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Get Lost! I Don’t Have a Traitorous Disciple Like You

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Novel Summary

Xue Chong is one of the top experts on the Slaughter Board rankings and possesses sharp gaming skills. Feared by all, he is seen as an inviolable and unapproachable person.

However, no one knew that Xue Chong had accepted a cute and adorable female disciple when he first started playing online games. Yet, just as his feelings were gradually growing, Xue Chong discovered that his disciple was unexpectedly a man!

Henceforth, Xue Chong was assailed by a psychological shadow.

Many years later, they met again. The meng disciple from back then had transformed, becoming a top-ranked player on the PK leaderboard and the #1 most attractive and wealthy great God.

Wang Chun: Master, master ~\(≧▽≦)/~ This disciple missed you ~

Xue Chong: Get lost.

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Short Title:IDHTDLY
Original Title:滚!我没有你这个逆徒
Type:Web Novel
Genre:Drama, Romance, Yaoi
Weekly Rank:#2621
Monthly Rank:#2157
All Time Rank:#2350
Tags:Black Belly, Cold Protagonist, Gamers, Handsome Male Lead, MMORPG, Modern Day, Possessive Characters, Wealthy Characters,

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1 thought on “Get Lost! I Don’t Have a Traitorous Disciple Like You
  1. I hope the chapters with no content get fixed, the story seems so fun but with the missing contents, i don’t know what’s happening anymore 😭
    Thanks for the hard work mtlnovel

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