Chapter 721 Epilogue

   Standing on the opposite side of the crossbow array is timid.

   Even if there are quite a few elves in the team, the short bows in their hands will naturally shoot through the crossbowman on the opposite side, but they also believe that the crossbowman on the opposite side can also shoot through themselves.

   "My name is Huine Neumann, the lord of Longhui Territory."

   Xiu Yin stepped forward from the crossbow array.

  The coalition forces of Fridham and the elves stared blankly at the red-haired young man.

  The elves have been paying attention to the movements of the human race on the mainland. Ever since Huin Neumann was born, they were worried that that would be the next Canon Neumann.

   Fortunately, the news that Xiu Yin was destroyed by the Holy Emperor gave them enough encouragement.

   Their army came out of the forest in large numbers, and their young people finally tasted the sweetness of occupying the human city.

  Different from the more difficult environment in the forest, in the city there is fine wine, a soft bed, and the comfort of living while sitting...

  However, the news of Xiu Yin's resurrection made the elves a little nervous, and finally, they saw him here.

   "Surrender or perish."

   Xiu Yin threw out a cold sentence.

  He doesn't have that patience, he still has a lot to do.

  The elves lowered their shortbows, and they began to fall back.

  The retreat of the elves also forced King Fredham's army to retreat.

   "It is rumored that the elves are a highly intelligent race that loves peace. Today, it seems that they are quite treacherous."

  Shu Yin silently watched the opposite army retreat, they did not answer, but retreated directly.

   Crossbow arrows have a range after all, as long as they are out of range...

   Xiu Yin sneered.

   Get them back!

  Xiu Yin didn't want to form a deep hatred with the elves.

  But if they don't teach them some lessons, Xiuyin feels that he has lost the capital to negotiate.


  Shuyin issued an order.

   The crossbow arrows whistled, and the crossbow was strengthened by the dwarves again.

  The whirring and crossbow arrow sounded like a roar, it was the anger in Xiu Yin's heart.

  False elves!

  They retreated behind the fighters of the Kingdom of Fredham, and most of the people who suffered the damage were fighters of the Kingdom of Fredham.

   Except for the strongest range of the crossbow bolt, the crossbow bolt can no longer penetrate the elf armor on the elf. It is forged with a special enchantment of the elf. It is light in weight and strong in defense. In terms of defense strength, it is comparable to the heavy armor of the human family.

  However, it's not like the elves think, this is the end.

  Chris' knights have surrounded them from the flanks, and there is no way out for these people.

  The warriors of the Kingdom of Fredham were the first to lay down their weapons.

  The elves retreated a little more, until they realized that they too had nowhere to go.

   At this time, one of the elf warriors walked out.

  He bowed slightly to Xiu Yin, and said, "Dimensional walker in the prophecy, I didn't believe it until I saw you with my own eyes. The prophecy on the elf stone tablet is true."

   "My name is Amosi, the commander of the Elf Legion."

   "So, are you going to die or surrender."

   Xiu Yin didn't have time to chat with them.

   "Visitor from another world, you don't belong here. The God Mercy Continent has its own destiny, but I don't want to be dominated by visitors."

  When Xiu Yin was tired of the elves, he heard the most incredible words.

   "Do you know the visitor?"

   "The elves are the oldest intelligent creatures on the mainland after the dragons. The wisdom we possess is unmatched by the human race."

   "Now that I have met Destiny's Child, Amoxi sincerely invites you to come to the place where my family started."

  Amosi, who was always proud, knelt down on one knee in front of Xiu Yin.

   "So that's the case, so in the land of the beginning, is your elf patriarch still the only one?"

  This sentence made Amoxi's eyelids twitch slightly, which couldn't escape Xiu Yin's observation. He didn't choose to answer, but Xiu Yin already knew the answer.

   "Lead the way!"

  Shu Yin would not hesitate, and there was no need to hesitate, and without even saying hello to Lidissa and the others, he led Longhui to lead the elite knights to the emerald green forest.

  The rest of the troops returned to Longhui Territory to garrison, which was very close to the verdant forest from the Kingdom of Fredham.

  Five days later, Xiuyin and Amoxi came to bring the green forest outskirts.

  In the ancient forest on the mainland, each big tree is 100 meters high. This is the paradise of trees, and it belongs to the world of elves.

   According to Amosi, there are four tribes of elves, two big and two small.

  Shu Yin really wanted to ask if there was an elf named Sharmie, but he only got a bad answer after making indirect remarks.

   Shermie is just the most common female name among elves...

  The elf patriarch, Lilim, is already two hundred years old.

  The longest lifespan of an elf is four hundred years old, but in the past hundred years, the lifespan of an elf has dropped to less than three hundred years old, and the population has become very small.

   Maybe there have been no outsiders in the verdant forest for too long. When the human race walked through here, it attracted the attention of many people.

  According to Amoxi's request, Xiu Yin brought only a few followers.

  Hans, Chris, and Charlotte.

   "The patriarch is waiting for you at the beginning." An elf elder led Xiuyin and the others to move forward. According to Amoxi's qualifications, he was not enough to enter there.

  The place where it started is the forbidden land of the elves.

  The origin of the civilization of the elves is there.

  If traveling to another world was enough to shock Xiu Yin, then when he saw the so-called initial land, he couldn't help but go crazy.

   Yes, the elves regard it as a forbidden place, their initial place.

  In Xiu Yin's eyes, it is huge, and it really surpasses all civilizations in this world.

  Because, this initial place, it is a half space mothership!

   Besides, Xiu Yin has seen this kind of mothership before.

   This is the mothership of his world.

   But, how is this possible? !

   Xiu Yin found that his legs were a little stiff.

  "Every visitor, when seeing it, has the same expression as you."

  The voice seemed to sound in Xiu Yin's heart, and it seemed to bloom from the breath of nature.

  From the flowers, from the breeze, from the green leaf on the ground...

   Xiu Yin was taken aback.

   "Excuse me, I am the patriarch of the elves, Lilim."

  It was only then that Xiu Yin realized that it was the strength of his mental power.

  Spiritual communication...

  This mental power, at least, has level 70 or above!

  But the previous conclusion is that there probably shouldn't be people with soul power above level 60 on this continent.

   "I have been staying here, looking at the world, but also helpless."

  When Xiu Yin approached, he found that Lilim had built a wooden house under half of the mothership, and she was inside.

   "So, I can only watch."

   "Will you keep watch for them?"

  Xiu Yin raised his head, trying to calm his mind, "According to what you said, I am not the only one who came here."

   "Maybe, it was five hundred years ago, maybe, it was a thousand years ago, in short, from the visitor."

  (end of this chapter)

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