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Game Materialization: My Identity As The Immortal Emperor Is Exposed

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“National Immortal Cultivation World” is an immortal cultivation game that once exploded on Blue Star.

But in the past ten years, a large number of players have retreated and abandoned the pit, and the game has been shut down.

Qin Mu is the only one left to sign in every day to get experience, do quests and dungeons, and plunder resources…

For ten years, Qin Mu has occupied the first place in all the rankings, and his level has also reached the first place in the entire server.

“What a great game, it’s a pity it’s closed.”

When Qin Mu was depressed, he found that the game world suddenly became reality!

There are swordsmen flying with their swords, and their sword qi has broken thousands of miles; there are magic cultivators who violate the law and disobey discipline, and separate one side; there are immortals who set up sects and create their own fire; Qin Mu sees himself, the immortal emperor is complete…

But he found that the most troublesome thing was that all the Dao Companions he got married in the game were all realized.

Not only that, the dungeon quests he cleared in the game, the bosses he fought, and the female NPCs he stalked all came to life. The most terrible thing is that the system also exposed his identity as an Immortal Emperor!

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Short Title:MIAIEIE
Alternate Title:游戏具现:我的仙帝身份被曝光了
Author:Platonic formula
Weekly Rank:#1482
Monthly Rank:#1551
All Time Rank:#3716
Tags:Cultivation, Emotionally Weak Protagonist, Game Elements, Harem, Immortals, Late Romance, Low-key Protagonist, Male Protagonist, MMORPG, Nationalism, Past Plays a Big Role, Past Plays a Big Role Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Racism, Strong from the Start, System, Time Travel,
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28 Comments on “Game Materialization: My Identity As The Immortal Emperor Is Exposed
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  1. Damn, for all of you who said this is harem, I'll said that this novel is not harem. Looks like MTLNovel need new tag like "Early Harem". In the end he only date and married one girl. Too much time travel thing in this novel. The premise of Game World and Harem are thrown away around chapter 100, this novel is more like MC journey to correct his decision by doing space and time travel again and again, even to the point meet his past self, cut the branch timeline and other.

  2. The part with Su Ningxue is similiar to how Wu Chen in "I’m Stuck on the Same Day For a Thousand Years" treat Su Qinying. Even they share the same surname "Su".

  3. But the execution is not that good as that "I’m Stuck on the Same Day For a Thousand Years". Too similiar even to the point of each paragraph is almost same. But there are so much plot hole that doesn't even make sense like Su Ningxue can even become an actress as she wish but she is still afraid of her mother, she is immortal but she can't even faced her mother. Different than Su Qinying that forced by her mother because she is the only child of Su Ruiwen that will inherited her father business. Here Su Ningxue's father didn't even force her and always support her decision and fulfill her wish.

  4. [....Error....Error......You have been poisoned too much......Error...life. 50%...life 10%.....life0%.....you die]

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