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Game Design: It is Very Simple For You To Fill In?

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Novel Summary

Ye Feng traveled through the barren parallel world of the game, obtained the game production system,

As long as players give a “super difficult” score, they can improve their game production ability,

Looking at the “very simple” comments in the game area,

Ye Feng was shocked, he came to another world with the Ninth Art,

“Digging for Ascension”, “Dead Cells”, “Curse of Blood”, “Sekiro”…

A series of games was born,

He wants to see, who dares to say it’s very simple!

Admit it, food is your only way out!


The player who was tortured, lost his mind, lost his confidence, and lost his moral heart still firmly moved the mouse to that option!

very simple!

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:游戏设计:就你们填非常简单?
Author:Love to eat hot pot base
Weekly Rank:#1220
Monthly Rank:#725
All Time Rank:#3656
Tags:Adapted to Game, Entertainment, Game Elements, Gamers, Gaming/E-Sport, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, System, World Travel,
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30 Comments on “Game Design: It is Very Simple For You To Fill In?
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  1. getting holographic projector of 1 meter cubic is really big. 10 centimeters cubic maybe more appropriate. i wonder if it's hackable.

  2. Ignore the guy below me, this novel does have romance but it in the later chapter, Also there are female anchor, the brain dead retard below me can't tell the diffrence between a Chinese male name and a female name this novel have some relatively modern game like Dave the diver, elden ring and is a goid way to pass the time when you're bored

  3. Is this low key Yaoi? Their were clearly two female anchors at the beginning but no author just deleted them and all it's left is that Brother Yi? With a male partner in his studio and a male representative who came begging on his game and a male anchor who dutifully plays all his games....... ama out

  4. Is this low key homophobia? Please, the scene you described is beyond stupid. Is it required for a novel to have a bunch of female streamers and characters for you to jerk off to? Lemme guess, “no harem?🥺” I haven’t even read the novel but what you told me sounds perfectly normal? How many gamer female streamers do you realistically see compared to male? How many PRO female streamers do you typically view? I don’t like reading Yaoi but bruh, did the protagonist make out with those guys? Did he proclaim his feelings to the world about liking men? No, so what are you even complaining about? You just read so many novels that just spams female characters that you could not remember reading notable male side characters at all. Sorry that you got poisoned by these novels.

  5. I thought you can express what you want on comments didn't knew I touched a woke person. But anyway it's fine, just say you like yaoi like a true geh and don't just say I defend them but I don't want others to know that I'm geh. Sorry by the way if my comment touched ur innermost self that you were trying to hide...

  6. I deleted a paragraph of insults but honestly, why stoop to your levels. For future arguments, instead of demeaning a community, how about basing it factually and give evidence? If all your argument amounts to is that you’re gay, that’s Middle School levels of immaturity. Also, don’t try to hide your behavior by writing “geh,” instead of gay, it makes your argument less persuasive overall and just appears stupid. It’s like if I say “ur stoopid,” see how dumb that looks? It’s fine to give opinions but some opinions like clear racism, jokes about doing crimes such as terrorism, and spouting curses are not fine. Whatever your ethnicity is, think about how you’d react if someone just hated on you solely for what you were born with. Furthermore, is it okay to not defend a group from pure hate? Would it be fine if I just see a rape victim being criticized and not do anything, is it fine to not take action for someone hit by a car? Why does it matter to help others if you belong to that group? Should I ignore the Veterans tested crap by the government? Blissfully be unaware of the Blacks being treated poorly in their community, suffering from lacking healthcare or food deserts? Alright for a white man to be blamed just because he’s white and it’s okay to be racist to a white? Fine to watch the Asian Americans suffer during the outbreaks of Covid? Perfectly normal to be a bystander to those Muslims who are despised after the events of 9/11? Why do you feel the need to isolate each group to a battle for themselves? After all, in the end it’s stupid to be emotional on a online argument for the sole purpose of venting. Ahhhhh… you’re right, just let the kind-hearted nature die and let the sinful reign

  7. Just leave my boy, His comment is good in my perspective, driving away harem seekers who later give low ratings only looking for harems.

  8. wow I didn't know my comment hit your geh spot. I didn't even tried to hurt others just want to express my thoughts.. didn't know I summoned a super geh who has d picks on his history...

  9. I'm cool with the 'super gay' label, deep down, I'm all about loving one woman, not into that immature fantasy harem Seeker drama that wrecks novel ratings. Why bring everyone down for having a different take, bro? My bad if it hit your nerve, Just chill, and dude touch some grass.

  10. A very enjoyable novel I have read Almighty game developer and this is similar but in its own way very good. Hope to see some classic newer games like Skyrim, Diablo, borderlands or gta.

  11. Only still in chapter 1 and its already blew my sides to space. Imagine starting with "mc is a senior game designer with worth of 100 million" lmao.

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