
  1. oh idk that lol cuz i found it on webnovel and it was an english version not Chinese and there were no chinese names there and this book came here few days after or maybe i don't have enough info and ya im sorry but no I'm not on drugs cuz if I'm on drugs then u be 24/7 smoking cocaine

  2. Bruh,The Webnovel has bugged for quite a while,they didn't show the chinese nor link to the raw Version,and you say i am on cocaine 24/7?no,i am on Weed 24/7

  3. Umm I saw I similar novel on webnobel a few weeks ago and the Mc was just a regular person that can hear whispers telling him what's on which direction

  4. I checked from the raw chapter double where chapt 155 has joined with 154 and 88 by 89 and it could also be an error from the original raw

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