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Giving You Love of a Lifetime

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I have a secret hidden in my heart-I have loved Gu Tingchen for nine years.

When he was young, he often followed him. When he was old, he finally became his wife.

But he didn’t give me love, no mercy at all.

I used the divorce and the power of the Shi family to lure him into a relationship, but he was not moved.

He will never remember that little girl who was nervous and cautiously followed behind him.

It was not until after the divorce that I realized that the so-called deep affection was only touching me.

I didn’t even know until I died—the man I loved who was as gentle as the breeze was never him.

I recognized the wrong person from the beginning.

The so-called deep affection and single-mindedness are nothing but self-deception.

- Description from MTL


Short Title:GYLL
Alternate Title:赠你一世情深(时笙顾霆琛)
Author:Gu Tingchen Shisheng
Weekly Rank:#3194
Monthly Rank:#3193
All Time Rank:#837
Tags:Female Protagonist,
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  1. I really love this novel and Im very amazed to the author such a great work. I keep reading it even though I already finished the whole novel. Its so addicted to read. I really love how the story went and because of this I wonder how tongcheng and wucheng city looks like in person. I must visit these city!! Applause to the author, I really love you! Looking forward of you next novelss..

  2. I don't get it. I'm a sensitive person i hate misunderstanding the most. That's why i always read the comments before reading...

  3. plz, could anyone tell me what happened with Gu Tingting. I can read but I'm afraid of his bad ending. At first I hate him but after reading some chapters I felt sorry for him. But after Shi Sheng's entanglement with Xi Zhan I was too frustrated that I couldn't continue to read this anymore. I don't have courage to read it. I just want to Tingting's whereabouts. Plz someone tell me about his ending who has alredrdy finished reading this book.

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