Mo Tian, ​​who was running, smashed one foot directly into the ground.

Yancheng, Ji, and Meng Wuyao also stumbled and almost fell to the ground.


Yan Cheng raised his head with difficulty and looked at the sky that had not changed at all.


Mo Tian frowned and pulled his feet out of the soil.

"Ten thousand times the gravity..."

Chapter 749 My name is Jiang Yi, justice of justice! (Second!)

The sudden change caused many people to be directly recruited.

Some people with low physical strength, their legs were directly crushed.

There were even people whose hearts and brains were instantly crushed and killed on the spot.

Before the notch, the situation was a mess.

The four of them, Mo Tian, ​​left here in the chaos.

"finally come!"

In front of the gap in the high wall, the corners of Moruo's mouth were raised, and a smile appeared on his face.

In the beginning, he and Xueyuan teamed up to force these people to stand in line.

And now, it's time for these people to ask to join their team!

Under this terrifying gravity, its own energy and source are consumed extremely quickly.

For these ancestor-level masters, it is not a small consumption.

When Moro was proud, the blood source on the other side of the gap was listening to a report from a subordinate.

This subordinate is also an ancestor, but his eyes are all white and no pupils.

"Mo Tian and the others, just fled in the chaos, my lord, do you need us to take him back?"

Hearing the words, Xueyuan shook his head lightly.

"Although Mo Tian's strength is strong, it's not worth it because he had a conflict with Moruo so early."

"Let him fend for himself."

After the blood source finished, the ancestor-level master nodded.

Looking at the disappearing figures of Mo Tian and the four in the distance, Xue Yuan withdrew his gaze.

Mo Tian has great potential, and Blood Source does not deny this.

However, Mo Tian came to the Red Earth Continent by mistake.

After the three major camps are formed and the conditions for the emergence of the source of chaos are met, the truly brutal fight will come.

By then, very few will survive.

As for Mo Tian, ​​he would understand how small the power of an individual would be in this kind of slaughter.

Unless, like himself, he has the absolute strength to rival the Lord.

"Lord Bloodborne, I am willing to join your team!"

At this time, a seriously injured world master came over and took the initiative to defect.

Xueyuan nodded lightly and said to a subordinate behind him:

"Take him in."

Then, several more world lords came to defect.

However, in comparison, Moro's side was much more lively.

At this time, Moro was also quite proud.

"Don't worry, come one by one, there are Origin Stones provided!"

Seeing these people scrambling to get ahead, Moro was extremely satisfied.


In a cave dozens of miles away from the gap in the high wall.

Mo Tian sat cross-legged near the entrance of the cave, the blood in his body circulated wildly, condensed, and then formed a scale on his right arm.

Inside the cave, Yancheng took out a source stone and began refining it.

Beside him, his internal organs were injured, his face was pale, and he was refining with a source stone in his hand.

The terrifying gravity not only imposes a serious burden on the body, consumes energy, but also seriously affects the recovery of injuries.

Basically, it takes ten times as much energy and energy to recover from the injury as before.

Yancheng's eyes turned to Meng Wuyao not far away.

Meng Wuyao did not use the Origin Stone, but the energy in his body recovered as quickly as it was inflated.

Because, at this moment, in Meng Wuyao's mind, a black hole emerged, and the dense purple air current was constantly pouring out, merging into Meng Wuyao's body.

Yancheng was amazed by this scene.

In a place where the power of chaos is so strong, it is difficult to jump in space. Meng Wuyao can still communicate with mysterious dimensions and absorb energy?

"If only I had this energy..."

Seeing that Meng Wu Yao's energy has fully recovered, Yan Cheng felt a little envious.

After training, Meng Wuyao opened his eyes and found that Yan Cheng was staring straight at him, and he couldn't help frowning.

However, Yancheng was still staring at him.

Meng Wuyao's brows furrowed even deeper.

"Don't force me to slap you!"

Meng Wu Yao said.

Yan Cheng's body trembled, and he quickly retracted his gaze.

This guy...why is he so irritable?

Yancheng complained in his heart.

Moreover, the strange thing is that his own strength is ancestral level, but Meng Wuyao often gives him a very dangerous feeling.

"It's really strange, obviously only Mo Tian who was hanging up before would give me this feeling..."

Yancheng turned to look at Mo Tian who was cultivating.

I saw that Mo Tian's two arms were covered with transparent scales.

The violent power contained in these scales combined with Mo Tian's body.

At first glance, it gives a strange feeling of being wild and brutal, yet restrained and powerful.


Mo Tian let out a long breath.

Finally, both arms were completely covered with scales.

This time, the two hands are completely without weaknesses.

"After the two arms are trained, the scales will appear next, which will be random..."

Mo Tian recalled the training content of Wan Lin Jue and secretly said in his heart.

However, the right arm was also completely covered with scales, which just ran out of evolution value.

And the sleeping alien beasts in the surrounding area have been almost killed by Mo Tian.

If you want to earn evolution points again, you have to change places.

However, Mo Tian found that the closer he got to the red wall, the higher the strength of those alien beasts, and the more evolution points they would get by killing them.

More than 20 hours have passed since the red high wall appeared.

The team that was originally wandering on the periphery has also approached the high wall.

Since Mo Tian's group had basically zero casualties, the sum of all of them was more than the people sent by the three previous legions.

And Moruo and Xueyuan also began to control the number of people in the team, only recruiting 1,000 people every day.

The rest can only wait until the next day.

And these remaining people, because of the consumption of gravity, are in urgent need of Originium.

So, they came up with the idea of ​​Moro offering a reward to those five people.

Among them, Mo Tianming had the lowest strength on the face—just the world master.

After all, if it was another ordinary world lord, Moruo would have killed it himself.

In the past two days, when Mo Tian went out to kill alien beasts, he encountered a lot of trouble.

Even if Mo Tian encounters an ancestor-level master, he is not worried at all, but often when a person appears, a large group of people will follow.

And when they found that they couldn't beat Mo Tian, ​​they would immediately slip away.

When I see Mo Tian next time, I will gather more people.

Mo Tian was very troubled by this.

"Million Scales: 240/???"

Glancing at the system panel, Mo Tian stood up in the cave.

"Come on, it's time to enter the core area."

Mo Tian said.

"Break in?"

"In my current state, I should be able to kill an ancestor!"

Jihe Mengwuyao said.

Yancheng next to him was unable to complain when he heard the words of these two violent madmen.

"Brother Tian, ​​don't you have my human skin mask? Are you going to use it?"

Yancheng asked.

Originally, in his eyes, Mo Tian was considered an extremely manic violent maniac.

However, compared to Ji and Meng Wuyao, Mo Tian seemed a little calmer, and most of the time, he acted only after hesitating.

"That's right." Mo Tian nodded, took out the human skin mask, and put it on in front of the three of them.

Then, a young man with sword eyebrows, handsome face, slender body and long hair appeared in front of the three of them.


At the gap, Bloodborne and Moro's team continued to guard.

Xueyuan and Moruo rarely appeared.

"Name, strength." In Moruo's team, an ancestor-level master glanced at the man with red hair in front of him.

"Yancheng, world master level."

"Well, take it, this is the logo of our camp, don't lose it."

This ancestral master threw an alloy identity card engraved with the word "Mo" to Yancheng.

On the other side, Shannon and Meng Wuyao also completed the registration.

At this time, a young man with a righteous face walked directly through the middle of the team and walked towards the other end of the gap.

"Wait, stop!"