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General: Traveling Frog, Starting Blood and Following the Limit

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“Your frog cub will bring you back the travel specialty [Wu Dun·Xueji Boundary]!”

“Your frog cub brought you a souvenir [Eternal Kaleidoscope Shaker Eye]!”

“Your frog cub brought you back the souvenir [Bamen Dunjia]!”

Traveling to the world of pirates, what Bai Ye didn’t expect was that a small game called “Traveling Frog” that he had played turned out to be his golden finger.

Also, the entire game has completely changed!

The place where the little frog travels has turned into various dimensional worlds!

And the original ordinary specialty has become a special product of each world!

Relying on the special products brought back by the little frog, Bai Ye can continue to become stronger even if he salts the fish every day.

Not only that, the friends the little frog has made in these worlds will come to visit from time to time.

“Ding dong! Frog cub’s little friend Hinata Hinata is visiting, let’s treat her with specialties~”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GTFSBFL
Alternate Title:大将:旅行青蛙,开局血继限界
Author:Favorite black widow
Weekly Rank:#45
Monthly Rank:#64
All Time Rank:#2062
Tags:Eye Powers, Gate to Another World, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Lazy Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Misunderstandings, One Piece, Overpowered Protagonist, Strong to Stronger, System Administrator,
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28 Comments on “General: Traveling Frog, Starting Blood and Following the Limit
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  1. The author is really trash here with the storytelling. 59 out of 60 chapters are a 100% pure re-telling of the original canon story with the MC posturing. Finally in the 60th chapter the MC does something decisive that actually changes anything in the story. Really obnoxious to read. The majority of the text is 100% skippable if you've experienced the original story.

  2. I once read similar novel but forgot the tittle, anyone know? About apocalypse word MC have a cat/kitten that could travel to movie wirld, steal magneto helmet and get magneto power.

  3. MC op's story is rubbish, and what the hell is that about sharinggan and mokuton powers, how does he explain where his powers come from?

  4. Well, maybe it can be misunderstood as devil fruit ability and bloodline ability. After all in One Piece, bloodline inheritance also exist although not as prominent as in naruto, such as giant's bloodline or murlock bloodline

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