Game of the World Tree

The most popular NPC in the “Virtual Reality Game” “Elf Country”, the incarnation of the world tree, the mother of nature, the goddess of life, the elves dominate—— Eve Uktrahir sat high on his god seat and looked at the players below with a smile: “.... Read more

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v2 Chapter 862 Memorial NPC v2 Chapter 861 Amnesia v2 Chapter 860 Farewell to lunch

~ Ask for 1 day off v2 Chapter 859 Box lunch dropped v2 Chapter 858 Undercurrent surging, sparks of fire v2 Chapter 857 Awakening of faith v2 Chapter 856 It turned out to be you? ! v2 Chapter 855 "Martyred" v2 Chapter 854 Cyber ​​missions v2 Chapter 853 Praise the beauty god! v2 Chapter 852 Frank's ambition

v2 Chapter 851 White knight v2 Chapter 850 Goddess' Faith v2 Chapter 849 World Tree Appears

v2 Chapter 848 Renew the covenant v2 Chapter 847 Revealing identity, Hella is promoted v2 Chapter 846 War of the Kingdom of God v2 Chapter 845 Underground war, to the underworld v2 Chapter 844 Attempt to merge ~ Ask for 1 day off v2 Chapter 843 The core fragment of the Pantheon v2 Chapter 842 Return to the Fairy Forest v2 Chapter 841 Guardian demigod

v2 Chapter 840 Would you please take care of me? v2 Chapter 839 Are you crazy? ! v2 Chapter 838 It was arranged clearly... v2 Chapter 837 Please don't abandon us v2 Chapter 836 Moonlight Queen v2 Chapter 835 Go deep v2 Chapter 834 Goddess sculpture, seraph v2 Chapter 833 Neverland, Diana ~ Ask for leave & reflect on 1 v2 Chapter 832 Titans v2 Chapter 831 Dragonborn Warcraft v2 Chapter 830 The new demigod, the cyclops

v2 Chapter 829 Power change v2 Chapter 828 Parting and reunion v2 Chapter 827 Duel and barbecue v2 Chapter 826 The key to greatness v2 Chapter 825 Fugitives, reincarnations, replacements v2 Chapter 824 Neo's Prophecy v2 Chapter 823 Universe Reincarnation-Continued- v2 Chapter 822 Cosmic reincarnation v2 Chapter 821 Place of origin v2 Chapter 820 Goodbye Ullinos v2 Chapter 819 Red Dragon King v2 Chapter 818 The end of the world, the end of the journey

v2 Chapter 817 Natural Selection v2 Chapter 816 The worst abyss myth in history v2 Chapter 815 The door to the new world v2 Chapter 814 Leave v2 Chapter 813 Huge sacrifice v2 Chapter 812 "Purify" pollution v2 Chapter 811 Crazy Golden Dragon v2 Chapter 810 Old John's shock v2 Chapter 809 The player's adventure v2 Chapter 808 Moving v2 Chapter 807 Elves and dragons v2 Chapter 806 Free people

~ Final words v2 Chapter 805 end v2 Chapter 804 1 dynasty back to before liberation v2 Chapter 803 The Betrayal of Asazil v2 Chapter 802 Hell Core v2 Chapter 801 Plane of Hell v2 Chapter 800 look forward to v2 Chapter 799 New staff v2 Chapter 798 Daily selling teammates ~ Update postponed by 1 v2 Chapter 797 Battle of the Abyss v2 Chapter 796 Communicate with the 2 worlds, Fallen God Canyon

v2 Chapter 795 Crystal City, Gate of the Plane v2 Chapter 794 Magic Electret v2 Chapter 793 Frozen Valley v2 Chapter 792 The gate of hell, the map is open v2 Chapter 791 select v2 Chapter 790 Diana v2 Chapter 789 Ancient god v2 Chapter 788 New visitor v2 Chapter 787 Big sister head v2 Chapter 786 The feeling of holding the thigh v2 Chapter 785 True incense law v2 Chapter 784 New player

v2 Chapter 783 Live like a dog licking v2 Chapter 782 The happiness of the player, the allegiance of the devil v2 Chapter 781 Azazel's self strategy v2 Chapter 780 Cultivation of God, open up new ranks v2 Chapter 779 The new ability of the world tree v2 Chapter 778 What are you laughing laughing! Your home is almost gone! v2 Chapter 777 Helier v2 Chapter 776 Horrified demon v2 Chapter 775 Is your energy ball delicious? v2 Chapter 774 Yo, another newcomer is here? v2 Chapter 773 The Godhead of the Ocean and the Godhead of the Storm v2 Chapter 772 Promote a strong supernatural power

~ Ask for 1 day off v2 Chapter 771 Pray, wake up v2 Chapter 770 Total invasion, Eve's dream v2 Chapter 769 Amata v2 Chapter 768 The plan of the eternal lord v2 Chapter 767 Invasion from the ocean v2 Chapter 766 Faith and fetters v2 Chapter 765 0 million battle, 4 parties come to help v2 Chapter 764 Guarding the homeland v2 Chapter 763 Spreading war v2 Chapter 762 Situation and rumors v2 Chapter 761 Start to sleep

v2 Chapter 760 Preparation before promotion v2 Chapter 759 Poseidon 3 Dike v2 Chapter 758 The seal is broken ~ Take 1 day off v2 Chapter 757 Invasion of the Abyss, Ancient Sea God v2 Chapter 756 The goddess descends, Seggs changes v2 Chapter 755 Ocean of magic, underwater world v2 Chapter 754 Seal the plane, mirror the world v2 Chapter 753 A strong opportunity for promotion v2 Chapter 752 "Demacia!" v2 Chapter 751 Legendary Elf Kerez v2 Chapter 750 The lost notes

v2 Chapter 749 Blasphemer (Happy New Year!) v2 Chapter 748 Under the Crown of Mother God v2 Chapter 747 tree of Life v2 Chapter 746 Black Dragon King, another world tree ~ Take the exam tomorrow, take a day off v2 Chapter 745 Mindel Plane, Mother God Church v2 Chapter 744 Slaughtered village v2 Chapter 743 Your core hit the goddess... v2 Chapter 742 The sealed world v2 Chapter 741 The ambush of the abyss myth! v2 Chapter 740 We were wrong! v2 Chapter 739 Demonized Elf

v2 Chapter 738 Reinforcements from the underworld ~ Ask for 1 day off v2 Chapter 737 Tangled workers v2 Chapter 736 Where are the demons of Azazel? v2 Chapter 735 War of Gods and Demons is on v2 Chapter 734 Conferred v2 Chapter 733 The whereabouts of the shadow tribe v2 Chapter 732 The development of elves v2 Chapter 731 Our home v2 Chapter 730 Half a year later v2 Chapter 729 The plan of the 7 kings of hell ~ Add more postponed to tomorrow

v2 Chapter 728 Warning from the Goddess of Life v2 Chapter 727 Prepare for war v2 Chapter 726 Goddess of life v2 Chapter 725 Abyss Myth v2 Chapter 724 I am back v2 Chapter 723 Elf Tavern v2 Chapter 722 World Tree God v2 Chapter 721 The final fusion v2 Chapter 720 0 years ago v2 Chapter 719 You two have today too! v2 Chapter 718 Dispose of v2 Chapter 717 3 evil gods

v2 Chapter 716 home v2 Chapter 715 Homecoming child v2 Chapter 714 Fall v2 Chapter 713 Starry sky v2 Chapter 712 The returned undead! v2 Chapter 711 3 myths v2 Chapter 710 Cliff of Sorrow v2 Chapter 709 darkness before dawn v2 Chapter 708 ready v2 Chapter 707 Lights in the dark v2 Chapter 706 Come back home! v2 Chapter 705 miracle

v2 Chapter 704 Blessing of the power of faith v2 Chapter 703 Chosen Son v2 Chapter 702 Aurora v2 Chapter 701 goddess v2 Chapter 700 I love you, Estelle... v2 Chapter 699 Chant v2 Chapter 698 Elves v2 Chapter 697 "monster" v2 Chapter 696 System connection lost... v2 Chapter 695 2 months v2 Chapter 694 Hella's promise v2 Chapter 693 Vampire Godhead

v2 Chapter 692 Empire's reaction v2 Chapter 691 Maple free collar v2 Chapter 690 Past and punishment v2 Chapter 1 Some things to say & Happy New Year's Day v2 Chapter 1 Some things to say & Happy New Year's Day Chapter 689 captive Chapter 688 Self-destruct Chapter 687 real identity Chapter 686 God war Chapter 685 Fehn Chapter 684 Anger Chapter 683 Pray to the goddess

Chapter 682 cannon fodder Chapter 681 Anos Chapter 680 Bottomless pit Chapter 679 retreat Chapter 678 But only half a day Chapter 677 Dimensionality reduction Chapter 676 Battle plan ~ Update postponed Chapter 675 Jihad! This is... a holy war! Chapter 674 The smile disappeared again Chapter 673 Farce and goddess Chapter 672 Sophia's faith

Chapter 671 80% of you are going to continue brushing... Chapter 670 Mars' conversion Chapter 669 "God of Dusk and Sunset" Chapter 668 Titan Cthulhu and Judgment Angel Chapter 667 Elf mercenary Chapter 666 Another month Chapter 665 Lick the dog Chapter 664 I can add another meal tonight Chapter 663 Golden Dragon and Silver Dragon Chapter 662 1 month Chapter 661 Convert Chapter 660 confused

Chapter 659 influences Chapter 658 return Chapter 657 Sorry, she knows we can be resurrected ~ Update today postponed Chapter 656 Lord Goddess, I pray for your help Chapter 655 Sophia's anger Chapter 654 Nobles of the empire Chapter 653 Ideal and reality Chapter 652 Civilians of the Empire Chapter 651 She won't succeed Chapter 650 Sophia's proposal Chapter 649 Viscount with the poisonous tongue

Chapter 648 Maple Leaf Collar's Rebellion Chapter 647 Milovia Chapter 646 The secret of the 0 heart Chapter 645 Separate the source and plan for the next step Chapter 644 beat Chapter 643 Our adventure has just begun Chapter 642 Really a big wind! Chapter 641 If it's wind, it's normal... ~ Just got home, take another leave Chapter 640 Sword of Damocles Chapter 639 Surrender me, give you new life Chapter 638 The war... is over?

Chapter 637 Tomb Guardian Chapter 636 See you in the future Chapter 635 fast! Hurry up and hug your thighs! Chapter 634 Player, wind Chapter 633 Group annihilation ~ Ask for 1 day off Chapter 632 Her dad Shaolin monk is still vulgar... (5,000 words) Chapter 631 Envelope system (5,000 words) Chapter 630 The invitation of the black iron boss (five thousand five hundred words) Chapter 629 Hug thigh (5,000 words) Chapter 628 Welcome to "Elf Country"! (Five thousand words) Chapter 627 Youth between classes (5,000 words)

~ Final words and outlook Chapter 626 The secret of the abyss Chapter 625 Dorft's gratitude Chapter 624 The reward of the true god Chapter 623 The goddess of fish Chapter 622 Celebration and barbecue Chapter 621 The blessing of the goddess of life Chapter 620 Elemental Fairy Show Chapter 619 Food temptation of the elves Chapter 618 Harvest Festival ~ Ask for 1 day off Chapter 617 Fei Lengcui

Chapter 616 Are you all alive? ! Chapter 615 The gate of reversal and the place of origin Chapter 614 Balot, the **** of ingenuity and forging Chapter 613 Samael Chapter 612 Goddess descends Chapter 611 who are you? Chapter 610 Your Excellency Xiao Xian Miao, I will always remember you... Chapter 609 May the goddess be with you Chapter 608 Other World Media Live Chapter 607 Sealed Land Chapter 606 progress Chapter 605 Church reform and nation-building issues

Chapter 604 invite Chapter 603 Huh? What about the equipment? Chapter 602 For the glory of the goddess! Chapter 601 Goddess from the goddess Chapter 600 Why are you so skilled? ! Chapter 599 You turned out to be the Chosen One? ! Chapter 598 Task registration Chapter 597 Have you seen the Chosen? ~ Take a leave Chapter 596 Goddess idol Chapter 595 Knowledge of the copper furnace Chapter 594 Oracles and messengers

Chapter 593 New gameplay: Summon on the battlefield! Chapter 592 Reminder from Long Zu Chapter 591 The request of the dwarf and the forge god Chapter 590 Meeting of gods Chapter 589 Tentative Chapter 588 Return to the Pantheon Chapter 587 Spread of faith Chapter 586 The never-ending battle... Chapter 585 Welcome to the Maze Chapter 584 Demon Lord Baal Chapter 583 Uktra Hill, are you the evil **** in the abyss? Chapter 582 Azazel

Chapter 581 You are not right Chapter 580 Artifact Repair System Chapter 579 Dingy Chapter 578 Don't come here! Chapter 577 I want to see the goddess of life! Chapter 576 Has been abandoned Chapter 575 1 mushroom cloud... Chapter 574 President! Found 1 strange story! Chapter 573 Crazy fairy legend Chapter 572 Are you terrible? Chapter 571 Elemental Fairy Boom Chapter 570 Sign a contract

Chapter 569 Is this too cute? ! Chapter 568 Licking the dog to lick everything Chapter 567 Players who love familiars Chapter 566 New priest Chapter 565 Elemental fairy Chapter 564 New perpetual motion machine and race creation plan Chapter 563 The first city is down Chapter 562 City on the top Chapter 561 Children do multiple choice questions Chapter 560 Built the city Chapter 559 Location Chapter 558 City building order

Chapter 557 City Construction and City Lord System Chapter 556 move Chapter 555 Who said they only played for half a day? ! Chapter 554 Grand wedding Chapter 553 This is "Elf Country"... Chapter 552 Cartoonist and Assistant Chapter 551 God of War and Zulong Chapter 550 Eve "Mends the Sky" Chapter 549 Broken Kingdom of God Chapter 548 Natural crown Chapter 547 Promoted to medium power ~ Take a leave

Chapter 546 The Fall of Ural Chapter 545 One of us must fall today! Chapter 544 Kingdom of God is coming! Chapter 543 What is Tiehanhan (tactical backward Chapter 542 Successive gods Chapter 541 Myth is coming Chapter 540 Cavalry-Charge! Chapter 539 The decisive battle begins Chapter 538 Coming! Chapter 537 Goodbye Reinhardt Chapter 536 Sandstorm Chapter 535 War money

Chapter 534 0 million don't mess with Thrandil Chapter 533 Changes in the demiplane of Oros Chapter 532 Shoot--! Chapter 531 War starts Chapter 530 Finally can't sit still... Chapter 529 These **** long ears! Chapter 528 king! The big thing is bad! Chapter 527 Shocked! I shook! Chapter 526 Player's plan Chapter 525 The true purpose of the goddess Chapter 524 Forget it, let him continue to pump white shoes Chapter 523 Confession Blade

Chapter 522 Race war, no innocence Chapter 521 The true **** has abandoned us Chapter 520 The second round of offensive starts Chapter 519 Orc shock Chapter 518 Clear the belief network Chapter 516 The fall of the Golden Horde Chapter 516 not good……! Chapter 515 Siege Chapter 514 Under the castle Chapter 513 Play the war song! Chapter 512 Nightingale's 1 day Chapter 511 Book of War of the Elves

Chapter 510 Exposed crisis Chapter 509 Doubt of identity! Chapter 508 The Kingdom of the World Tree Chapter 507 Can't let it continue to grow Chapter 506 father! Chapter 505 No... it's impossible! Chapter 504 Dog leg Chapter 503 Sharu's choice Chapter 502 Worthy of you Chapter 501 This guy is really cheap... Chapter 500 Demacia's Sao Operation Chapter 499 God punishment

Chapter 498 Orc Miner Chapter 497 They are all decent gods, everyone spit out before leaving Chapter 496 Do not kill me! I surrender! Chapter 495 Status reversal Chapter 494 Those evil elves! ~ Take a leave and make up tomorrow morning Chapter 493 It's all the fault of the evil **** of the fairy forest! Chapter 492 Vanguard forces set off Chapter 491 The big war story opens! Chapter 490 Whelp's Choice Chapter 489 You don’t understand the Chosen Chapter 488 Curiosity is the beginning of fall

Chapter 487 Proud Red Dragon Chapter 486 beat Chapter 485 Are you unclothed? Chapter 484 Apprentice and Red Dragon Chapter 483 New life Chapter 482 Public beta players are coming Chapter 481 Public beta announcement Chapter 480 Cloud player Chapter 479 Preparation for war and public beta Chapter 478 Undercurrent Chapter 477 Return and intelligence Chapter 476

Chapter 475 Magic gun Chapter 474 The current situation of the elves Chapter 473 They are the Chosen Chapter 472 Unimagined road Chapter 471 Fun of the game Chapter 470 The Priest of Life Strategy Chapter 469 professional team Chapter 468 What is a professional? (Tactical backward Chapter 467 Hardcore mission Chapter 466 Trial of the priesthood Chapter 465 Update Eve (2 in 1) Chapter 464 Contract candidates (2 in 1)

Chapter 463 Whelp and the European Emperor (2 in 1) Chapter 462 ??, the priest you want is here! (2 in 1) Chapter 461 Open priest profession Chapter 460 The way to fix the source Chapter 459 Rich harvest Chapter 458 Gift for Mother God Chapter 457 I am willing to pay 1 cut Chapter 456 Betrayal and Fall Chapter 455 Mother Goddess Chapter 454 Half-elf Oros Chapter 453 Mother Goddess ... Chapter 452 Unexpected supernatural power

Chapter 451 God descends (2 Chapter 450 Carry the goddess and run Chapter 449 Holy Body of the Goddess Chapter 448 Female... Goddess? ! Chapter 447 Summon players Chapter 446 Incarnation of the true **** of the world tree Chapter 445 Another "Eve" ~ Ask for leave and make up tomorrow Chapter 444 Corrupt church Chapter 443 The treatment that the boss and the emperor only have Chapter 442 Dragon Egg Chapter 441 Eve's power

Chapter 440 The true **** descends Chapter 439 Mythical Dragon Alexius Chapter 438 The identity of "Creation God" Chapter 437 Do you need to call for help? Chapter 436 Heart of life Chapter 435 The secret of the demiplane Chapter 434 Shenyan Town Chapter 433 Eve's guess Chapter 432 Legend of the Creator Chapter 431 Invitation from young girls Chapter 430 Please forgive us! Chapter 429 Protoss? !

Chapter 428 Another "world" Chapter 427 Chosen? Why are you here? Chapter 426 Imperial feeling Chapter 425 Half plane channel Chapter 424 Kenoran Chapter 423 Restore Life Scepter Chapter 422 select Chapter 421 Platinum Dragon King’s Proposal Chapter 420 You are stronger than I thought Chapter 419 Thank you for your compliment, Reinhardt Chapter 418 Strange visitor Chapter 417 How do you feel they are happier?

Chapter 416 Suspect Demon Chapter 415 The difficulty of the copy Chapter 414 That's it? Chapter 413 Baffled Demon God Chapter 412 Angry Demon Chapter 411 Dare to step into my territory! Chapter 410 Explore new scenes Chapter 409 Let's go to wasteland! Chapter 408 Great rewards Chapter 407 A copy of the Maze Chapter 406 Three lines of BOSS are enough Chapter 405 New toys for players

Chapter 404 I really don't move at 1 o'clock... Chapter 403 Silver transfer Chapter 402 new version update Chapter 401 so good Chapter 400 Base below the line (3) Chapter 399 Base below the line (2) Chapter 398 Base below the line (1) Chapter 397 The war is over Chapter 396 Asazil Leek Chapter 395 just kill me Chapter 394 Who is the Cthulhu? Chapter 393 Roots of the World Tree

Chapter 392 From the heart Chapter 391 Death Scythe Chapter 390 Goddess of life Chapter 389 Under Eve, I need your help. Chapter 388 Mythological forces debut Chapter 387 Black Dragon's Support Chapter 386 The situation reversed! Chapter 385 Unstoppable Chapter 384 Reinforcements arrived ~ No. 2 will be posted tomorrow Chapter 383 For the glory of the elves! Attack! Chapter 382 Main storyline mission: "Support the Death City"

Chapter 381 betray! Strategic failure... Chapter 380 Players who have been beaten up Chapter 379 Li Mu's Analysis and Evaluation Chapter 378 Forum exploded Chapter 377 The myth of unkillable existence Chapter 376 Have to think of a way to eat it! Chapter 375 Demon God Asazil Chapter 374 Advanced transfer rewards? Chapter 373 Demigod Shadow Dragon? Chapter 372 Bento team Chapter 371 Player's business activities Chapter 370 Anti-water and change

Chapter 369 silly! Chapter 368 4 test the player's transfer Chapter 367 You may earn blood, but Eve will never lose! Chapter 366 Sheepshearing Chapter 365 Update agreement Chapter 364 Can these elves be resurrected? Chapter 363 Searching the battlefield is the traditional virtue of the elves Chapter 362 The war really burns money! Chapter 361 Regretful Brin Chapter 360 We respect the dead and don’t wear their equipment Chapter 359 The mage is going to fight melee! Chapter 358 The equipment is in a hurry...

Chapter 357 Wait...what about the corpse? Chapter 356 A feast of killing Chapter 355 Ulla——! Chapter 354 Elf Legion Chapter 353 Don't worry, enough equipment Chapter 352 Reinforcements from the surface Chapter 351 Large war mission Chapter 350 New copy is here Chapter 349 Elf? Elf again? Chapter 348 Are these elves crazy? Chapter 347 Mission arrives Chapter 346 Completion of "The Holy Book of Life"

Chapter 345 War in the Underground World Chapter 344 For the borrower 1 Chapter 343 Goodbye Hella Chapter 342 Slightly spicy eyes... Chapter 341 Is it a bit crooked? Chapter 340 The forest is big, there are all kinds of birds Chapter 339 Who has the profession of this lady? Chapter 338 Is the goddess changing her vest? Chapter 337 What plot is this again? Chapter 336 This Nima is really an MMORPG? ! Chapter 335 Oh, woman Chapter 334 This game, something

Chapter 333 The 4th closed beta is here Chapter 332 Big guy, look at the official website! Chapter 331 Thank you Lord Chosen! Chapter 330 Eve's ambition Chapter 329 Opportunities for Merrill Chapter 328 Changes in the abyss Chapter 327 Big trouble... Chapter 326 "Promotion" weak and other supernatural powers Chapter 325 Platinum Dragon King Chapter 324 Niederhogg's memory Chapter 323 thank you! Sent back to my body! Chapter 322 you lose

Chapter 321 caught you Chapter 320 Covert action Chapter 319 The use of trebuchets is prohibited! Chapter 318 Elf Legion in Ambush Chapter 317 Something is wrong Chapter 316 Don't let the enemy run away Chapter 315 Mercenary group Chapter 314 It's not bad to sell yourself Chapter 313 Hunting black dragon Chapter 312 Think i'm stupid Chapter 311 gossip Chapter 310 Double standard goddess

Chapter 309 Excellent ingredients Chapter 308 Life scepter power Chapter 307 Return to the Fairy Forest Chapter 306 Artifact Chapter 305 God's Fury Chapter 304 Blasphemy! This is blasphemy! Chapter 303 Of course it's going to cause trouble! Chapter 302 "Please" someone else Chapter 301 Life scepter Chapter 300 nest Chapter 299 Mutant Abyss Worm Chapter 298 Why is she here?

Chapter 297 1 mixed in! Chapter 296 Life magic Chapter 295 Desperate Church ~ 1 more today Chapter 294 The passion of the players Chapter 293 Frontier Bo (2 in 15,000 words) Chapter 292 Myrell's identity Chapter 291 Niederhogg Chapter 290 Respective roads Chapter 289 Gambler mentality is not desirable Chapter 288 Go home, my fellow citizens Chapter 287 Desperate Scale Monster

Chapter 286 Damn it! Why do you like me again? (2 in 1) Chapter 285 Flee, target fairy forest Chapter 284 Untrusted player Chapter 283 This must be a game bug! Chapter 282 Where is our baby? Chapter 281 Did an elf commit suicide? Chapter 280 1 low-key, as long as you know it Chapter 279 Can I touch your equipment? Chapter 278 Isn't it better for men? Chapter 277 Your elf slaves can't do it! Watch us! Chapter 276 Hidden missions, rescue compatriots Chapter 275 Big business in Maple City (2 in 1)

Chapter 274 This is a flock of fat sheep Chapter 273 This housekeeper has a problem Chapter 272 Fairies, very poor (2 in 1) Chapter 271 Smuggling caravan? Chapter 270 Ximu Town and the Guard Chapter 269 Goal-the human world! Chapter 268 Elf City Chapter 267 History should not be forgotten (2 Chapter 266 Game update Chapter 265 How can you become stronger without liver? Chapter 264 Why am I so wrong! Chapter 263 Goddess in silence

Chapter 262 Is this a hidden plot? (2 Chapter 261 The truth about the battle Chapter 260 Secrets of the World Tree Chapter 259 Don't shake the pot this time Chapter 258 End of mission, equipment binding Chapter 257 Bury it Chapter 256 Lonely Chapter 255 Lionheart Chapter 254 New incarnation of the true god Chapter 253 The secret of the goddess Chapter 252 Ural, you lose Chapter 251 From the God of Heart Ural

Chapter 250 In the count! Chapter 249 Victory will belong to the crown of the Father! Chapter 248 It's all experience points for mobile! Chapter 247 Charge! Cavalry troops! Chapter 246 False and true Chapter 245 Sanctuary …… Chapter 244 Who is she? Chapter 243 3 legends Chapter 242 Summon altar Chapter 241 Incomplete True Artifact Chapter 240 Eve's doubts Chapter 239 0 sister cattle batch!

Chapter 238 We are strengthened again! Chapter 237 Siege Chapter 236 Under the castle Chapter 235 Legion of the Chosen ~ happy New Year to all! Chapter 234 The main story is here Chapter 233 The existence of terror Chapter 232 Kill them Chapter 231 Let you play Infernal Affairs Chapter 230 Footsteps of war Chapter 229 Untiring Chosen Chapter 228 Summer activities are coming!

Chapter 227 new version update Chapter 226 The strength of the orcs ~ Update is postponed by 1 at noon today Chapter 225 Rumors and news Chapter 224 NPC and player Chapter 223 I rushed out unconsciously Chapter 222 Who are you? Chapter 221 The death of Xiao Xian Miao Chapter 220 Rout! Chapter 219 Engage in battle Chapter 218 Elf? ! Chapter 217 Where is she? Lead the way!

Chapter 216 Save the elf player Chapter 215 Mercenary Chapter 214 Stabbed a hornet's nest Chapter 213 Smooth sneak attack Chapter 212 Crocodile Mercenary Group Chapter 211 Earth-shaking changes Chapter 210 Black Dragon and the Chosen Chapter 209 Familiar fever Chapter 208 Familiar system Chapter 207 unicorn Chapter 206 New problem Chapter 205 Illusion of hard work

Chapter 204 Transformed Ji Gang Chapter 203 Chosen, are you ready? Chapter 202 Orc King Court Chapter 201 Righteous black dragon and evil elves Chapter 200 The black dragon returns Chapter 199 New closed beta plan Chapter 198 Early morning for lunch Chapter 197 The elves seem to be rising Chapter 196 Still ants Chapter 195 It's time to release the goddess Chapter 194 out of control Chapter 193 Rebirth Potion

Chapter 192 Players who are not what they used to be Chapter 191 Hella's plan Chapter 190 Black Rock City Defense Chapter 189 Mission: Resistance to the Shadow Army Chapter 188 True God's Oath Chapter 187 You are here, Uktra Hill Chapter 186 Shrine of death Chapter 185 Mysterious 0 Chapter 184 New Favored Chapter 183 Have something to find a goddess Chapter 182 This plot is fully automatic? Chapter 181 Followers of the God of Darkness and Shadow

Chapter 180 Hidden task? Chapter 179 The sale of players and dwarves Chapter 178 Wizard Observer Chapter 177 Take off equipment Chapter 176 Hidden Quest: Dark Dwarf Chapter 175 These elves don't believe in evil gods, right? Chapter 174 Doubts of the Dark Dwarf Chapter 173 Players being peeped Chapter 172 Explore the underground world Chapter 171 Plantation and animal husbandry Chapter 170 Player's teaching Chapter 169 The original elves are born

Chapter 168 True Reaper Chapter 167 Rose Queen Chapter 166 The surrender and promotion of the insect mother! Chapter 165 Surrender...or die! Chapter 164 Spider Mother Quest Chapter 163 Blow up their lair! ~ This morning’s update and 1 this afternoon Chapter 162 We are going to be rich! Chapter 161 Eve Chapter 160 Sacrifice BOSS Chapter 159 Bold ideas Chapter 158 nest

Chapter 157 Crypt Spider Chapter 156 Players hitting the wall Chapter 155 Admirable Chosen Chapter 154 Brother Mu, I'm too difficult! Chapter 153 I already have it Chapter 152 Eve's plan Chapter 151 The dog has planned a new equipment! Chapter 150 The real identity of Bento Chapter 149 Nightingale's favorability Chapter 148 Strange elves ~ First order results and add more instructions Chapter 147 Hello, Miss Sister!

Chapter 146 Then... why not go home Chapter 145 Are you really bandits? Chapter 144 Bandit Elf and Bandit Dragon Chapter 143 Nightingale's shock Chapter 142 You don’t speak credit! ~ Shelf testimonials Chapter 141 I will spare you if I take off my equipment Chapter 140 Elf riding a black dragon Chapter 139 Who is he? Chapter 138 Nightingale·Shadow Chapter 137 Smuggling caravan's stronghold Chapter 136 Rivendell

Chapter 135 Real Domineering President Bento Chapter 134 Clues to the Underground World Chapter 133 Strange Elf NPC Chapter 132 Where is the box lunch? Chapter 131 Daily dumping Chapter 130 You deserve respect Chapter 129 Desperate Demigod Chapter 128 Shinjin shrine area! Chapter 127 Fight somewhere else Chapter 126 The new **** who steals the priesthood Chapter 125 Demigod Walker Chapter 124 Dongfeng Express, the mission must be reached

Chapter 123 The player's secret weapon Chapter 122 monster! They are monsters! Chapter 121 They are crazy! Chapter 120 For the elves! kill! Chapter 119 Enemy attack Chapter 118 2 test civilian players Chapter 117 Money can be a dragon knight Chapter 116 Destroy the Orc Stronghold Chapter 115 Human caravan Chapter 114 Angry black dragon Chapter 113 Totem Guardian Chapter 112 I am going to make a great contribution!

Chapter 111 Favored of Death Chapter 110 Soul dominates! Chapter 109 Good game Chapter 108 The atmosphere is getting awkward Chapter 107 Favored of Ural Chapter 106 A high opinion is willful! Chapter 105 Rivendell Chapter 104 Mother **** is really generous Chapter 103 NPC mission system Chapter 102 NPC mission system Chapter 102 Dragon shaped husky Chapter 101 The dragon does not eat the food that comes!

Chapter 100 The dragon is never a slave Chapter 99 Smile disappeared again Chapter 98 Angry Uller Chapter 97 Incarnate the Kingdom of God Chapter 96 Group annihilation Chapter 95 The power of the true god Chapter 94 Angry black dragon Chapter 93 Don't die! Chapter 92 Reinforcement! Chapter 91 Dragon's Resistance Chapter 90 For the tribe! Chapter 89 Worship of the cave tribe

Chapter 88 Touched Al Chapter 87 Take in the Flame Tribe Chapter 86 Silver thugs Chapter 85 Uller Chapter 84 Shinto Kamukura Chapter 83 Pantheon Chapter 82 Draw! Chapter 81 World Tree Recovery Chapter 80 One hundred supernatural power points! Chapter 79 Soul of the Elves Chapter 78 God Chapter 77 I would like to dedicate my life and soul!

Chapter 76 Blackstone's trump card Chapter 75 What's the problem? Chapter 74 We are immortal Chapter 73 Our allies are here Chapter 72 Players' ambush Chapter 71 New task Chapter 70 This must be some kind of prophecy! Chapter 69 Forget it, let me confess Chapter 68 1 person is so boring Chapter 67 Run if you can't beat it Chapter 66 Wise Lord Blackrock Chapter 65 Thanks, bye

Chapter 64 I love it here Chapter 63 Are you...a landscape party? Chapter 62 Weird player Chapter 61 The second closed beta! Chapter 60 Novice Village is completed! Chapter 59 The Oracle of Ural Chapter 58 The goddess of scrap Chapter 57 This is not a bug of sacrifice, is it? Chapter 56 Players' practice Chapter 55 Elemental Meditation Chapter 54 The Secret of Slate Chapter 53 You must have no friends, right?

Chapter 52 Player guild Chapter 51 Eve's doubts Chapter 50 Elf believer Chapter 49 Skyrocketing power Chapter 48 The smile fades away Chapter 47 Player invitation Chapter 46 Red name mechanism Chapter 45 The player's attack Chapter 44 For the glory of the goddess and elves! Chapter 43 Even if it is a god, kill it for you! Chapter 42 Bright blood! Chapter 41 God descends? !

Chapter 40 Isn't it right? Chapter 39 The devil came Chapter 38 Liver pain... Chapter 37 Eve's Avatar Project Chapter 36 Reaper's Orb Chapter 35 The collapsed high priest Chapter 34 Crazy elf Chapter 33 Fuck it! Chapter 32 World BOSS! Chapter 31 Goblin High Priest Chapter 30 Chopping melons and vegetables Chapter 29 Maka

Chapter 28 Guapi, you are fooled Chapter 27 Ladies! juvenile Chapter 26 The most shameless player Chapter 25 Are these people reliable? Chapter 24 The first main mission Chapter 24 1st copy Chapter 23 Eve Uktrahill Chapter 22 Team up with NPC Chapter 21 Is this a hidden plot? Chapter 20 God of Winter and Hunting Chapter 19 God's Blood Crystal Chapter 18 Game evaluation

Chapter 17 I want to blow! Chapter 16 This is not just a game Chapter 15 Start with 1 tree Chapter 14 They are the best coolies Chapter 13 This is... the Chosen One? Chapter 12 Lord Goddess! I want to teach! Chapter 11 The player is coming Chapter 10 Final preparation Chapter 9 Hot promo Chapter 8 Virtual reality games Chapter 7 1 bold idea Chapter 6 Renewed faith

Chapter 5 Resurrection of Mother God Chapter 4 Orcs Hunting Team Chapter 3 The remaining elves Chapter 2 Network World Link Chapter 1 Regenerate the world tree

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