Otherwise, Yancheng, Ji, and Meng Wuyao alone would not be able to stop those guys.

Moreover, if you don't kill the Lava Man in time, it will be a lot of trouble for you to join forces with four ancestor-level masters later!

"Soul Cut!"

As soon as his mind moved, Mo Tian displayed the Soul Promise that had not been used for a long time.


Invisible fluctuations are released.

Chi Yan is preparing to directly explode the source, and he will get out of trouble after the battle power declines!

But, puff!

The invisible blade of the soul cut through, and Chi Yan felt that his soul, as well as his body, were forever missing a part.

That's what he used to be proud of... capital...

"Ahh! You bastard!"

Chi Yan roared, the violent source power exploded from his body at this moment!

The power of the source is consumed too much, and the strength will fall back to the world master.

Moreover, communicating with the source sea consumes a lot of soul power, and it is impossible to restore the source power that has been accumulated for so long.

It's just that at this time, Chi Yan, who is extremely angry, can't take care of this.

The earth shook, and the strange red soil was burned into a liquid state under the power of this violent source.

"Soul Cut!"

Mo Tian didn't pay much attention to Chiyan's outbreak, and after a few more souls were cut, Chiyan's soul suddenly became incomplete, and the power to control the source became much weaker.

Then, boom!

The two icicles that were holding him down were put away by Mo Tian.

Mo Tian glanced lightly at Chiyan, who was smashed into the ground, and disappeared in a flash, facing the three people who rushed down.

"Damn!! Dare to despise me!!"

Chiyan Soul is about to explode with anger, and he will start immediately.


"Black fire?"

Only then did Chiyan notice a black flame the size of a bean falling from above.

Before he could react, black flames fell on him.

An aura of death was transmitted from the black fire and spread to his whole body instantly.


The black fire drowned Chi Yan's entire body.

"The World-Destroying Black Flame..."

Before his consciousness disappeared, this was the last thought in Chi Yan's mind.


Chiyan's body exploded, and a small cluster of sparks burst out.

Ding! Evolution value +1000 stars!

Hearing the system beep, Mo Tian knew that the World Exterminating Black Flame had worked.

"Next, it's up to you!"

Mo Tian's eyes narrowed slightly, and he took a step forward!

Boom! ! !

Mo Tian's ferocious fist collided with a huge rock fist.

The air wave exploded, and the stone chips flew.

The other party showed an unbelievable expression.

He didn't expect that a world lord, the physical body would be so outrageous!

"You are definitely not the realm master!"

The ancestral master who was completely petrified exclaimed.

At this time, the other two ancestor-level masters who originally wanted to take down Mo Tian's three team members first rushed towards Mo Tian after sensing the annihilation of Chiyan's aura!

And Mo Tian, ​​at this time, no longer hides his strength.

The body swelled, and two rows of bone spurs protruded from the back, and behind the buttocks, a long tail with spikes at the end also grew out.

Six ferocious big hands waved in the air, two of them were covered with crystal clear scales.

The other two are completely dark!

Bang bang bang!

With a series of explosions, Mo Tian resisted the attacks of the three ancestral masters.

"Get rid of these people, and then go to support Mo Tian!"

Not far away, Meng Wuyao said, a faint purple mist began to escape from his eyes.

Sakura disappeared in place with a cold expression on her face.

In Yancheng, two flames appeared on the palm of the hand. If you magnify it ten times, you can see that these two flames are composed of countless thin lines!

The three of Yancheng were instantly fighting against these thirty world masters.

Although they are all world masters, the gap between them is still very large. If they seize the opportunity of one-on-one, these people will basically be killed in a flash.

On the other hand, Boom!

Mo Tian's huge body was blasted out under the joint efforts of three ancestral masters, smashing the entire hill.

At this time, the three ancestral masters were a little awe-inspiring.

It is because this Mo Tian is too resistant to beatings!

Moreover, Mo Tian's fist didn't know what strange method he used, and it was extremely painful when he was punched.

If you are not careful, the power of the source will be scattered!

"This kid, I'm afraid I won't be able to take it down in a short time..."

An ancestral master said in a low voice, his heart was already retiring.

The other two didn't speak, but seeing that the number of their team members was getting smaller and smaller, they also had the intention of retreating.

If they knew that they had to pay such a huge price, they would definitely not be able to fight Mo Tian!


With a loud bang, Mo Tian, ​​who smashed the top of the mountain, rushed over again.

"Come again!!"

Mo Tian shouted, holding the six pillars of rules in his hand, and fought with the three again.

The three people's attacks hit Mo Tian with little effect, but Mo Tian's violent attack, as well as the strong rule power contained in the pillar of rules, made them feel extremely painful.

Gradually, the three people who had not had time to replenish their source's power became more and more tired after fighting.

And Mo Tian, ​​still like a perpetual motion machine, waving the power of six rules, smashing non-stop.

While smashing, Mo Tian shouted loudly:

"Haha! Happy!"

Finally, after more than ten minutes of frantic beating, the three ancestral masters whose bodies were covered in cracks were completely unable to resist.

"Stop! Stop!"

"You... if you don't stop, we'll blow ourselves up!"

An ancestor-level expert threatened.

Hearing this, Mo Tian stopped.

"I... It seems that I haven't tried the physical body to resist the ancestor-level master's self-destruction..."

Mo Tian's eyes lit up.

After more than ten seconds, several miles away, the disgraced Yancheng three were looking in the direction of Mo Tian.


The dazzling light exploded, annihilating all the chaotic power in that area.

After the explosion, the light receded, and there was only a very standard circular deep pit left.


A figure jumped out of it.

Mo Tian appeared in front of the three of them unscathed.

Looking at the transparent scales on his arms without the slightest crack, Mo Tian was quite satisfied.

It is indeed the top-level physical evolution exercise!

At the same time, Mo Tian glanced at the system panel:

Evolution value: 8150 stars!

Sure enough, the evolution value of killing ancestor-level masters comes faster, and an ancestor-level master is worth a thousand stars!

"Let's take a rest first, after regaining our strength, we will start again."

Mo Tian said to the three.

The voice just fell, rumbling!

The ground shook violently, and the four Mo Tian immediately became vigilant.

"Brother Tian, ​​look over there!" Yancheng suddenly pointed to the ground in the distance.

I saw that a red thing was rising from the ground.


The shaking continued.

Soon, Mo Tian and the others could see the rising thing clearly.

That's a tall red wall!

A red high wall that spans an unknown number of miles! !

The violent shaking lasted for more than a minute.

I don't know how high the red high wall has spread. Looking up, I can't see the top of the high wall!

Chapter 748 Wanted Mo Tian, ​​Ten Thousand Times of Gravity! (The first one!)

"Huh? You were also tricked by them?"

Deep in the red earth continent, in a stockade built in a valley.

Tian Gang and Tian Cailan stared at each other with big eyes.

At this time, the two people who brought them to join the Chaos Protoss have disappeared in the stockade.

"It seems... we can only join this chaotic protoss first..."

Sky Cailan sat on the stairs of the stilted building with some frustration.

"Let's find a chance and sneak away..."

Tian Gang sat down and said in a low voice, his eyes still looking around.

"I think it's better not to run away, although when they invited us to join, there were no restrictions..."

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