Tian Cailan expressed her guess.

The other party used a trick to get them to join. Why did they rely on verbal guarantees without any protective measures?

"It makes sense..." Tian Gang calmed down and frowned.

After thinking for a while, Tian Gang sighed, shook his head, and said:

"It seems that we have to wait until the source of chaos is born..."

Tian Cailan rested her elbows on her knees and rested her chin in her palms.

Don't know what to think.

Twelve hours have passed since the red high wall appeared.

Mo Tian continued to lead his team towards the direction indicated by the arrow.

On the way, Mo Tian killed a large number of sleeping alien beasts.

Now, his evolution value has reached 20,000 stars.

After running for ten hours, Mo Tian and his party stopped.

A few miles away, the high red wall was still standing on the ground, and the top spread to an unknown height.

However, there was a gap in the red high wall!

The gap that looked extremely thin from a distance was like a crack in the door that was not closed.

"Brother Tian, ​​isn't the location of the gap where the Mars arrow points?"

Yancheng said in surprise.

Hearing this, Mo Tian nodded.

"Go and see what's going on."

So, the four of them set off and ran towards the position of the gap.


At the same time, at the gap, there were two teams of people standing on both sides of the gap, just blocking the gap.

The two teams were vaguely led by two powerful ancestor-level masters.

At this time, a lot of teams who accidentally appeared here found the gap and rushed over.

A large part of these people are the survivors of the troops sent by the three previous legions.

And the people sent by the Shinjikai for the second time.

Mo Tian and the others were basically exploring the periphery, and almost no one went deep into this place.

Of course, apart from having a clear goal, Mo Tian and the four were running for ten hours in a row.

"Everyone, through this entrance, you can enter the core area of ​​the Red Earth Continent.

In the core area, there are various origins far beyond the peripheral area. "

A man with a feminine appearance but full of extravagance walked out and said with a smile.

Hearing this, many people around were moved.

The power of the source in the peripheral area was basically scavenged by those who came first!

Without the supplement of the power of the source, there is no way to draw energy here, and it can only be supplemented by the energy crystal or the source stone carried in the storage space.

However, this is not a long-term solution.

Recently, some supplies have started to run out, and other teams have begun to get supplies.

The origin scattered everywhere on the red earth continent, although it contains a strong chaotic power, it will take a lot of effort to remove it.

However, it's better than running out of supplies ahead of time.

Moreover, as there were more and more ambush incidents, they were outside and had to keep their nerves tight at all times.

As a result, the consumption will be greater.

Fortunately, in this red earth continent, apart from those desperate teams, there is no other danger.

Because of the feminine man's words, many people approached the entrance.

"However, in order to prevent chaos at that time, those who want to enter the core area must make a choice.

Whether to join my side or join the other side! "

After the talking man finished speaking, the corners of his mouth twitched, revealing a smile.

"Moruo, Xueyuan, everyone is from the Crazy Star Legion, why do you need to be so aggressive?

We'll talk about joining the team when we go first, can't we? "

A World Lord of the Crazy Star Legion said.

After the world lord opened his mouth, the others followed suit.

Obviously, they are very dissatisfied with the behavior of Moro and Xueyuan forcing them to stand in line.


Moro raised his eyebrows, "Since you have objections, then..."

"You go to die!"

After speaking, Moruo stretched out his hand towards the world master.

This world lord's heart tightened, and almost at the same time, his figure suddenly retreated, and he wanted to retreat into the crowd.

No matter how arrogant Moruo was, he would never be able to do something to so many people!

However, a jagged black line appeared in the space in front of Moro's finger!


The head of this world lord, and the heads of the two next to the world lord, with part of the chest, were instantly cut!

At the same time as the body was cut open, the part of the three people cut by the black line automatically decomposed into blood lines.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

When the heads of the three people landed, their bodies had been completely decomposed into a pile of blood lines, scattered on the ground.

Then, bang!

The heads of the three people exploded directly, turning into a blood mist.

At this time, Mora spoke lightly and said:

"Who else has an opinion, you can stand up and talk to me."

When Moro spoke, his eyes swept to the surrounding crowd.

Everyone did not speak.

However, immediately, two ancestral masters stood up.

However, when they stood up, three people stood up behind Moro.

Feeling the original aura that belonged to ancestral masters on these three people, the expressions of the two ancestral masters who just stood up changed.

The two of them can also wrestle with Moro.

However, if the other party adds three ancestral masters, they may only have the chance to escape.

"What, do you two want to join my team?"

Moro smiled at the two of them.

"Ancestor-level masters, you can go in first, and then choose which team to join later."

At this time, the source of blood, who had never spoken, spoke.

Hearing this, the two ancestor-level masters breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing the interruption of the blood source, Moro was a little unhappy, but he still nodded.

"However, you'd better make a choice quickly, my patience is limited!"

Moro gave them a menacing look.

After being stared at by Moro, the two immediately expressed their willingness to join the blood source team.

Moro was a little dumbfounded.

This has just begun, and the blood source has pulled two ancestor-level masters! !

"Anyone who joins my team will get a source stone every day!"

Moro said directly.

At this moment, many people who wanted to join the Blood Origin team began to hesitate.

On the side of the blood source, it seems to be easy to get along with, but there is no substantial benefit...


After running for a while, the four Mo Tian squeezed into the crowd of onlookers.

At this time, many people have already made a choice, walked into the gap, and entered the core area.

"You still want to choose a team?"

Mo Tian frowned, Xueyuan and Moruo must have no plans.

In fact, many people who are still watching are also speculating about the purpose of the two.

"By the way, and these people, if you provide clues, I will reward ten Origin Stones!

If I can kill them and bring their heads, I will reward 100 Origin Stones! "

Moro said suddenly, and then, operating the communicator, he cast several huge portraits on the city wall.

Five in total.

These five portraits are all people who have offended Mora or have hatred with Mora.

Of course, he naturally didn't put up the photo of Blood Origin.

"Brother Tian..."

In the crowd, Yan Cheng lightly bumped into Mo Tian's arm.

Mo Tian looked up at the photo above without speaking.

Because, one of them is his photo!

This Moruo is actually offering him a reward!

"Go first!"

Mo Tian said in a low voice, Yancheng, Ji and Meng Wuyao all nodded.

The four quietly withdrew from the team.

However, when Moro released the reward, many people in the crowd were already looking for Mo Tian.

Mo Tian was discovered by many people.

It's just that these people haven't had time to report.


The ground shook violently, and a large blood mist suddenly appeared in the core area at the other end of the gap.

At the same time, blood mist began to appear outside.


In the core area inside the high wall, the blood mist all sank and disappeared in an instant.

When people wondered what had happened.

boom! ! !

The blood mist that had just risen on the ground fell violently, and then, the terrifying gravity struck!

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