Under the treasure house of the Qin family, Qin Liufu looked at a family of relatives and said, "Today, I want to announce something, and I may leave this world in a while!"

As soon as this remark came out, the relatives were immediately frightened.

Su Su Xiaoman was instantly scared, and trembled, "Her husband, what's wrong with you? Don't scare me!"

Qi Qin Liufu said with consolation and laughter: "Wife, I'm fine. What I said to leave this world is really just a literal meaning, not a sign of death!"

When I heard this, all the relatives were relieved.

After all, they are not accustomed to the change of status. Suddenly when they heard that they were leaving the world, they could not help thinking of the word "death".

"Liu, where are you going? What are we going to do without you?" Qin July asked immediately.

"Yes, my sixth son, but you are the Dinghai Shenpin of our family. Without you, we don't know how to connect the road!" Qin Wufeng followed.

They are not surprised that there are other worlds besides the earth. After all, even the practice of becoming immortals is available. It is not normal for another world to exist!

Qi Qin Liufu sighed and said, "I have to leave. Our cultivation resources are running out. I have to go to other worlds to see if I can get some cultivation resources back!

If there are no resources, we will not be able to continue to cultivate at all, so what talk about cultivation becomes immortal! "

For the problem of insufficient training resources, in fact, the relatives present are basically numbered.

If the resources are sufficient, how can Qin Liufu's atmosphere not lead other relatives to practice together?

Now, even his father-in-law and mother-in-law haven't brought cultivation together with him. From here, we can see how nervous the cultivation resources are.

"Husband, what world are you going to? Is it dangerous?" Su Xiaoman asked worriedly.

Wu Qin Liufu said: "I don't know what kind of world it is, but don't worry about security, I will be fully prepared to go again!"

Father Qin said, "My sixth son, Dad doesn't know much about you, so I can only give you four words: safety first!"

Qi Qin Liufu nodded and said, "Dad, rest assured, I will never do something that I am not sure of! I will leave even if I leave, at least a few years later, just to say hello to you!"

一 As soon as this remark came out, all the relatives were relieved.

Next, there was a discussion about other worlds.

Uh ...

No one in this world can be better off than Qin Mengyao.

At the beginning of her birth, she became the daughter of the richest man in China, and when she was three years old, she became the daughter of the richest man in the world.

Then, after three years old, he began to touch Reiki, and his father washed his body with Reiki every day.

After the age of eighteen, she began to formally come into contact with the practice of cultivation.

In just three days, she cultivated her sense of anger and officially began her cultivation career.

When she was eleven years old, she officially became a monk, and she practiced at a fast pace, second only to her father.

Of course, the speed of cultivation is inseparable from the strong support of Qin Liufu.

With the light fruit, Qin Mengyao ate enough five, let alone the treatment in the earth world, even in the world of cultivation, not everyone can be so luxurious.

After cultivating her daughter-in-law as a monk, Qin Liufu was ready to leave for other worlds.

At this time, except for the Qin Mengyao's peers who were still in the gas-refining period, other relatives were promoted to become the foundation monks with the support of Qin Liufu.

In the past five years, Qin Liufu has only focused on realm cultivation, and Yuanli's cultivation has completely stopped.

After all, the cultivation of monks in the Jindan period was too resource-intensive. Even relatives, after using resources to pile their cultivation into the foundation period, all the relatives also stopped practicing.

I plan to spend limited resources on those little guys.

So, in this case, Qin Liufu couldn't sit still anymore.

Originally planned to increase the value of wealth to 20,000 points, so that it was transmitted to a strange world. If there was any danger, it could be transmitted back as soon as possible.

However, if you want to increase the wealth value by 10,000 points, at least it will take a few more years. Qin Liufu cannot afford to waste this time.

Before leaving the earth, Qin Liufu met with many relatives and friends.

除了 Then, in addition to leaving 10,000 points of wealth for transmission, all the remaining 1,000 points of wealth are exchanged for cultivation resources and given to his wife at night when he sleeps.

"Wife, this is the last point of cultivation resources, you can take it for safekeeping, maybe one day it will come in handy!"

"Husband, tell me the truth, how dangerous is the world you are going to go to?" Su Xiaoman asked worriedly.

Qin Liufu leaned on his wife's waist and said, "I went to an unknown world, but your husband, I was a Jindan monk five years ago, and my strength is quite good. Even if I go to a strange world, just keep a low profile. I believe there will be no danger.

I say again, even if I really go to a dangerous world, I have a way to save my life, so you don't have to worry about me! "

Although Su Xiaoman knows that her husband has always been stable, and things that are not sure should not be easily risky, after all, it is impossible to leave her to go to another completely strange world.

However, she is worried about her return, but she also knows that her husband ’s visit is very important ~ www.mtlnovel.com ~ It is not an exaggeration, even if her parents can embark on the road of cultivation, hope is pinned on her husband.

So Su Xiaoman did not stop her husband despite being worried.

"Husband, I don't know what you used to go to another strange world, but I want to know, after you go there, how do you come back?" Su Xiaoman nestled on her husband and asked.

Qin Liufu laughed: "Of course you know how to come back, wife, please rest assured, if you do n’t know how to come back, how can I be willing to leave you and my girlfriend and leave?"

"It ’s good to know how to come back. How long does it take?"

"There is no way to determine this time, but as soon as I get the training resources, I will come back immediately!"

"Well, my husband, you go early and return early, Yaoyao and I are waiting for you at home!"

"I know, don't say so much, I'm leaving tomorrow, I'll feed you tonight!"

"Ah, shameless ~~"

Uh ...

The next day, Qin Liufu said goodbye to his loved ones, went to a rare place by himself, and then spent 10,000 fortune to start the first world transmission in his life.

I saw the invisible power coming, and Qin Liufu's figure disappeared instantly.

This day is April 8, 2037.

秦 Qin Liufu, the world's richest man, left the world of the earth silently and went to a world full of unknowns.

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