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   "The people above, have you seen it?"

  Shuin asked the elf patriarch.

   "No, they are gods." The elf patriarch said.

   "God...then, what are you?"

   “God’s creation.”

   Xiu Yin didn't speak, he was thinking of one thing.

   "God created dragons, the dragon race, the first race God created on the mainland."

   "For the sake of great power?" Xiu Yin found that he was really close to the truth.

   "That's right!" Li Lilim, the patriarch of the elves, confirmed Xiu Yin's conjecture.

   "The Dragon Clan was the first to be created on the mainland. They are very strong, very strong, very strong, and have almost no weaknesses."

   Lilim took a breath, she had a long story to say.

  Perhaps the gods found that the dragon race was too strong, and they needed a race that was not that powerful, but whose appearance was close to that of gods, and which had better appearance than gods.

   "It's you!" Xiu Yin understood what it meant.

  Lilim nodded.

  Elf, is beautiful.

  Elves are the second intelligent race created by God.

   "However, the lifespan of elves may make God feel tired..."

  Shu Yin didn't ask why he was bored, it was a truth that made him tremble...

   "By means, God created the Lentedams, that is, the orcs."

  They completely downplayed the characteristics of all elves, and what they got in exchange was only power.

  This may not satisfy God's requirements.

  In the end, God created the human race exactly in his own image.

   "Oh, what a sad truth!"

  Xiu Yin felt his heart beating faster, and he was angry.

   "Visitor, said so..."

  Suddenly, Lilim's gaze froze, and she looked towards the sky.

is God?

   No, it can't be God...

"who is it?!"

  Lilim finally realized that the force was going straight to Huine Neumann.

   Xiu Yin also felt something was wrong.

   He looked up to the sky.

   The feeling at this time is so familiar!

   Is that time? !

   Yes, there seems to be something in the sky.

One light.

  A shadow.

  A pain.

  Xiuyin bent down in pain this time.

   "Alice, is that you, Alice."

   "Alice? Huh, it really hurts this time."

  【Shuin, Huin Neumann】

   "Is it really you, Alice?"

  【Yes, it’s me】

   "Great, if you are here, maybe the fate will be different..."

  【Yes, different fate...】

   "What is that?" Lilim asked curiously.

   "Old friend."

  There was a rare smile on Xiu Yin's face.

   "What are you going to do next?" Lilim followed the prophecy, she saw the Child of Destiny, but this person was completely different from the prophecy.

  Xiu Yin looked up at the sky, "There, maybe it's my home!"

  Lilim nodded, yes, the visitor, after all, he should go back to where he should go.

   Half of the mothership should have been split into two when it landed on this planet.

  Leave half here, then, the remaining half...

   "Alice, is it, there?"


   "Is there a record in the database?"

  【Yes, Noah’s Ark Colonial Mothership Type IV, lost contact with the team 25 years ago】

   "Thirty years ago? But the history of this continent has been at least two thousand years!"

  【Different planes have different time nodes. When they spend thousands of years here, the original plane only has a twenty-year cycle】

   "That is to say, we... can't go back?"


  Alice's answer was also a little sad.

   "How can I go back to the sky and find them?"

  【Someone on the mainland has a 60 energy level a energy body, so they can detect it】

   Xiu Yin nodded, he understood everything.

  This continent is just a testing ground for the people on the mothership, and the human beings here are just the objects of the experiment.

  He once heard a rumor that in order to fight against higher civilizations, Blue Star must have stronger fighters.

  But traditional medicine has been unable to break through the bottleneck of the human body. There is a rumor in the army about the Reengineering Warrior Project...

  But I didn't expect it to be in a certain corner of the universe...

  The final adoption of the exact same human appearance is also to better use this supernatural power in the military.

  Xiu Yin looked at his palm, the energy of the flame was fluctuating, and he could use the flame at any time.

   "If the mainland is a testing ground, then the Shenmin continent is not the only one on this planet. The fog on the ocean to the east is probably a deception... On the other side of the ocean, there may be a civilization like this."

  【Confirmation probability is 97.63%】

   "In that case, let's meet them."

  Half of the mothership has already lost its function, and all its parts have been corrupted for thousands of years.

  The only certainty is that a visitor has come.

  The mothership’s data has been erased and taken away, it’s just a pile of scrap iron.

   Farewell to the patriarch of the elves, Xiuyin returned to Longhui.

   Xiu Yin already has a solution to solve the disputes in the mainland at once.

  Tell other forces that there are aliens in the sky, they will only treat themselves as fools, fortunately, Xiu Yin is not a person who begs others.

  He has his own way.

  In Lenterdam, those moonstones were collected.

  The location is on the plain of Lenterdam, where, after all, it is very flat...


  Yianna gave birth to a girl for Xiu Yin this year. She was nostalgic for this world, and she didn't want Xiu Yin to do that.

   But, she knew, she couldn't stop him.

  Secret, keep it in your heart...


  When the radiance produced by thousands of moonstones shone on the ground, Hans and Chris beside Xiuyin felt the huge energy contained in their bodies.

"bring it on…"

  When the soul power levels of the three broke through to level 80, Xiu Yin could feel that someone was watching them.

  What was thought to be a cloud in the sky was actually a giant mothership.

  Although there is only half of it left, it still has the ability to destroy the continent in an instant.

   It is the face of God.

  A small flying star capsule falls.

  A woman stepped out of it.

  Let everyone present panic.

   Xiuyin turned around, and there she was.

   But, it is also in front of my eyes.


  The woman who came out was exactly the same as Yianna.

  Yanna held the child in her arms tightly, and she shed tears silently.

  The woman who looked like Ianna who walked out of the flight cabin also saw her.

  She was taken aback, but immediately understood what was going on.

  “We can’t go back to the past, but we have to create the future.”

   This is the first sentence the woman said to Xiu Yin.

   Xiu Yin nodded, then stretched out his hand, and a ball of flame rose between his palms.

   That is the flame of hope.

"To them, we exist like gods, but to us, a more powerful threat is getting closer. We call them demons. Demons conquer not only the entire universe, but everything they can All the planes touched, only we in the future can protect our hometown..."

   "Yes, my hometown..."

  Shu Yin approached the flying star cabin, he looked at Ianna, and he understood something.

  Yanna waved to him.

  He, too, waved his hand until the hatch of the flying star cabin was closed, until the line of sight between them was blocked.


  Maybe, they will meet again, maybe, they will meet again at the other end of the next dimension.

  Shuyin wanted to bring the fire back to his hometown, even though it was an endless end.

  He left a legend on this continent, and those who worship Xiu Yin will continue to write his story on the continent.

   And I, my story, wait for the next period punctuation.

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