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Full-level Boss Dressed As a Peasant Girl

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Shu Yu has passed through the book, and has become a poor cannon fodder who was implicated by the dead female supporting role and only appeared twice and was finally exiled for thousands of miles.

After finding that he could not change the result, Shu Yu decided to eat, drink, lie down and wait.

Who knew that the exile had not yet come, but she was suddenly told that she was not the daughter of the Shu family.

Her biological parents were peasant households who lived so hard to make ends meet that their house was leaking.

And the Shu family decided to obliterate her in order to hide her blemish.

Shu Yu: Come on, I can’t kill you.

Returning to his biological parents, Shu Yu finally sighed as he looked at the plate of pickles and a bowl of porridge on the table and placed in front of him, as well as his parents’ nervous and bewildered expressions.

You can’t lie flat, or you’ll starve to death.

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Short Title:FBDAPG
Alternate Title:满级大佬穿成农家女
Author:three dates
Weekly Rank:#266
Monthly Rank:#144
All Time Rank:#82
Tags:Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Calm Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Cunning Protagonist, Doting Love Interests, Doting Parents, Familial Love, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Mature Protagonist, Poor to Rich, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Revenge, Smart Couple, Transmigration,
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64 Comments on “Full-level Boss Dressed As a Peasant Girl
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  1. Hey does anyone knows the title of the novel where the female lead is reborn after being killed by her ex husband and that said ex husband is also reborn after he is stabbed to death my his mistress who have hallucinations about their unborn child being the child she killed on the female leads tummy and then in the novel it is also stated that the mistress actually makes the ex husband drunk (I think she has some powers that everyone will like her) also the male lead is elligitamate child some names I remember are there is some one named Su and Ji that's the last names

  2. FL was not raised by the Lu family. as soon as she shows up she pays 20+ silver for medical expenses and food for the whole family. she invests 200 silver of her own money into buying a shop. she finds the shop by herself, pays the decoration fees herself, finds clients herself, designs the clothes by herself, applies make up/ hair styling by herself. lu family says "it's our shop" and immediately acts like all the money belongs to them and they're being generous giving fl 10 silvers like they completely forgot they're 20 silver in debt to her/she has to buy materials still. the only person who did any work was the mom who did the same thing as the worker who was paid 2 silvers. fl doesn't care at all but after reading so many of this genre with vampire relatives, this is a bit infuriating.

  3. Can anyone tell me the name of the novel. Where the fl divorce the ml but the have a son where the fl is rich and go back to her family to be a heiress and the fl is adopted by his uncle and aunt where in late chapter the son of his uncle will be back. Thank you.

  4. Excuse me, Do you know?? Where female lead is reborn in 1990s…free labor business is going to happen… she has space and told her grandma… her grandma family is business family and lots of gold,antique and she hide them in space…. Her grandma is divorced she marry her servant when she flee in chaos but he divorced her after he took all the wealth but he know their family has hidden money… female lead revenge her grandma by putting all his wealth he has hidden in the space…..

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