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Galaxy Returns To Be a Dad

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“The tyrant who dominated Galaxy was reborn back six hundred years ago.

Hey, whose child is this, how do you call my father?

Looking at the clever and cute little Lolita in front of him, Yu Yue was a little confused.

Galaxy returns, start with my dad!

Others hope that their son will become a dragon, so I will train my daughter to become a female emperor. “

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:GRTBD
Alternate Title:星河归来当奶爸
Weekly Rank:#914
Monthly Rank:#676
All Time Rank:#2582
Tags:Apocalypse, Childcare, Cooking, Fantasy, Game Rangking, Poor to Rich, Romance, Sci-fi,
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19 Comments on “Galaxy Returns To Be a Dad
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  1. i thought it was a daughter raising story, but after reading it to chapter 100, I'm completely sure that its just another urban romance novel that has a child raising as an add-on not the main element.

  2. Damn that sucks man. I don't exactly hate that but most of the time it's executed awfully. At least the daughter contributes in that other novel I read. Sigh. If you're going to mention a daughter then she can't be a background character! I mostly drop it because of this reason!

  3. the format of this one is that mc goes do deal with something leaving his daughter to her nanny, then most of the chapters are him watching other people fight which ends with her daughter calling for him to get home soon so the mc easily deals with the problem at hand and goes home. The daughter is used as a mean for the author to have the mc get things done quickly

  4. Most good Dad-novels are in Faloo sadly. I have seen some pretty good ones on here though! I hope this one is good too. I'm going in!

  5. I have not finished reading it yet, but I no longer like it, the protagonist is supposed to have lived many years and when he is reborn he says that he wants to take care of his mother and daughter but in the course of it he meets other women, especially when it comes to the babysitter. I don't think he is unaware of the feelings and confusion caused by his actions.

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