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I used to arrest criminals in Marvel, punishing rape and eliminating evil.

also helped Nobita to realize his dream in Doraemon.

Or become a man in black, fighting wits and courage with aliens.

Pacific Rim, Big Marine Corps, Terminal Brain, Trisolaran, Wandering Earth… Every world has my footprints.

I’m just an ordinary technical house. The purpose of doing this is to bring the black technology inside back to the real world and make the lifeless real world more sci-fi.

Global Daily: Mr. Lu, what do you think about the fact that netizens rated you as the “Greatest Inventor of the 21st Century”.

Cheng Lu: I am not ashamed of it, I just made a trivial change to the world.

Many netizens: So, the steel suit, Gundam, magnetic levitation vehicle, quantum portal, and interstellar spacecraft are just trivial things?

When science fiction shines into reality, the stars and the sea will no longer be a dream!

Ps: The end of science is magic, so magic is considered a black technology? (Dog head)

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GBTFM
Alternate Title:从美漫开始获取黑科技
Author:Runaway big balloon
Weekly Rank:#1731
Monthly Rank:#2013
All Time Rank:#1485
Tags:Ability Steal, Absent Parents, Business Management, Businessmen, Cheats, Cultivation, Disabilities, Fan-fiction, Harem, Male Protagonist, Marvel, Marvel Universe, Modern World, Nationalism, Racism, Sexual Abuse, Superpowers, System, System Administrator, Technological Gap, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, World Hopping,
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  1. Did you miss a slap in the face? even without a slap in the face the author made the story turn to shit, slap in the face in the stories just makes the readers have brain death and nothing else.

  2. It was a good experience at first travelling world was good but then things turned worst maybe cause I did not see other worlds movies or mangas but I only enjoyed marvel arc ,man in black acr was also enjoyable at first but it got boring soon after conclusion I did not enjoy world travelling at ALL the real world business development was really good i enjoyed it very much and the most thing I enjoyed was that there was no face slaping no racism over all I enjoyed the novel leaving out world travelling but that was also a important part of novel I recommend you to real this novel It's a good read short interesting P.s. the ending was very unsatisfactory

  3. Fuck of all these fucking Chinese are brainwashed Second thing I found out that in all non fantasy novel They have to showoff how fucking bitch there country is, Third thing they are trying to showoff off there cousine but whole world know they are eating dog meat, rat meat or snake meat and in the name food only thing that is famous is noodles though I prefer Japanese noodle Fourth thing in each novel they describe how handsome lead character is,can you even compare word handsome with Chinese in my opinion they all look a like,slit eyes 5 feet that all Five they they never dare to write anything wrong about there government Here male lead can massacre entire Japan and USA but they never dare touch even a county level official now you can see how fucking brainwashed they are or how much Chinese government control public opinion through these small means If I have to express my opinion based on these novel then Chinese government is the embodiment of mother Terese Sixth in all these Chinese novel,china is omnipotent for example in one of the fanfiction Marvel, where aliens are coming whole world is in mess on other side male lead is convincing there CHINESE parents to migrate to china On one one side there ancient one , odine ,death , Galactus etc on other side there is china Even in each Marvel fanfiction Chinese are fucking bitches, bastards or what they call white eye wolfs Like they live in America they eat in America but anything happened to America what it has to do with them but when ever any Chinese come they start licking there asses Then these Chinese talk about freedom in us ,onround themself they don't even have write publish there own novel with out preview from there local site which under control of government

  4. Dude taking "racism" to another level. See this idiot above. He is just like all of those CN authors. Discriminating an entire country because of novels he read. Worst Countries for Racial Equality: Qatar Serbia Saudi Arabia Sri Lanka United Arab Emirates Slovakia Myanmar Israel Ukraine United States Source insider monkey(american company) Not seeing china in top 10 so even if most author write rasist it is mostly because they are bitches like you who are afraid of goverment taking their books down.

  5. About this is simple, the authors there fear that their novels will be "eliminated" by the government or by the readers there who have been brainwashed there, then they put stupid nationalism or even exaggerate.

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