It was actually an ordinary day.

Lu Jingce had not returned from a business trip to the United States. On Saturday morning, Shen Yansheng slept until 8 o'clock and woke up, went downstairs to eat breakfast, and went to work in the study upstairs.

She didn't actually work in Lu Jingce's study before, usually in the bedroom. However, she recently thought that the working place in the bedroom was too small, and it was not enough to put her things, so she moved to Lu Jingce's study.

Lu Jingce originally wanted to set aside a room for her as a studio, but she refused.

She felt that it was good to work in Lu Jingce's study. She felt very happy when the two of them worked together.

After breakfast that day, she went upstairs with a cup of coffee, put the coffee on the table, then put Lu Jingce's computer and documents in the cabinet, and put her own computer on it.

She has always been in the category of not wanting to move when she is not working, and once she is working, she can work very deeply for a long time.

At noon, Aunt Ping came up to call her for lunch, and she casually said "um", but she didn't move for a long time.

When Aunt Ping called her for the third time, she finally finished the first draft of a dress. She breathed a sigh of relief, closed the computer, and got up to go downstairs for lunch.

Unexpectedly, when he came out from behind the desk, he accidentally bumped into the coffee cup on the side of the table.

The coffee cup slammed to the ground, the coffee spilled on the ground, and the cup shattered.

Aunt Ping hurriedly came in, saying "Peace from broken pieces", and squatted down to clean up.

Shen Yansheng also squatted down to pick up the pieces, Aunt Ping said, "Don't worry about it, go down for lunch, I'll just clean it up."


The debris splashed a little far, and Shen Yansheng picked it up while searching. A piece of debris splashed behind the curtain. When she squatted over to pick it up, she accidentally saw a red object.

She didn't see what it was at first, and just picked it up subconsciously.

And when she picked it up and saw it clearly, she was a little stunned.

In fact, this kind of peace knot is very common, and the reason why Shen Yansheng was stunned there was because she recognized that this peace knot was made by her.

It was the summer vacation thirteen years ago. After graduating from the high school entrance examination, she and her mother went to Jiangcheng to find her father. Because of the boring life, she bought red rope and learned to weave peace knots at home.

She edited it off and on for a long time, and after finishing it, she dropped a small sign on it, with her own engraved words on it, which said: Peace.

Shen Yansheng squatted on the ground, staring at Ping An knot in a daze.

In fact, this peace knot is very common. She recognized it because she recognized the words engraved on the sign.

At that time, she had just learned to carve, and the engraved characters were crooked and barely able to read.

But the question is, her own peace knot is well kept in her bag, where did this one come from?

She was dazed, suddenly thinking of something, she stood up suddenly from the ground, ran back to the bedroom, and poured out all the things in the bag.

Her own peace knot was well in the bag, and because she didn't cherish it very much, it was already very old.

And the one she found in the study just now seems to be well kept and looks brand new.

She looked at the two peace knots that were exactly the same in her hand, and even the words engraved on the sign were exactly the same, and her mind seemed to suddenly not be able to think.

Her mind went blank, and some dusty memories seemed to slowly become clear.

She stood in the room for a long time, so long that she didn't even realize that the tears were falling, but Aunt Ping called her worriedly outside, "Miss Shengsheng, what's the matter with you?"

Shen Yansheng turned her head, her eyes were covered with tears, and after a while, she let out a choked voice and asked, "Aunt Ping, do you know much about Lu Jingce?"

An hour later, Shen Yansheng drove to a restaurant near University A.

An hour ago, Aunt Ping told her that she had not been here for a long time and didn't know much about Lu Jingce's past, but she knew that Lu Jingce had a small business and opened a restaurant near University A.

Shen Yansheng studied at University A, and she knew the name of the restaurant as soon as Aunt Ping mentioned it. For a while, she and her roommate enjoyed eating at that restaurant.

Because it's not lunch time, the restaurant is busy at the moment. There are two children playing with remote control cars in the store, a boy and a girl, two children, seven or eight years old.

She walked into the store, and the little boy saw her, stood up from the ground, and asked her politely, "Sister, are you here for dinner?"

Shen Yansheng smiled and asked, "Is Pei Xin here?"

The little girl also stood up from the ground, grinned, and said a little proudly: "Pei Xin is our father!"

The little boy asked, "Sister, do you have anything to do with our father? My father went to buy something next door and will be back in a while."

The little girl had already run out and said as she ran, "I'm going to call Daddy!"

In the convenience store next door, Pei Xin was buying soy sauce when he heard his daughter's father and father shouting from afar. He turned his head and said with a smile, "Why did you come here? Where's my brother?"

The little girl held her father, her big eyes were shining, she looked at her father and said, "Dad, there is a very beautiful sister looking for you."

"Who is it?" Pei Xin asked with a smile, "Did you eat?"

"No!" said the little girl, "the elder sister said she was looking for Pei Xin as soon as she came."

"Isn't it?" Pei Xin was a little puzzled, apart from his wife, how could he know any beautiful women.

After paying the money, I took my daughter back to the store.

As soon as he entered the door and saw Shen Yansheng, he was a little stunned.

Really a big beauty.

He was a little dazed and asked, "Are you looking for me?"

Shen Yansheng looked at Pei Xin and asked, "Are you Pei Xin?"

Pei Xin nodded, "Yes, you are?"

"I'm Shen Yansheng."

Pei Xin's expression immediately became surprised, "Are you Shen Yansheng?"

Seeing his reaction, Shen Yansheng asked, "Lu Jingce mentioned me to you?"

Pei Xin smiled and said, "Of course I mentioned it."

As he spoke, he put the soy sauce on the bar, then walked inside and said, "Come on, please take a seat."

Shen Yansheng sat down at a dining table, Pei Xin went to pour water for her, and said with a smile: "Actually, I wanted to meet you for a long time, but A Ce kept saying that in the future, when you are willing to marry him, he will Let me introduce you to me."

He walked to the dining table with a glass of water, put the glass in front of Shen Yansheng, and then sat down opposite Shen Yansheng.

He looked at Shen Yansheng and said with a smile, "Actually, you haven't changed much from before. I didn't think about it just now, and I didn't recognize it for a while."

Shen Yansheng was a little puzzled, "You know me?"

Pei Xin smiled and said, "I've seen your photo at A Ce. It's a registration photo, it's been many years."

Shen Yansheng only felt full of doubts at the moment. She took out the red peace knot from her bag, spread it in the palm of her hand and handed it to Pei Xin, and asked, "Have you seen it?"

Pei Xin looked down, nodded, and said, "I have seen it. It belongs to A Ce."

By this time, Shen Yansheng was completely sure that Lu Jingce was the boy on the construction site back then.

No wonder she occasionally felt as if she had seen Lu Jingce somewhere, but she never remembered it.

Seeing that Shen Yansheng was a little shaken, Pei Xin smiled and said, "Ace is completely different from before, isn't he? In fact, he was also very handsome back then. He has always been the most handsome in school since he was in school."

"But when you met him, his grandmother was seriously ill. She needed surgery, chemotherapy, and medicine. His parents left early, leaving him and grandma to live together. When grandma was sick, he had just taken the high school entrance examination. Don't look at him as a student in the mountains, he's good at studying, and his high school entrance examination results can beat your local key students in Beicheng, and he won a math competition before and was admitted to the experimental class by Beicheng No. 1 Middle School."

"But before he was happy for two days, grandma suddenly fell ill. Jiangcheng was very hot that year. It was 423 degrees at noon. I accompanied him to the county hospital with grandma on his back."

"I didn't expect to find cancer."

"A Ce is really the strongest person I've ever met. From childhood to adulthood, except when his parents left, I saw him cry, and I never saw him shed a single tear after that."

"He didn't cry when grandma was diagnosed with cancer. With the little money left on his body, he went to the hospital to find a small house for grandma to live in, and then he went to work on the construction site by himself."

"He was only sixteen years old at the time, and he worked day and night on the construction site every day. Once he was too active in his work and was beaten by several bullies on the construction site. When he came home at night, he took off his clothes. injury."

"I asked him to rest for two days at the time, but he refused. He went to work on the construction site as usual the next day."

"Although it was summer vacation at that time, my family had something to do, and I couldn't often go to the city to see him. Once in the city, I saw that A Ce was so dirty every time he came home."

"He used to love cleanliness, and he was willing to do any dirty work on the construction site."

As he said that, he looked at Shen Yansheng and smiled, "Did you never see what A Ce looked like at that time? He was really tanned back then, and his hands were always covered in ashes."

Thinking of that time, Shen Yansheng wanted to smile, but she didn't know why, but her heart hurt so much that she didn't laugh, and tears fell first.

She finally knew why Lu Jingce had to work so hard at that time, even if it was raining heavily, even if there was thunder and lightning, he still had to work there by himself despite the heavy rain.

She also finally knew why there was a boxed lunch on the construction site, but he never ate it. He worked so hard every day, but he only ate steamed buns every day.

Is it because you want to take the lunch box back to grandma?

Shen Yansheng suddenly regretted, why didn't he ask him more at that time and help him more.

Pei Xin looked at Shen Yansheng and suddenly asked, "Did you treat him well at that time?"

"Actually, I didn't know this at the beginning. Ah Ce was very reticent to talk. He kept everything in his heart and never told anyone. Later, we ran the boat together, and the days at sea were long and long. Lonely, at that time, I often saw him holding this peace knot in his hand, sitting on the deck, looking at the vast sea, and it was a whole day at a glance."

"Once I was so curious, I asked him, where did the peace knot he always hold in his hand come from? He didn't say anything at first, but I kept asking, and after many times, he finally said something. about you."

"Ace really likes you. When I was on the boat, I always took this peace knot that you gave him, and occasionally looked at your photo. He picked up that photo, and it should have been unintentional when you picked it up. fell off."

"He told me that the moment he saw you, he felt that even the bright moon in the sky was not as dazzling as you, and it was so dazzling that it made him feel inferior. He said that you were very kind to him, and you gave him medicine, and you didn't think he was dirty."

When Shen Yansheng heard these words, tears welled up in an instant.

Pei Xin was also a little uncomfortable. He looked at Shen Yansheng and said, "Miss Shen, it's really not easy for A Ce to come this way. Think about how much hardship he has to endure behind his background. Ah. When I was the worst, I was really impersonal."

"Back then, I ran a boat and had an accident. I escaped from death at sea and saved my life. Then I went abroad. It was not easy at first. At the most difficult time, I even hit the underground black boxing. How dangerous it is, Anyway, he never told anyone how much he suffered."

Pei Xin looked at Shen Yansheng and said, "Miss Shen, you asked me here today, so I'll tell you this. Otherwise, Lu Jingce would probably never tell you about these things in his life."

"He has liked you alone for so many years. He has liked you all the time. He has never forgotten you and never had a girlfriend."

"In fact, there are many things that you don't know."

"A Ce worked hard to make money, and finally entered your circle. But you already had a boyfriend at that time. Even if you attended the same reception, he could only watch you from a distance."

"I persuaded him to try other girls, but he didn't even listen."

"Later grandma passed away, and you also heard the news that you were going to get married. At that time, A Ce probably couldn't stay in the country anymore. Grandma was gone, and you were going to get married. He might be a little discouraged at that time. I went abroad for a year."

"It wasn't until he heard that something happened to your family and your boyfriend abandoned you, and he came back from abroad."

"Actually, don't blame Ah Ce for keeping you by his side with those conditions. He has been so selfish once in his life. But in fact, even if you didn't agree to him at the time, he wouldn't ignore you or not save your father. Even if you go bankrupt, it will save you."

It was already night when Shen Yansheng came out of Pei Xin's restaurant.

When she got home, she simply packed her luggage, got her passport, and went to the airport.

Thirteen-hour flight from North City to New York.

The thirteen hours on the plane was the longest period Shen Yansheng had ever experienced in his life.

At one o'clock the next day, Shen Yansheng got off the plane and called Lu Jingce.

At that time, Lu Jingce was doing some errands outside, and when he saw the call from Shen Yansheng, he immediately answered it.

The phone was connected, but Shen Yansheng didn't speak for a while.

Thinking the signal was not good, Lu Jingce went outside the restaurant with his mobile phone and asked in a low voice, "Sheng Sheng? What's wrong? Can you hear me?"

Standing in the airport lobby, Shen Yansheng choked up a little, and said with a weeping voice, "Lu Jingce, I'm here to find you."

Forty minutes later, Lu Jingce arrived at the airport.

He heard Shen Yansheng crying on the phone, thinking that something had happened, and rushed over all the way.

As soon as he entered the hall, he saw Shen Yansheng sitting on a chair from a distance.

He strode over, Shen Yansheng looked up and saw Lu Jingce, tears fell uncontrollably first.

She stood up, and when Lu Jingce approached her, he tiptoed around his neck.

Lu Jingce also hugged her and asked worriedly, "What's wrong? Did something happen? Don't cry first, if you have something to tell me, I will find a way."

Shen Yansheng was still crying, tears soaking the shirt on Lu Jingce's shoulders.

Lu Jingce was so worried that he asked again, "Did something happen to my parents? Is it because my health is not good? I'll go back now to get my passport, and we'll go back right away."

Shen Yansheng suddenly cried out uncontrollably. She hugged Lu Jingce's neck tightly, her face buried on the side of his neck, and the hot tears scorched Lu Jingce's skin and his heart.

He felt distressed and was helpless, so he could only hold Shen Yansheng, put one hand on the back of her head, caressed her gently, and kept calming softly, "It's alright, it's alright, with me there, nothing will happen."

Shen Yansheng cried for a long time before finally stopping the tears, but still hugged Lu Jingce and was reluctant to let go.

She put her chin on his shoulders, put her arms around his neck, and her face was covered in tears. After a long time, she asked softly, "Lu Jingce, why didn't you come to me earlier?"

I'm really sorry that I didn't fall in love with you sooner.

Lu Jingce was stunned for a moment. He didn't understand what Shen Yansheng was talking about, and asked softly, "What?"

Shen Yansheng's heart ached, her voice choked up, and she asked distressedly, "Lu Jingce, after loving me for so many years, it must have been a lot of hard work, right?"

Lu Jingce's body froze slightly, and he felt his heartbeat stagnated for a moment.

Shen Yansheng held back her tears, tried her best to put on a light tone, and said, "I already know Lu Jingce. Thank you for loving me for so many years, and I will love you in the future."

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