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Genshin Impact: The Opening Falls in the Cave of Immortals

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Li Mochen accidentally crossed into the game world of Yuanshen, and landed at the door of the “Ozang Mountain. Liuyun Borrowing the Wind”.

And he opened the “daoist friend system”, which can obtain the abilities and friendship of all “daoist friends”.

Afterwards, all immortals, such as Liu Yunjifeng, Xianlin Shouyue, Lishui Dieshan, Shuiyue Zhuyang, Demon Sect, and Kuduer became his Taoist friends. .

From then on, the “Emperor of Zhenwu” Li Mochen punched the clown in the snow country, shot the devil in the deep sea, and ordered the world, no one dared not obey.

“I, Li Mochen, are the most reasonable, so if you **** ghosts and snakes don’t want to die too miserably, then bow down to the immortal power of the immortals.”…

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Short Title:GIOFCI
Alternate Title:原神:开局落在仙人洞府
Author:Helpless Pippi Bear
Weekly Rank:#4821
Monthly Rank:#7987
All Time Rank:#8717
Tags:Anti-social Protagonist, Arrogant Characters, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Genshin, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Perverted Protagonist, System, Transmigration, Weak Protagonist,
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  1. Cloud retainer is not Shenhe, only look similar to Shenhe… In fact, she should be Cecilia Shariac in appearance like Yae Miko and Ei.

  2. Probably created before shenhe out, since author refer Cloud retainer as shenhe instead. Mc honestly isn't likeable in my first impression, Too arrogant, the kind that is annoying. He said he don't need a Vision because his strength is enough, and ended up getting stomped by Geovishap Hatchling, blaming himself for not bringing his weapon and end up running like a bitch. Then when there Fatuis camp, he sneak inside and befriend one member of them and asking some information thinking he can beat Harbingers. And then when Dottore comes out, he just shut his eyes down simulating how to run from death since Dottore paying attention to him lol. I'd keep reading though,since there's not many genshin fanfic yet getting mtl'ed out there.

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