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Game Design: It is Very Simple For You To Fill In?

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Novel Summary

Ye Feng traveled through the barren parallel world of the game, obtained the game production system,

As long as players give a “super difficult” score, they can improve their game production ability,

Looking at the “very simple” comments in the game area,

Ye Feng was shocked, he came to another world with the Ninth Art,

“Digging for Ascension”, “Dead Cells”, “Curse of Blood”, “Sekiro”…

A series of games was born,

He wants to see, who dares to say it’s very simple!

Admit it, food is your only way out!


The player who was tortured, lost his mind, lost his confidence, and lost his moral heart still firmly moved the mouse to that option!

very simple!

- Description from MTLNovel


Alternate Title:游戏设计:就你们填非常简单?
Author:Love to eat hot pot base
Weekly Rank:#29
Monthly Rank:#135
All Time Rank:#7444
Tags:Adapted to Game, Entertainment, Game Elements, Gamers, Gaming/E-Sport, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Parallel Worlds, System, World Travel,
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11 Comments on “Game Design: It is Very Simple For You To Fill In?
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  1. Did he ever like completely activate his system? That 1/1000 stuff. With all fans voting for 'very simple' I don't think he could activate it. I know it's part of the story(interaction between him and fans) but it gets boring, dull,and redundant.

  2. Says senior game designer with a net worth of over 100 million (Chapter 1), but still need to plagiarize previous life popular games. LOL

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