Chapter 720 The Formation of Eternal Spring

  Shuin didn't wait for Trogg to speak, and didn't want to hear his voice.

   Except for Trog behind him, Xinghui's great emperor, all officials and people in Xinghui City bowed down in front of Xiu Yin.

   "I am the first-class Grand Duke of Xinghui. I should look for the glory of glory in the gap between life and death. My rule is in Morning Glory City. This place does not belong to me."

  Xiu Yin politely rejected those old officials who asked him to stay in Xinghui City.

  Restored the authority of some veterans, redeployed the city defense team of Xinghui City, and took away the weapons and equipment of Xinghui City, Xiu Yin looked to the west.

   Verdant Forest.

   That is the place where the elves were born.

   No one knows when the elves originated, but what is certain is that the elves are another highly intelligent race on the mainland after the dragons.

  Elves are generally beautiful. Men are a symbol of tallness and fitness, while women are synonymous with dignity and beauty.

  Whether they are men or women, the elves are born marksmen and mages with natural affinity for natural forces.

  Elf, can be said to be perfect.

   But for thousands of years, they could only live in the verdant forest.

   There is evidence that elves cannot leave the forest, but it is true that they have always been there.

   Moreover, they are not reconciled.

  Slightly more recently, it was the war that the orcs invaded the hinterland of the mainland thirty years ago. In that battle, the damage caused by the elves to human society was not much lower than that of the orcs.

Xiu Yin was not surprised by the news of the Hidden Soul Palace. The timing of their appearance was also very good, and they had the support of the old aristocratic forces of the Motu Empire and the Yanmian Empire. Their morale was very strong, so Xiu Yin decided to ignore it for the time being. them.

  Shuyin believes that before contacting the Temple of Hidden Souls and the Holy Federation, the threat from the western part of the Dead Continent needs to be resolved.


   And, also, he needs an ally.

   Sure to be an ally of an ally.

   "Charlotte, it's really hard work for you to bring this letter there. It will be the main place for future activities."

  Xiu Yin handed a letter to Charlotte. Charlotte just came back yesterday and received a new job arranged by Xiu Yin before she had a good night's sleep.

  Charlotte went west with the letter.

   A week later, Xiu Yin returned to Desolate Bone City.

  The success of taking Star City was both unexpected and expected. Only Lolita and Ianna did not expect Xiuyin to come back so early.

  The reunion is always short. After two days of rest in Desolate Bone City, although many ministers strongly urged Xiu Yin not to go in person, Xiu Yin still refused.

  Another news is that King Roland, now the Duke of Roland, has also come to Bone City.

  With a guard of five hundred people.

He knelt in front of Xiuyin's carriage and said, "I don't know where the future of Lorraine's glory lies, but I know that the last chance to remain in the history books is in front of His Royal Highness, please take me and let me Be a witness!"

  Xiu Yin agreed. Sometimes, strength does not mean a person is strong or weak. Consciousness is very important.

  After integrating the Star Knights in Star City, Xiu Yin has 30,000 elites in his hands.

  He didn’t bring the extra people. After the war, the southern part of the mainland was already withered. I don’t know how long it will take to recover. Xiu Yin no longer wants to destroy this place.

  Friedham Kingdom, a kingdom that advocates freedom and has a strong folk style, has been torn apart under the joint devastation of the Motu Empire and the elves.


  Lidisa, the youngest daughter of Prime Minister Duraf, is now the most prestigious person in Fred Kingdom, even surpassing her father.

  But in the past two years, for Lidissa, it was like falling from the clouds to the deep valley.

  Two years ago, she came to lead the people to conquer the capital, drive away the people of the Yanmian Empire, and once invaded the capital of the Yanmian Empire.

   But with the man gone, everything seemed like a dream.

  Lydissa admits she was getting extravagant at that time.

  She took the gift from the local sect with great difficulty, and the jewelry on her body was equivalent to the total income of the Friedham Kingdom for a quarter.

  Lydissa does not even eat the same meals within half a year.

   She becomes the new queen of the kingdom.

  But also on that day, when the news spread that Huine Neumann was killed by the Holy Emperor, Lydissa just felt a little pity, and she didn't feel a crisis.

  The local forces of the occupied Yanchuang Empire began to gather, and even the opposition forces in the Kingdom of Fredham united them.

  Lydissa was kept in the dark, and when she knew it, she was still enjoying the tender food brought from the sea.

  She was wrong, she retreated back to this small town, relying on the terrain and local reputation, she struggled to stay here for more than a year.

   There are no more luxurious runestones, let alone delicious food...

  Batika walked into the room, Lidissa's complexion was not very good.

   "Lidisa, drink some medicinal soup."

  Batika manages Scarlet Rose, and relying on Scarlet Rose's family background, she won enough space and time for Lidissa.

   "Batika, it's great to have you..."

  Lydisa's body has become a little weak recently, and the news of the front line of defense made her terrified. If there is another attack, the defense line will not be able to defend.

   Lidisa buried her head in Bartica's arms. Bartica gently touched Lidisa's beautiful long hair. After smelling Bartica's breath, Lidisa's eyes blurred...


  The news came a week ago. Since Xinghui's accident, Yongquan Town has blocked the valley.

  But when the news of Xiu Yin's resurrection came, they were still very shocked.

That's impossible.

   This is the first reaction of the two.

  However, the person standing here delivering the message is Charlotte.

   Bartica has seen it.

   At that time it was still called Morrowind.

  What Charlotte brought was Xiu Yin's autographed letter.

   "Maybe it's fate... Child of Destiny..."

   Lidisa cheered up, and she ordered the previous team to start retreating, retreating all the way to Yongquan Town.

  I don’t know what’s going on in the front. Once the last line of defense collapses, there will be no danger for the opposing army to enter. Yongquan Town doesn’t even have a city wall.

   But Lydisa's order is absolute, this queen has given them enough honor and courage, and they are willing to sacrifice their lives for it.

  Fred's royal army began to go south, and there were even elves among them.

  Yes, they united the elves, that's why Lidisa crashed.

  The fighting power of the elves is astonishing, and it is not exaggeration to talk about it.

  The coalition forces soon arrived at Yongquan Town, but they found rows of crossbow teams coming out of Yongquan Town.

   is the army led by Long Hui.

  Under the sun, the military flag of Longhui's army, and the triangular emblem on it, is the family crest of the Neumann family.

   Almost no one on the mainland does not know this emblem, and only one person owns this emblem.

   That's Huine Neumann.

  (end of this chapter)