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On the 17th, this is the name of her previous life

She was treated as an experimental subject in her previous life, killing everyone except her father, including herself.

Open her eyes again, but she has come to a strange world

The declining family, Miss Yun Jia who was hurt to death is her identity for another lifetime

The father and elder brother who protected her like life became her strength to live again

Everyone’s miserable business is peeping, and it’s a murderous disaster.

Now that she has become Yun Feng, no one else would ever want to move the Yun family a bit!

Whoever seizes the Yun family’s property will return it five times the strength!

Those who seek the life of the Yun family will return it ten times more!

So there are people who move the Yun family arbitrarily, and she will definitely give them back with all her strength, without dying!

Therefore, she chose to stand up without hesitation! Since then, there has been one less waste wood on the mainland, and one more peerless genius!

Is it difficult for fighters to advance? Sorry, I have a secret treasure body refining, so it will be two levels in three days.

Is the magician very good? Sorry, I’m not rare. She perceives the elements of the five elements, and the magicians of all lines are quietly born.

Are summoners rare? Sorry, I’m a once-in-a-millennium summoner, and I’m from the five elements. I don’t have to worry about monsters. There is also a meat ball that seems to be a phantom beast waiting for one in ten thousand years.

Carrying a mysterious treasure, the ancestor of the Yun family personally pointed out her cultivation path, and he followed a strange meat ball that seemed to be an ancient fantasy beast. As a rare summoner in a million years, by the way, a warrior magician. As for the mosaic master, she has always been very low-key-low-key arrogance!

Let us witness how this generation of heroes started from the starting point and climbed step by step to the top of the pyramid! From then on, the king has come to the world

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Short Title:GS
Alternate Title:绝世神祗:天才召唤师
Author:Ruoxue Sanqian
Weekly Rank:#17
Monthly Rank:#21
All Time Rank:#1405
Tags:Beast Companions, Beautiful Female Lead, Clever Protagonist, Cultivation, Devoted Love Interests, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, First-time Intercourse, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Rape, Sexual Abuse, Summoning Magic, Transmigration,
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22 Comments on “Genius Summoner
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  1. Can someone tell me who is the love interest of the protagonist? (I'm going through chapter 289 and the closest to a romance that appeared so far was the golden dragon that transforms into human form)

  2. ***Spolier***** answer is spoiler Gu lanyi is ml - will appear as room mate. Make dressed/disgusted as female for awhile. Fl is unaware of ml being male until around chapter 400

  3. Just 2 stars, it's good but like every soft hearted girl, FL is softie and lacks bloody ruthlessness. She just defeats enemies and let them go and avoids killing. Especially when she went to dragon valley and palace, that yan yu trash killed her again and again but she is like "forget it". She was only saved cause of cheat and her strength was greater than him IDK what shit she ate and damaged her brain.

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