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Then again, it said that someone was stunned when they saw this id, so who made it? Looking at the name of the guild on his head, he discovered that since this person had the name of Righteous Slashing the World on his head.

And under their influence, there is indeed a strong Berserker in the world of Yizhan. I remember that he is not only the captain of the team but also the owner, and his status is called transcendence.

Since the opponent can become a professional player, his strength is not worse than that, but looking at the current battlefield, Lou Guanning, the captain and boss, is not enough.

And now everyone around Happy is undoubtedly not professional masters, and most of them are even all-star-level existences. Everyone looked at the berserker who appeared suddenly, how he didn't look like Lou Guanning.

It's not that they look down on Lou Guanning. After all, defeating these ordinary players does not require much patience, but in their opinion, the role used by each player will reflect his own play style and temperament.

The Righteous Swords team has been in the league for half a year, and everyone has dealt with Lou Guanning. What kind of temperament and style Lou Guanning's Berserkers are, they also have points in their hearts. Although the Righteous Slash Team is just a rookie team that has just joined the league, their momentum is far higher than that of the previous ones.

This also makes the various big teams more careful about them than the newcomers before, and they have also conducted in-depth research on them. The strength of their Righteous Swords has been touched by them in the past six months.

So they can be sure that this person is definitely not Lou Guanning, whether it is the style of the character or the passing, this person will be a lot wilder if he sleeps for another summer.

"Old Sun!" Zhang Jiale recognized the person at the first time. After all, they had only met in the Righteous Swords Team before, but he didn't expect him to come too.

And Tang Yin breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Sun Zheping. If the other party does not come again, the bad guy who took the first shot will be done by them. Of course, there is no problem with them, but after all, they are not Hundred Flowers. It's better to let them do the farewell thing.

"Since you have made up your mind to cut off the past, why are you so weak? You are so irresponsible to your current teammates." Sun Zheping turned and said to Zhang Jiale.

At this moment, Zhang Jiale also suddenly reacted. In terms of his emotions about Baihua, Tang Yin and the others took special care of him. He has never said much about some of his extraordinary performances, on the contrary, it is possible to give him support. It was possible to help him out even now, even now, when he was accused by a hundred flowers, they still supported him behind him.

"Since everything has been decided, then completely wipe out all the distracting thoughts in my heart!" Sun Zheping said to the Baihua player who used it again with a giant sword in his hand, and the sword pointed at the crowd.

"Oh? Do you want to be together now?" Zhang Jiale adjusted the form and asked.

"Yes." Sun Zheping said categorically. He had invited Zhang Jiale into Baihua at the beginning, and this farewell should be him.

"Why are you still the same as together, so crazy!" Zhang Jiale said with emotion. There is no way that the two fans who were most loved by Baihua players in the past are going to draw their swords together against the fans who once supported them the most. How can they not let people With emotion, especially when the person is himself.

But Zhang Jiale also had to admit that he wanted to deal with the fans of the past without any ripples in his heart. This was really done by his old partner.

"It's not me who is going crazy now, it's you!" Sun Zheping said.

"Okay, come on!" Zhang Jiale no longer shy away, and once again made the motion of raising the gun, but this time his hand holding the mouse is very firm!

Gunshots, thunder, and swords.

Flowers and blood scene.

At this moment, the blossoming and **** scene that Baihuagu players most want to see finally appeared in front of them once again. It is no longer a flash in the pan before, this time it is the blossoming and **** scene! But they may not even dream of it, but when they see the scene of blood and flowers again, it is a conscious scene.

This is a more splendid and colorful scene than in the professional arena, for no other reason, because there are so many people in online games. During this period, the turbulent blood roared in the shadow of the artillery shells, constructing a splendid blood scene. And as Hundred Flowers bloomed and the blood scene emerged, Hundred Flowers players one after another came to the end.

They were unwilling and resentful, but they were helpless. Just when their emotions reached an underestimation, a **** light suddenly appeared, and Yu Xuejing collided with each other, even the two giant swords intersected. With a huge vigorous shaking around, Yu Feng finally made a move!

Yu Feng's shot also gave Baihua players a chance to breathe, but they were all a bit sluggishly driving the famous Berserker with righteous swordsmanship above their heads.

Sun Zheping's previous communication with Zhang Jiale was in direct voice, which could not be heard by people a little further away. And does these ordinary Wang Jia have the keen insight of professional players, but after he and Zhang Jia played such a perfect and colorful scene together, they will know who the person is, Sun Zheping! This is also a name they can't forget.

But now they have no chance to ask one more question.

Zhang Jiale, Sun Zheping. The combination of these two people used to be their yearning for big things, but now this pair is attacking them, even if Yu Feng entered the battlefield, he was also involved in the **** scene.

Only at this moment did they discover that they had been neglecting what was guarding them, and now the true core of Baihua!

"Treatment, all the treatments will add blood to the team!" Hua Kaizhe, the president of Baihua Valley, reacted first. Isn't this a good opportunity for the current main team leader, Yu Feng, to gain prestige? Immediately start to command the players and give Yu Feng support.

Although he is also a fan of Baihua, he is also a member of Baihua's staff. Compared with these ordinary fans, they are more rational. Since the current Zhang Jiale of has decided not to look back, of course their club will not miss him. On the contrary, in order to reduce Zhang Jiale's influence, they have to make some actions instead.

And now is a good opportunity. You must know that before this, fans had never accepted Yu Feng and Zou Yuan because they were too obsessed with the past. The attitude towards them is neither lukewarm nor lukewarm. This situation once caused them a headache, and for this reason they don't know how many meetings have been held.

And now, Yu Feng is fighting against his fans for the fans, and stopping Zhang Jiale and Sun Zheping, who are against the fans of Baihua, isn't this a great opportunity?

They need heroes, and today is the best opportunity!


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