Shen Yansheng almost suspected that he heard it wrong, and opened his eyes in surprise.

She stared at Lu Jingce for a long time, her heartbeat suddenly became a little faster, and she asked, "Did you take the wrong medicine?"

Lu Jingce laughed, reached out and squeezed Shen Yansheng's face, angrily and funny, "I proposed to you, do you think I took the wrong medicine?"

Shen Yansheng looked at Lu Jingce's eyes, trying to see the meaning of teasing her in his eyes, but his eyes were serious and he didn't look like he was joking at all.

Her face turned red little by little, and her heart beat a little faster. Looking at Lu Jingce, her lips parted, and she asked again after a long while, "What about that Miss Zhao family? Don't you want to get married?"

Lu Jingce looked at her and said, "I'm really going to be mad at you. Do you believe what any inexplicable woman outside says? What kind of marriage do I have?"

Shen Yansheng pursed her lips unconsciously, feeling a little wronged in her heart, and said, "But that woman didn't tell all the lies. You did go to the northern suburbs racecourse yesterday afternoon."

Lu Jingce said: "I was there to talk to the boss of the Zhao family, who knew he brought her daughter. I swear to God, I didn't say a word to that woman from beginning to end yesterday, what kind of relationship do I have? marriage?"

Seeing Lu Jingce's serious appearance, Shen Yansheng's full of grievances had long since disappeared, but there was still some joy in his heart that he couldn't hide, and his mouth was still sour, and said, "Then that's your father, now that you are interested. These days, wherever you go to find a young, handsome and successful son-in-law, of course they are looking at you."

Lu Jingce looked at Shen Yansheng's sour look, his eyes were full of smiles, he pinched her chin, leaned over to kiss her, and said with a low smile, "You can eat more vinegar, do you want me to ask someone to buy it again? The two jars are back?"

Shen Yansheng was shy, her face was hot, she raised her foot and kicked Lu Jingce.

Lu Jingce smiled, looked at Shen Yansheng, and asked her earnestly, "So do you want to come and collect the certificate with me tomorrow?"

For some reason, Shen Yansheng still seemed to have a little pimple in her heart. She pursed her lips, looked at Lu Jingce, and said, "How can you be so sloppy in a marriage proposal? And I haven't told my parents yet."

Lu Jingce smiled and pinched her cheek, "So when are you taking me home to meet my parents?"

Shen Yansheng pursed her lips lightly, and said in a muffled voice, "I'll think about it."

Regarding the video of the quarrel in the restaurant, within ten minutes of uploading it to the Internet, it was completely deleted on the entire Internet, and even a single entry could not be found.

What was going on behind the scenes, Shen Yansheng knew without asking, it was either Lu Jingce or Xie Rin. One is to protect her, the other is to protect Wanwan.

After a few days of fermenting on the Internet, public opinion gradually returned to calm.

Wanwan took a break from work and went out to travel to relax. In those days, Shen Yansheng chatted with Wanwan on WeChat almost every day. Wanwan would take pictures of beautiful scenery and send them to her every day, and she would also take pictures of delicious food. , share it with her.

At noon that day, Shen Yansheng was hanging clothes in the studio, and the glass door of the studio was suddenly pushed open from the outside. She turned around and saw Xie Rin striding in with a solemn expression, and asked her directly: "You know Wan Where is Wan, right?"

Shen Yansheng was stunned when she heard the words, she looked at Xie Rin and asked, "Don't you know?"

Xie Rin looked very tired. She had been overwhelmed by things at home recently. She just pushed the house down, and when she went back, she found that Wan Wan had packed up and left his house.

He looked at Shen Yansheng, frowned slightly, and said, "If I knew, I wouldn't come to ask you."

Shen Yansheng pursed her lips unconsciously, a little hesitant to tell Xie Rin.

Xie Rin was really worried, and it was the first time she begged for Zhou Wanying's life, "Just treat me as begging you, I really don't feel relieved when Wan Wan is outside alone. She looks very strong and independent, but she is actually a little boy. Girl, you won't tell others when you're not happy, you'll just hide yourself and cry."

Shen Yansheng looked at Xie Rin and couldn't help but say, "You know her so well, don't you know where she went?"

Xie Rin was stunned when he heard the words, he frowned for a while, as if he suddenly thought of something, a momentary light flashed in his eyes, he turned around and strode out.

Shen Yansheng walked to the door, watched Xie Rin stride to the side of the road, opened the door to get in the car, and quickly drove away.

She stood by the door for a while, praying in her heart, hoping that Xie Rin would find Wanwan soon.

In addition to worrying about Wan Wan, Shen Yansheng has another concern recently.

She has been thinking from time to time recently that Lu Jingce said that she would go to get a certificate with her that night.

I don't know if it's true.

But if he gets the certificate from her, what will happen to Bai Yueguang in his heart?

This morning, Shen Yansheng sat in a daze in front of the windowsill of the studio.

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, and the sun is already shining outside at ten o'clock in the morning.

Because it was too sunny, there were hardly any pedestrians on the road.

Shen Yansheng was holding his chin in a daze, when the phone next to him suddenly rang.

She glanced sideways at the incoming call, picked up the phone and connected it, and said in a sweet voice, "Mom."

Zhou Xiuyun was also in a good mood, and asked over there, "Sheng Sheng, are you busy today?"

Shen Yansheng said, "I'm not busy, what's the matter?"

Zhou Xiuyun said: "Your dad and I are going to eat at Yanghuai Road in a while. If you are not busy, come over and eat together later."

Since the accident at home, my parents have become very frugal and basically eat three meals a day at home. Shen Yansheng rarely heard her parents say they were going out to eat, so she laughed immediately and said, "Okay, what do you want to eat? I'll call and reserve a table now."

Zhou Xiuyun said: "Don't worry, your father has already made an order. You work first, and we will call you later when we come over."

"it is good."

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yansheng started to finish the morning's work. At about twelve o'clock at noon, her mother sent her a location on WeChat, followed by a voice message, saying: "Shengsheng, we are here, you Come here now, not far from your studio."

Shen Yansheng looked at the location and found that it was a well-known private restaurant on Financial Street next door.

She replied to her mother's voice and said, "Okay, you order first, I'll be right there."

But at this time, Shen Yansheng, how could she have imagined that one day, she would be "calculated" by her parents.

When she got there, as soon as she entered the door, she saw her parents sitting on a round table by the window from a distance.

But the most important thing is that there are not only two parents at the table, but also several guests.

She couldn't help being stunned for a moment, wondering why her parents were so outrageous, and they didn't tell her in advance when they invited guests.

Dad saw her first, stood up from his seat, beckoned to her, and shouted with a smile, "Shengsheng, this way."

Only then did Shen Yansheng smile and walk in the direction of her parents.

As soon as she walked to the dining table, her father introduced her with a smile and said, "This is Uncle Chen and Aunt Chen, who are my father's former business friends."

She pointed to a man next to her who looked about her age with her palm again, and said with a smile, "This is Uncle Chen and Aunt Chen's son, Chen Yue, who just returned from his Ph.D. studies in the United States."

The man stood up, smiled politely at her, and said, "Hello, Miss Shen, I'm Chen Yue."

Shen Yansheng didn't think much about it at this time. Seeing people greeting her, she also smiled politely and said, "Hello."

He turned to look at the two elders again, and politely called out, "Hello Uncle Chen, hello Aunt Chen."

Chen's mother was very satisfied when she saw Shen Yansheng at first sight, and the smile on her face never went away. Now she sees Shen Yansheng and is very polite, and her smile is sweet and cute.

She liked it tightly in her heart, so she got up and pulled Shen Yansheng to sit next to her, and said with a smile, "Does Shengsheng remember me? I still hugged you when you were young."

Shen Yansheng was a little embarrassed, how could she still remember what happened when she was a child.

Uncle Chen next to him said with a smile: "You, Shengsheng was only a few months old at that time, which child remembers his own few months old."

Mother Chen smiled and said, "That's right."

Zhou Xiuyun knew her daughter best. Seeing her daughter sitting there and laughing, she knew that she must be confused at the moment, so she reminded her with a smile, saying: "Sheng Sheng, Chen Yue is the same age as you, and lived in the same age as you before. California, but people go to Stanford, you have to learn more from them."

Shen Yansheng smiled dryly.

By this time she almost knew what the meal meant.

Chen Yue is very enthusiastic and has been chatting with her about studying and living in California, probably to find common topics with her.

She couldn't resist the enthusiasm of the other party, and smiled dryly: "I didn't study well, I was just studying there, and I usually spent less time at school, so I ran out and played around when I had nothing to do—"

Before she could finish speaking, she was kicked under the table by her mother.

She retracted her feet, and did not look at her mother, pretending not to understand.

Chen Yue is very talkative and is very good at finding topics. He also said: "Study is a combination of work and rest. I like to go out on weekends when I have nothing to do. I sometimes drive to various states to play during the holidays. Which state do you like best?"

Shen Yansheng thought to herself, she didn't like any of them.

She shouted for help in her heart, why did her parents call her to such a blind date dinner in disguise?

She was in pain when she suddenly saw an acquaintance walking in through the door.

Before she could think about how Zhao Cheng was here, she saw Lu Jingce coming in from behind in the next second.

The second she saw Lu Jingce, she reflexively picked up the menu in front of her to cover her face, but her movements were still too slow, and Lu Jingce saw her as soon as she came in.

Lu Jingce glanced at the table and raised his eyebrows subtly.

Zhao Cheng followed Lu Jingce's line of sight and saw Shen Yansheng who was still trying to cover his face with the menu. He couldn't help laughing for a while, thinking, Miss Shen, isn't this trying to hide it?

He looked at Lu Jingce again and asked, "Mr. Lu, are you going to the box?"

Lu Jingce smiled and said, "Sit in the hall."

After speaking, he went straight to a table behind Shen Yansheng's table, pulled out the chair and sat down.

He was sitting in a position where he could see Shen Yansheng completely.

Shen Yansheng quietly raised her eyes from the menu to see if Lu Jingce was gone, but who knew that when she raised her eyes, she just met Shang Lu Jingce's half-smiley eyes.


Zhao Cheng also glanced at Shen Yansheng, then held back a smile, gave her a self-seeking expression, followed by pulling away the seat next to Lu Jingce, and sat down to start ordering.

Seeing that Lu Jingce had discovered her, Shen Yansheng smashed the jar and took down the menu.

The other people at the table didn't notice the strangeness of Shen Yansheng, and they were still chatting lively.

Chen Yue sat next to her, serving her dishes from time to time, asking her what she likes to eat, and what movies and music she likes to watch and listen to.

Shen Yansheng lowered her head and could feel Lu Jingce's gaze fixed on her, she was really on pins and needles, just looking forward to the end of this dinner.

But how could this kind of blind date dinner end so quickly? At the dinner table, the adults have been discussing the education and work of the two children, and they also mentioned that Chen Yue does not plan to go back to the United States, and the family has already bought a house in Beicheng.

He runs his own dental clinic and earns a decent income.

Shen Yansheng could see that her parents were very satisfied with Chen Yue, and she could see that Chen Yue should also like her, otherwise she would not have been trying to find a topic to chat with her, and even asked her to watch a movie at night.

But whether her parents are satisfied or not is none of her business, whether Chen Yue likes her or not is none of her business, all she knows is that Lu Jingce is staring at the time of her meal, and she will definitely be finished when she gets home tonight.

Fortunately, Lu Jingce had something to do in the afternoon, so he left after lunch.

Within two minutes of Lu Jingce going out, Shen Yansheng's cell phone rang.

She took out her mobile phone and saw the WeChat message sent by Lu Jingce.

"Go home early in the evening."


What is the calm before the storm, this is called!

Shen Yansheng wanted to cry a little but had no tears, so she hurried home after work in the evening.

On the way home, she asked Uncle Chen nervously, "Uncle Chen, is Lu Jingce at home?"

Uncle Chen replied, "I'm here. President Lu went to the teahouse to talk about something in the afternoon, and went back after four o'clock."


When the car drove into the yard, Shen Yansheng slammed on the car window and saw Lu Jingce sitting on the sofa in the living room reading documents.

She took a deep breath involuntarily, and then got off the bed with her bag.

She decided to strike first!

So as soon as he entered the room, without changing his shoes, he rushed into Lu Jingce's arms. When Lu Jingce looked at her and seemed to be about to speak, he quickly raised his hand and swore, "I can explain it!"

Lu Jingce looked at her with a half-smile, then stretched out his hand to pull her onto his lap and said, "Come on, I'd like to hear how you explain that you are going on a blind date behind my back."

Shen Yansheng sat on Lu Jingce's lap with her legs apart, looked at him seriously and said, "That's it, aren't my parents always worried about my life-long event, they both wanted me to have a blind date before, but I didn't agree. I know that my parents lied to me in order to let me go on a blind date."

"This morning, my mother called and said that she and her father were going to Yanghuai Road for dinner at noon. I thought it was just the two of them. Who knew it was a Hongmen banquet when we got there."

"Hongmen Banquet?" Lu Jingce said with a half-smile, "Your blind date is okay, a Stanford blogger, a Kochi family, and a dental clinic of his own. Dentists are very pretty these days."

Shen Yansheng looked at Lu Jingce and couldn't hold back her laughter. She raised her arms around Lu Jingce's neck and lowered her head to kiss him. She felt a little sweet and said, "No matter how good others are, they can't compare to you."

Lu Jingce raised his eyebrows slightly and looked at her.

Shen Yansheng held Lu Jingce's face, kissed him again, and coaxed, "Don't be jealous Lu Jingce, in my heart, no one can compare to you."

She kissed Lu Jingce's lips and said softly, "I love you Lu Jingce."

Lu Jingce paused slightly after hearing the words, suspecting that he was hallucinating.

He held Shen Yansheng's waist and looked at her deeply, "What did you just say, say it again."

Shen Yansheng blushed a little, but still looked at Lu Jingce seriously, and said again, "I love you, Lu Jingce."

Even if she didn't want to admit it, even if she knew very well that maybe she was just a substitute for Bai Yueguang in Lu Jingce's heart, she still couldn't help falling in love with him.

In such a long time together, in every day when I can't see Lu Jingce but miss him so much, I feel happy when I see Lu Jingce, when I curl up in his arms and work with him, I can't bear to think of him. In the days when the corners of her lips were curled up, she had already fallen into Lu Jingce's tenderness step by step.

When she mistakenly thought that Lu Jingce was going to marry another woman, and she really felt the pain, she knew that she really fell in love with Lu Jingce.

She can't lose him.

But how does Shen Yansheng know that Lu Jingce has waited for her to say this for so many years, he raised his hand and touched her cheek, looking at her eyes full of affection, and said softly, "Shen Yansheng, please say it again?"

"I love you." Shen Yansheng looked at Lu Jingce earnestly and reverently, and said softly, "I love you, Lu Jingce."

Lu Jingce's Adam's apple rolled, and his eyes turned warm. He raised his head slightly and kissed Shen Yansheng's lips, and said softly, "I love you too, Shen Yansheng."

Love you for a long time.

In the years when you don't remember me, I have been loving you all the time.

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