Sister Meng is too murderous!

"I can go around to the rear in an instant and block their retreat!"

Ji also spoke at this time.

Yan Cheng looked at Mo Tian with a ghostly expression.

He was a little worried that Mo Tianzhen asked them to do it.

You know, the following are four teams, a total of more than 30 people!

Among them, the four captains are all ancestors!

"No." Mo Tian shook his head.

Hearing this, Yancheng breathed a sigh of relief.

"There are other people around. After killing other people, these people are not easy to silence."

Mo Tian said calmly.

Yancheng: Σ(°△°|||)

Does this consider killing the witnesses? !

"Makes sense..."


When Yancheng was shocked, Meng Wuyao and Ji both agreed with Mo Tian's words.


In this way, Mo Tian took the three of them and ran for dozens of miles.

Along the way, Mo Tian killed the alien beast and earned another thousand evolution points.

So far, Mo Tian's evolution value has reached: 2380 stars!

Of course, if the group behind him hadn't followed, Mo Tian would have killed more.

"These guys..."

Mo Tian turned his head, his eyes swept back coldly.

Seeing Mo Tian looking over, many people in the team behind him showed provocative expressions.

In fact, along the way, they provoked Mo Tian a lot.

For example, when Mo Tian killed those alien beasts, he was the first to kill them.

Although I don't know what's the use of killing these sleeping alien beasts, as long as it can destroy Mo Tian's good deeds, it is enough.

However, what surprised them was that Mo Tian was so tolerant, facing their repeated provocations, he could hold back his actions.

"The more tolerant this kid is, the less sure he is to deal with us."

A captain sneered.

"There's no one here anymore, come over to the hill in front, and let's do it!"

Another captain spoke up.

"it is good!"

The other two agreed.

On Mo Tian's side, in fact, the plan is the same.

"Over this mountain, we'll do it!"

Mo Tian said in a deep voice.

The three of Yancheng nodded when they heard the words.

At this moment, Mo Tian's eyes gradually turned cold.

The three ancestors thought they could pinch themselves?


Pointing his toes slightly, Mo Tian quickly climbed up the hill and climbed over the top of the hill.

"Be careful!"

The team that followed behind became vigilant.

However, they have an absolute advantage in numbers, and there are three ancestors.

Even if Mo Tian's strength was comparable to his ancestors, he couldn't make waves.

A group of people quickly climbed over the top of the mountain, and immediately saw the four Mo Tian standing below.

"Oh? Is this giving up?"

A captain raised his eyebrows, his body glowed with fiery light, his skin began to fuse, and his breath turned into hot lava.

Except for him, everyone else also took a fighting stance at this time.

Standing on the hill, the captain who turned into lava looked down at Mo Tian and the others, saying:

"Mo Tian, ​​hand over the black stone in your hand. For the sake of everyone being members of the Crazy Star Legion, we can,"

Speaking of this, the captain's face full of lava, the corners of his mouth raised, and continued:

"We can,

Do not,



Before the words were finished, the captain disappeared directly in place, a terrifying heat wave, and a blazing red light hit Mo Tian and the others in an instant!

Under the attack of this heat wave, Mo Tian and the four felt that the energy and rules in their bodies other than the fire attribute had become extremely stagnant in operation!

Source suppression!

This is a method that can only be used by ancestor-level masters who have been thoroughly recognized by the source sea!

And such an ancestor-level master only needs to integrate the origin of the universe, and then he can enter the star master realm!

Faced with this half-step star master's attack, Yancheng's complexion suddenly changed.

The other party turned out to be... the same strength as him!


This time, it seems that the truth has to be exposed...

This thought just popped into Yan Cheng's mind.


White air waves exploded.

The air flow, which was suddenly cold and hot, washed away.

I saw that at this moment, Mo Tianzheng stretched out his palm and resisted the fist of the lava man!

Ka Ka Ka!

The pressing cold gushes out from Mo Tian's palm, and the ice covers the opponent's fist.


The lava man raised his brows, somewhat surprised.

"You can block my punch, it seems that you do..."


With a loud bang, a huge icicle swung from the side, hit the lava man's waist, and smashed it out!

"court death!!"

In the process of flying upside down, the lava man looked at Mo Tian coldly.

A World Lord actually knocked him flying!

This kind of thing, it is a bit embarrassing to let your teammates see it!

Therefore, today, Mo Tian must die! ! !

As soon as this idea came to him, he saw Mo Tian disappear in place.

At the same time Mo Tian disappeared, he felt a cold wind blowing from behind him.

impossible! !

How could Mo Tian's speed be so fast? !

This is about to catch up with some ancestor-level masters who specialize in strengthening the flesh!


The ground shook violently, and an icicle smashed the lava man's head into the ground.

Woohoo! ! !

The lava man's angry voice sounded.


Another thick icicle smashed down, smashing the lava man's body into the depths of the ground.

"You, are you not convinced?"

Mo Tian, ​​who had transformed into a mysterious body, stepped on two green snakes breathing cold air, and a deep voice came from his throat.

Chapter 747 Soul cutting, red high wall! (Second!)

Chi Yan, who was stunned by the two icicles, felt aggrieved.

He is an ancestral master, so useless!

However, in addition to being aggrieved, he was also secretly shocked in his heart.

Originally, he thought that the two icicles of Mo Tian were special weapons containing the rules of ice.

As a result, I didn't expect that these two icicles were all composed of the rules of ice! !

If the strength has not reached the dominance, it is impossible to control the power of a huge number of rules so easily.

Unless...the power of these rules is all condensed by Mo Tian himself!

"Impossible! Absolutely impossible!"

As soon as this idea popped into Chiyan's mind, he was denied it by himself.

Condensing the thin line of rules into a pillar?

Just kidding?

These thoughts flashed in his heart, and Chi Yan sensed that the other three captains also shot.

It's a good chance to get out of trouble!

The power of the source erupted, and the pillar of rules that suffocated Chiyan's head and body began to melt.

However, the two green snakes under Mo Tian’s feet opened their mouths and exhaled cold air towards the two pillars of rules, and the icicles instantly returned to their original state.

And, countless thin lines of rules of ice began to pierce Akayan's body.


Chi Yan cursed in his heart.

He had never thought that the fine lines of the rules condensed in the time of the world master would be so difficult to deal with!

The point is, he has never seen so many before!

At this time, Mo Tian, ​​who had temporarily controlled Chi Yan, looked solemnly at the other three ancestral masters and the group of world masters behind them.

We must fight quickly and solve this lava man first!