Although Qin Liufu does not know how old the best age for cultivation is, he knows that the age of his relatives is definitely over the standard, because the youngest Qin Jiuzhu is 23 years old this year.

Xun, especially Qin's father and mother, are all over sixty years old. Whether they can practice or not, Qin Liufu is also unclear.

In order to allow his parents to practice as much as possible, Qin Liufu purchased two solid fruits in terms of solid roots and peiyuan for the second old man to eat.

As for the other relatives, they are cultivating for the time being, and they ca n’t buy spiritual fruit for them to see.

There is no way, the wealth value is really limited, a total of more than 15,000 wealth values ​​have now been used for more than 2,000, and the world is not aura, and subsequent cultivation must rely on Qin Liufu to support.

So the value of wealth can be saved, it ca n’t be saved!

I have to say that the effect of this spiritual fruit is still very impressive.

After Qin Qin's father Qin Mu ate a spiritual fruit of Guben Peiyuan, the whole person changed dramatically, and his body functions instantly returned to his 30s and 40s.

Both of them were radiant, and the wrinkles on their faces were much lighter, and their looks were even better.

Seeing this magical scene, while all the relatives were shocked, they were even more yearning for this practice.

As a result, from that day on, everyone in the Qin family spent most of their time in the spiritual gathering in the underground treasure house except for eating and sleeping.

As for the management of the Xianguo Store, all of it was left to the deputies, only to occasionally listen to reports through video.

Anyway, the operation of the Xianguo Store is very stable now, and the markets to be opened have already been opened. It only needs to operate steadily.

Twenty-five months later, Su Xiaoman first cultivated his sense of vitality and successfully embarked on the path of cultivation.

Twenty days later, Qin July's second practice gained a sense of qi, and he followed the path of cultivation.

After one month, Qin Jiuzhu and Qin Baxing successively cultivated their sense of vitality.

Next, other relatives also cultivated the sense of qi within two and a half months, even Qin's father Qin's mother was no exception.

Thanks to the two Guben Peiyuan's spiritual fruit, otherwise, at the age of Qin's father and Qin's mother, it is almost impossible to embark on the road of cultivation in this life.

Seeing that all the relatives had embarked on the road of cultivation, Qin Liufu, who had already been built on the ground floor, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

As long as you can cultivate, being able to cultivate means that there are unlimited possibilities in the future. Even if you use resource heaps, you can also cultivate your loved ones.

However, when thinking of resources, Qin Liufu also had a headache. Regardless of his wealth of more than 13,000, it is still a bit stretched for him and his relatives to cultivate.

What's more, in addition to close relatives, siblings, daughters, nephews, as well as relatives such as uncles, aunts, and aunts, if you want to bring them to practice, then this value of wealth is absolutely unaffordable.

Before finding new resources, Qin Liufu can only take care of his closest relatives.

Of course, like grandparents and grandparents, Qin Liufu will certainly not forget.

At their age of eighty or ninety, it would be impossible to bring them to practice together, but it would be no problem for them to eat a spiritual fruit of solid roots and make them live longer than a hundred years.

So, after all the relatives had cultivated the sense of qi, Qin Liufu took four solid fruits of Peiyuan Yuan to his grandparents and grandparents, and then told them that this was a very nutritious fruit. Benefits.

Grandpa, grandparents and grandparents do not suspect him, after all, Qin Liufu is not the first time to give them fruit, they will give them some delicious fruits every 30 minutes.

Therefore, the four elders happily ate Linguo in front of Qin Liufu.

Then, the four elders clearly felt their own changes. The whole person was full of redness, as if he was twenty years younger.

Because the changes are obvious, in order to avoid unnecessary troubles, Qin Liufu immediately arranged for the four olds to travel and prepare for three or five months before returning the old four.

Even when everyone sees the change of the four olds, they don't feel too surprised, they only think that the four olds go out for a trip, and then they are in a good mood.

As the saying goes, when people are happy and happy, when they are happy and happy, their mental state makes them feel younger. And when people are disobedient, they will make people feel how old they are.

So, even if the four elders change by then, the villagers will only feel that the four elders are happily living, younger and younger, without too many other ideas.

Of course, just in case, Qin Liufu also reminded the four elders and told them not to tell the story.

Uh ...

After Qin Liufu reached the basement level, the rank of the Gangster app has also been promoted to one level, and the storage space has also changed from 1 cubic meter to 10 cubic meters.

There are also many new things, such as various methods suitable for monks, such as the purchase of magical instruments, such as elixir.

In this way, the Qin family was actively practicing from top to bottom, hiding in their hometown and developing silently, and rarely appeared to the public again.

Uh ...

In a flash, three years passed.

With the help of the big brother app, Qin Liufu, who was fully prepared, took a Poison Dan, and finally broke through to the Jindan period.

At the same time, with the support of Qin Liufu ~ ~, the cultivation of a lot of loved ones has reached the peak of the nine-layer refinery.

At this point, Qin Liufu's wealth has begun to rush.

Because of the Jindan period of cultivation, he became a big swallower of gold when he cultivated, and the remaining wealth value could let him cultivate to the fourth level of Jindan, and then it was difficult to survive.

What's more, the cultivation of the loved ones all depends on him. Without his continuous supply of aura, the loved ones would have no way to cultivate.

Fortunately, the Gangster app is as intimate as ever, as if he knew Qin Liufu's needs. When he was promoted to Jindan period, new functions appeared.

传送 Cross the world!

This is an extremely anti-sky function that can be transmitted directly from the earth world to other worlds.

Of course, although the function is against the sky, the price is also very touching. Each transmission requires 10,000 wealth.

Moreover, this is just the price of Qin Liufu's own transmission. If you want to bring someone to transmit, the price must increase ten times for each additional person ...

Well, do n’t swell so much. Qin Liufu now does n’t even have the wealth he needs to teleport, let alone teleport.

The most important thing is that once this teleportation function is used, what kind of world will it be teleported to? Qin Liufu has nothing at all.

In the face of the unknown world, even the Qin Liufu who has Jin Dan's first layer of cultivation is inevitable.

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