The late smoke curls his lips and follows the Mao Lu Xiaohu.

Xin Lan frowned and sucked her own blood, the feeling of rejection made her frown deeper.

"Try mine."

Wan Yan stretched out his hand.

In fact, she even wanted Xin Lan to smoke on her neck, just like the copy of her disguised as a vampire, but Xin Lan didn't have canine teeth, and it was probably impossible to do it.

It's so romantic to do that, Yan Yan stretched out his hands and thought.

"No need to."

Xin Lan shook her head and refused firmly.

"Try if you feel uncomfortable, you won't die anyway."

Late smoke cut his hand neatly, the scent of blood filled the air, Xin Lan's stomach twitched, expressing desire.

Xin Lan cursed the **** body, and still reluctantly drank a few mouthfuls of blood from the late smoke.

After ordering, Xin Lan asked Wan Yan to bandage her up.

"It seems that the thing is that this cannibalism is not good enough."

It was originally a situation of internal division, with multiple camps, and the body of this experimental body would still **** human blood. If someone else inherited this body, it would not be a **** storm.

Co-authored this is raising Gu.

It is true to say that the essence of this world is a knockout. The winners are selected through constant examinations and competitions, and then the so-called new world is realized.

"Go ahead or take a rest for the whole night."

"Let's rest for a while, there is not enough time."

The test time is fifteen days, and the time from the laboratory to the various bases is about one day. After looking at the map in late smoke, it is not very far from the destination now.

"Who should put it on first?"

Xin Lan and Wan Yan plan to do both. In this case, they can't take the password box to any base.

Otherwise, once the judgment is successful, it will be a bad thing.

So they need to find someone to keep this box for subsequent operations.

In fact, you can also choose a slower way, Yan Yan looked at Xin Lan, waiting to make a decision.

"Let's go together."

Although I don't know how feasible it is, but you have to try it before you can know it.

Suddenly, there was a movement from outside, Xin Lan and Wan Yan walked out and saw the teammate who knocked the zombie to the ground.

"It's just a little zombie, did you bother you?"

Chen Bai put away the iron rod in his hand, and smiled at Xin Lan and the others, still looking like a dumb boy.

Xin Lan didn't answer, and walked straight over and drove the car over to fill up the gas.

After everyone had eaten and solved their problems, they started to get in the car one after another. Some closed their eyes and took a nap, while others looked outside in a daze.

There was a long silence in the car, and someone made a noise.

"Is your plan really okay?"

It was the lion who asked the question, and the big boy's face appeared worried, his face was not suitable for his age.

"Try it and you won't know."

Xin Lan chewed the chewing gum brought in from the store, and after just drinking the blood of late smoke, there was always a **** smell in her mouth.


The lion's expression was hesitant, and the faces of other people changed more or less.

"If it succeeds, then the people in our two different bases can all be happy. If it does not succeed, then we will discuss countermeasures."

Xin Lan looked at the dark night outside the window, her voice was in the wind.

"Other than these two bases, then I can't guarantee."

"There are other bases?"

Cheng asked.

"That's not good."

Xin Lan blew the chewing gum out of a bubble and watched it burst into the air.

A Cheng's gaze swept over everyone behind, and the person she was watching gently shook his head.

"You all deny it, is that right?"

Xin Lan didn't make any remarks, she just said not necessarily.

After all, no one knows whether the rules are playing another word game, whether the direction specified is misleading or true, no one can say.

The cold hand suddenly covered the back of her hand, Xin Lan raised her eyes and watched Wan Yan smile at her.

Xin Lan thought for a while, leaning over and biting her ears with Wan Yan.

"If I didn't follow, how would you accomplish this task?"

As the heat exhaled from the words sprayed on the earlobes of the evening smoke, her ears reddened at a speed visible to the naked eye and spread to the base of the neck.

Yan Yan didn't know that this body was so sensitive, but if it was just so, it felt like a burst of electricity.

Xin Lan naturally noticed the changes in the evening smoke, raised his eyebrows, and squeezed the earlobes of the evening smoke.

It feels pretty good.

"Quick fight and quick decision."

Wan Yan replied in Xin Lan's ear with a whisper, bringing an itchy sensation.

Xin Lan stretched out her hand and rubbed her ears and straightened up.

"It's because I delayed you."

The others listened to this sentence and looked at the person in the front seat.

"How can it be a delay, I am very happy to be by your side, and this is what I asked for."

Actually, this mission host didn't need to enter, but Wan Yan pulled Xin Lan in for his own selfishness.

She was afraid that after she returned from the mission, she would be out of time with Xin Lan.

And thinking that a world can't appear next to Xin Lan to accompany her, I feel very disappointed.

This will never work.

Hearing other people in the conversation said that they bothered me, I shouldn't be curious, this bite of dog food was a little choking.

I think the most choking thing is actually 09.

As a system with no sense of existence, she said that she should not be in the car, but should be under the car.

Blood is sweet and blood is sweet.

Combined with what the commander did in the world before, it adds up to a heavy history of chasing his wife, which is completely exemplary teaching.

Sometimes, Zero Nine wanted to say something to make a sense of presence, thinking about it as if it was unnecessary, and simply eating his own potato chips quietly.

Xin Lan used to hear these greasy and crooked sweet words the most.

As long as someone said this in front of her, it would be good not to be kicked out by her.

But Wan Yan said these words damnly beautiful.

"Is your base closer or mine?"

Yan Yan could only see a point on the map representing his destination, and pointed it out.

It doesn't matter which one she goes first, but there is no need to detour.



"Need some sleep?"

Xin Lan shook her head, not very sleepy.

The car became quiet again, and no one said anything.

Wan Yan's hand holding the back of Xin Lan's hand has not been released, and the originally cold hand has become warmer because of this kind of handshake.

Ah Cheng looked at the two people in front of him enviously. It was so lucky, so lucky, two people who love each other can meet and support each other.

The long night is quiet, and occasionally the wind blows by, making whirring sounds.

Before she knew it, Xin Lan closed her eyes and fell into a light sleep.

The smoke was not sleepy in the evening, and he leaned on the chair, leaning towards Xin Lan.

Suddenly, a request for spiritual connection appeared in my mind. It came from 09, and the evening smoke was immediately connected.

[Late Smoke]: What's wrong? Is Alan looking for me for something?

[Zero Nine]: No no, the host is asleep.

[Late Smoke]: That's it.

The attitude immediately changed from positive to plain and extremely real.

[09]: When does the commander plan to confess again?

Zero Nine rubbed his hands and wanted to watch.

As someone who witnessed the development of their two relationships, she felt that she should not miss their opportunity to establish a relationship.

[Late Smoke]: Back to reality.

The last time she confessed was too hasty, the next time she must prepare carefully.

[Late Tobacco]: I may need your help at that time, and may also trouble you.

[Zero Nine]: No trouble, no trouble, how can the host's lifelong event be trouble.

If the host's object is a human, she may have to consider in her heart that she doesn't need to intervene if it is not necessary, but the other party is their system, and it is a senior, this must be possible, very possible.

To see the host's happiness is also a very happy thing for their system.

At the beginning, Zero Nine had never worried about Xin Lan's love issue.

I always feel that her sister Lan is an orphan.

Fortunately, there are still unique insights.

And Sister Lan also showed signs of heartbeat, which is simply great.

[09]: Commander, how did you fall in love with my host?

Zero Nine recalled the first few worlds, and the combat effectiveness of each world host was not reduced, where is the feeling of heartbeat.

[Late Tobacco]: Don’t you think the way she hits is particularly handsome and charming?

[Zero Nine]:? ? ?

She only feels extremely cruel.

So the commander is so good?

Can't afford to provoke.

[Late Yan]: In my eyes, she is good everywhere. Isn't it a natural thing to like her, but she doesn't know how to care for herself.

Xin Lan always felt that it was okay to get a little hurt.

Such a person is destined to attract everyone's attention. When others see her shining, Yan Yan feels distressed how much she has undergone so that she has become a small matter today.

She didn't know the natural strong man, Wan Yan didn't know what Xin Lan had experienced in the past, she didn't check Xin Lan's information, she knew that if Xin Lan knew, she would be unhappy.

Moreover, she wanted to hear what she said to her in person.

After they were together.

It's actually hard to like a person to count how good that person is. It is more of a mysterious and mysterious feeling. Just seeing it makes you feel happy.

Xin Lan next to her was still sleeping, her eyebrows stretched out, making the corner of Wanyan's mouth light up.

When arriving at one of the bases, Xin Lan had a conversation with Wan Yan.

"This may fail."

This is what Yan Yan said.

"But it doesn't matter."

Xin Lan took the sentence, and the two looked at each other, with a tacit understanding.

This may fail, but it doesn't matter.

Xin Lan and Wan Yan had imagined several situations, and each had planned a countermeasure.

Before entering the base, it is necessary to check.

It is still the early days of the end, and it can be seen that the development of the base is not very complete, there is no tool specifically for testing the virus, and the guards around it when the late smoke finds it does not seem to have any abilities.

The method of base inspection is still very simple and rude. Just look at whether there are any scratches on your body. In this way, you have to take off your clothes.

Wan Yan looked at the students who planned to follow the inspections in the past, and directly took out the energy gun and pointed at the head of the leader.

"I want to see your main person in charge."

Ah Cheng and the others didn't expect the night smoke to be so direct, but thinking about what they were here for, it seemed to be so direct.

Xin Lan waited boringly in the car holding the password box, holding her chin and looking at the gate of the base not far away.

She didn't have her part in the first fight, and she was good at this threatening thing.

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