The atmosphere still reached a subtle peace.

When Xin Lan drove, Yan Yan took the password box and sat in the co-pilot. The mood of the people in the back seat was different.

The car lifted up the dust and was gorgeous for a moment in the sun.

Xin Lan drove very fiercely, stepping on the accelerator and leaving everything behind.

The dusty wind blew into the window and lifted the fragments in her ears.

Yan Yan looked at her with the password box in this way, and her heart was sweet.

It feels good to like someone.

It's better to like someone who has a good eye.

In Xin Lan, Wan Yan felt a sense of vitality that he had never had as an AI.

Although AIs are unwilling to fall in love with their hosts, because people's minds are complex and changeable, and it is not known when they change their hearts, but hosts rarely want to fall in love with AI.

Even if they look like humans, they cannot be called humans. If they fall in love with AI, they are considered cross-species love.

AI is just a procedurally constructed existence. They can have emotions because human-like emotions are incorporated into the code, but they cannot have empathy for people.

In fact, they are not very able to understand why humans can achieve complex emotions such as love and hate. The emotions that AI can express are far less advanced.

Therefore, there are few cases where AI and the host are together, and in these cases, most of them end in tragedy.

Therefore, AI will tell each other, it is best not to fall in love with the host.

Wan Yan didn't express her heart at first because she wanted to determine how strong her thoughts and desires were.

Later, she found out that it was hard for herself.

After confirming his feelings, he still didn't say it, but wanted to test Xin Lan's reaction.

As she just said, AI said not to fall in love with the host, and the host may not be attracted to AI.

Xin Lan tilted her head and looked at Wan Yan. This guy was looking at her at the beginning, and now he is still staring. What's so interesting.

Xin Lan sighed inwardly, a little irritable.

Obviously, even if the eyes of thousands of people fell on her together, she wouldn't be embarrassed, but now she was stared at by Wan Yan for a few minutes, and she still felt a little awkward.

An unfamiliar hotness followed her calf to thigh with the soles of her feet, and finally occupied her back.

"Turn it over."

Xin Lan glanced at Wan Yan, her expression a little cold.

Wan Yan noticed that she seemed a little unhappy, and quickly straightened her gaze, then secretly looked at Xin Lan from the corner of her eye.

Xin Lan turned the steering wheel, this guy was endless.

Turning from the end of the road to the end, and driving for a while, you enter the city.

The tall buildings rose from the ground, no one was visible, and the car roared past, leaving noises on both sides of the road, breaking the silence, and starting a few crows foraging.

"Why don't we stop and find something to eat?"

Acheng looked at the scenery on both sides of the street passing by, and made a weak suggestion.

She just found out that she was a little hungry and had endured it for a while, but the feeling of hunger became stronger and stronger, causing her stomach to feel a little painful.

Xin Lan slowed down and stopped in front of a supermarket.

It is true that the other party is regarded as an NPC, but it does not mean that he will completely ignore the other party.

After all, in the eyes of these people, they are real people.

"Do you want me to get you some food?"

Xin Lan looked at Wanyan.

"I'll get it for you."

"wait for me."

Xin Lan didn't argue with Wan Yan about who to go, so she got out of the car.

Several other teammates also got out of the car and walked into the supermarket.

"Aren't you afraid that she just left with the password box?"

This is an unpleasant question, but Chen Bai still asked it.

Really curious.

The car key is still in the car, and the password box is in the hands of the person. In case that person wants to complete the task directly, just leave the car with the password box.

Chen Bai didn't doubt Wan Yan's character, he just didn't believe in human nature.

Although they are not really in the doomsday, there is no difference between participating in this selection test and living in the doomsday.

"She won't."

Xin Lan didn't even look at Chen Bai and answered directly.

Chen Bai shrugged, chanting.

Xin Lan walked directly to the food area, and could see that it had been raided, and the shelves were turned over in a mess, but the looted was not careful, and there was still food.

Xin Lan took some bread and milk, put a few pieces of chocolate and sugar in his pocket, and walked towards the door.

When Xin Lan walked out of the food area, she heard a short scream from Acheng.

Xin Lan took things and walked over quickly, and saw A Cheng who hurriedly ran out.

"There are zombies!"

Unpreparedly, Ah Cheng looked at the rotten face and screamed subconsciously and fled.


Xin Lan saw that the others who heard the noise were walking outside, walking towards the door.

The door was open, Xin Lan put the bread and milk aside and closed the door.

"It's a lot behind, hurry up."

Acheng turned his head, saw many zombies walking in this direction, and hurriedly said.

Many zombies suddenly appeared on the street that was empty just now, and they moved closer to the car.

Xin Lan raised his eyes and saw many zombies in front of the car.

"Sit down."

Xin Lan shifted gear and stepped on the gas pedal, and smashed directly towards those monsters.

The sound of the car grinding past was a bit sore, but the people in the car didn't care.

The most flustered Ah Cheng relaxed after the car drove.

Xin Lan drove in the direction indicated on the map without stopping.

"Don't stop to eat something? Or I will feed you?"

Yan Yan looked at Xin Lan, they had all eaten, and Xin Lan had been driving.

I really want to feed the little tiger!

However, Xin Lan didn't give her this opportunity and shook her head.

"I'm not hungry, it's okay."

Xin Lan did not feel hunger, so she did not eat.

"Then take a drink?"

Yan Yan passed the milk on his hand, and then realized that he had drunk it before, and quickly took it back.

"I'll help you drive again..."

Even before Yan Yan finished speaking, he saw Xin Lan tilted his head into the straw and took a sip of milk.

After Xin Lan finished drinking, her body straightened back, her movements were natural, and she felt Wan Yan looking at her and glanced at her.

The night smoke breathed, the light rising in the eyes was scorching, and even the delicate face was a little more dazzling.

When Xin Lan saw this, there was a little smile in her eyes.

But the smile was fleeting, and no one saw it.

The night smoke on the co-pilot looked very calm, but was actually excited to go out and tear the zombies.

Has Little Tiger accepted her?

Yes, yes, it must be so.

Knowing what she wanted, the little tiger used the same straw as her.

Rounding is indirect kissing, and then rounding is kissing.

That's it.

Xin Lan didn't know the surging heart under Wan Yan's calm appearance, but knew that she would be secretly happy.

She actually had some surprises about the fact that Yan Yan would like her.

She thought that she was so cruel that most people would appreciate it.

I can't see through, but I'm still a little happy.

It wasn't until night fell and the sky was dotted with stars of different brightness, and Xin Lan stopped the car.

Xin Lan stopped by the gas station, surrounded by lush grass.

At the end is a dark cloud, which seems to be able to swallow people.


Ah Cheng rubbed his eyes and said in a daze.

The car drove for about an afternoon, and she fell asleep in the midst of shaking, forgetting how dangerous this apocalypse was.

The person in front must be too safe, Ah Cheng said.

A good copy of the Doomsday Escape Infighting, just let them complete such a comfortable look, I don't know if the person behind the scenes will be angry when they see it.

Speaking of it, what kind of thing is that?

"Fill the car and find something to eat."

Xin Lan saw the road sign more than ten kilometers ago and planned to come here for a rest.

Physical exhaustion is second, Xin Lan feels a little hungry.

At the moment of parking, if the hunger in her stomach surges over, it will encroach on her brain, making her almost out of control.

This is not normal.

Xin Lan is definitely not the one who will lead her thoughts, but right now, that feeling is too strong, occupying her mind like a wave.

"what happened?"

Yan Yan noticed Xin Lan's abnormality for the first time, and asked in a low voice.

Xin Lan shook her head and said something a little hungry.

There was also the bread Xin Lan held at noon in the night smoke, tearing one open and handing it to Xin Lan's mouth.

Xin Lan frowned unconsciously, took a bite, chewed in her mouth, and swallowed.

The temporary feeling of fullness and craving did not come from the stomach, but a kind of nausea.

Xin Lan pushed away the bread beside her mouth, and gently shook her head at the evening smoke.

That kind of hunger came back, surging, and made Xin Lan stop thinking for a moment.

"This body is weird."

It can only be a physical problem.

And Xin Lan remembered that this was an experimental subject.

"feeling bad?"

"Go in and talk about it."

Xin Lan and Wan Yan talked with their backs to the people, and walked into the convenience store at the gas station.

Wan Yan carried the password box in one hand, and the bread Xin Lan had just eaten was put in her pocket, and she held Xin Lan in the other hand.

To be precise, Xin Lan held her hand tightly.

Xin Lan's face was a little pale, cold sweat broke out on her forehead, and she was holding Wan Yan's hand tightly, looking very abnormal.

When did Yan Yan see her like this, walked to the innermost convenience store with her, covered her with her body, and checked her situation.

Xin Lan grasped Wan Yan with one hand, and slid down beside her with the other hand, leaning against Wan Yan.

"A little bit uncontrollable."

The feeling of hunger occupies almost all of the senses, Xin Lan leaned on the shoulder of Night Smoke, smelling a sweet smell.

Xin Lan had a terrible guess. She cut her finger on the sharp part of the shelf and licked the blood drop on her finger.

It was disgusting, but it made my stomach feel better and my mind was a little clearer.

"is that useful?"

No Xiao Xin Lan explained that Wanyan could link up the results from her movements and this physical identity.

The zombie virus was transmitted from the laboratory, and Xin Lan's body was an experimental body, and Xin Lan's movements were abnormal...Looking at Xin Lan's fingers, Yan Yan felt distressed.

Xin Lan moved too fast, otherwise she could draw her own.

"One thing," Xin Lan saw Wan Yan's eyes and shook her head, "It's just a small opening, don't think I'm too fragile."

"I never thought you were weak, you are the strongest in my heart, but despite this, I don't want to see you hurt."

She doesn't know how powerful this person is, but when she likes someone, she can't help but hold the person carefully, trying to save her a little bit of pain.

Wan Yan said seriously, causing Xin Lan's face to become hot unconsciously.

"That's not an injury."

Xin Lan tilted her head.

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