| | |-& Gt;-& gt; "Aunt July, come and arrest me, come and arrest me !!"

"Little princess, don't run so fast, you will fall after waiting!"

"Behind the dog, follow me!"

"A donkey in front, you must drive a donkey!"


Qin Qinghe Village Leisure Plaza, Qin July accompanied Qin Mengyao's little princess to play, and her aunt and nephew had a happy smile. Qin Mengyao's laughter continued to sound and seemed extremely happy.

Qin July is now twenty-seven years old, and is at the peak of women. Coupled with the wealth of nearly ten years and the influence of Peking University's highest domestic institution, he has developed a very unique temperament.

This has led to a lot of improvement in her face value, no less than those 90-point beauty.

Of course, no matter how pretty, it is now a single dog.

I guess that among the nine brothers and sisters, Qin July is the hardest to find a boyfriend.

Because of today's world, there are very few men who can match Qin July in all aspects.

Not to mention academic qualifications, talented women from the highest university in China.

Not to mention physical appearance, that is also the first-class beauty.

Not to mention her family background, not to mention her sixth brother, the world's richest man, and other siblings, she alone has a net worth of over 100 billion yuan.

It is so difficult to find a man that matches her in such a superior condition!

So, even if she has graduated from college for several years, she is still alone.

After playing with the little niece for more than half an hour, Qin July said: "Little princess, it's late, let's go home, your parents are waiting for you at home!"

At this time, Qin Mengyao was also tired of playing, and agreed: "Okay, then we will go home, I have a little thought of my parents!"

Qin came to wipe her sweat in July, then hugged her, and laughed happily: "Walk, walk and walk, we Yaoyao Xiaogong will go home!"

Uh ...

Fruit app, no, now it has become a gangster app.

Whether it is the former fruit app or the current Gangster app, the style has never changed, and it is the most worrying cheat.

I may be able to sense Qin Liufu's thoughts, so after Qin Liufu's cultivation reached the peak of refining gas, the Gangster app appeared a lot of new things.

There are basic exercises, basic matrix methods, and detailed introduction to spiritual fruit.

看了 After reading the detailed introduction of Lingguo, Qin Liufu realized that there are nine hundred and ninety-one types of Lingguo, and the efficacy of each kind of Lingguo is different.

There are those who have solid roots, those who nourish their spirits, those who restore their vitality, those who break through the realm, those who refine the body, and so on.

Seeing this, Qin Liufu is really a surprise intersection. If this big brother app can be seen, he promises to kiss it severely, which is really intimate.

After knowing the specific functions of various spiritual fruits, Qin Liufu spent 110 points of fortune, and purchased the cultivation practice method of the foundation period and a spirit-breaking spiritual fruit.

Of course, this terrible spiritual fruit is also relatively speaking.

For example, if the first-level breakthrough spirit fruit is used to break through various small realms in the gas refining period, the chance of breakthrough will definitely reach 100%.

But if it is used to break through the big realm from the gas refining period to the base period, the chance of breakthrough is only 30%. If you want to have a 100% chance of breakthrough, you must use the second-level breakthrough spirit fruit.

However, now the level of the Gangster app is level 1 and you can only buy Level 1 Destructive Spirit Fruit.

Therefore, Qin Liufu can only choose to give it a go. Anyway, according to the introduction of the practice method, the breakthrough of the gas refining period to the base period is the safest breakthrough.

Even if the breakthrough fails, there will be no danger, and it will not hurt the foundation, and it will not affect the next breakthrough. It can be said to be a very mild stage of cultivation.

Therefore, Qin Liufu will not hesitate to buy a broken spirit fruit to break through the current realm.

In the gym, Qin Liufu sat on the ground and prepared for all the breakthroughs, and then swallowed the broken spirit fruit.

Then, a huge spiritual power was born out of thin air, Qin Liufu immediately ran the foundation building method, and continuously guided that spiritual power to impact a certain level.

Once, twice, three times ...

Although the spiritual power is vast and vast, Qin Liufu felt a bit out of place when he first hit it, just like a warrior, and he could not form a combat force.

At that time, Qin Liufu had a hunch, and this breakthrough was afraid to fail.

The result is just like Qin Liufu's guess. Although the vast spiritual power hits the level again and again, there is still no way to shake the level.

With the gradual depletion of spiritual power, Qin Liufu knew that this breakthrough had completely failed!

I wasted 100 points of wealth in vain. If it was replaced with money, it would be a total of 10 billion yuan, and it was just wasted.

After the breakthrough failed, Qin Liufu summed up his experience and found that he was still too anxious.

欲 The cultivating way is not as fast as possible. Forcibly upgrading cultivation to cultivation is just like the vast spiritual power just now. There is no way to govern it.

After a failure, Qin Liufu knew that it was not enough time to break through, so he no longer wanted to break through, but set his sights on a lot of loved ones.

Before, I could n’t help my loved ones to practice, but now there are basic formations in the Gangster app. Among them is the magic formation of Ju Ling Zhen.

Although there is no aura in this world, UU reads www.uukanshu.com, but as long as the Spirit Team is deployed, Qin Liufu can buy some Spirit from the Gangster App and put it into the Spirit Team.

This way, you can let your loved ones enter the Spirit Circle to cultivate.

Uh ...

三 Three years ago, Qin Liufu built a huge underground wine cellar and treasure trove in his villa in Qinghe Village to collect those fruit wines and various antique treasures suitable for old age.

Because of the large space there, Qin Liufu thought of the treasure house of his family as soon as he thought of the gathering of the spirits.

进入 After entering the treasure house, Qin Liufu spent 900 fortune value to buy 9 first-level spiritual crystals, and then arranged them according to the arrangement method of the first-level spiritual gathering.

After the layout was successfully completed, Qin Liufu worked out a set of tricks to directly start the first level spiritual gathering.

If it's in a place with aura, the first-level gathering of spirits at this time should start to gather the aura within a circle.

Unfortunately, there is no aura on the earth. Naturally, this level of spiritual gathering cannot gather a trace of aura.

When Qin Liufu saw this, he bought 1,000 strands of aura to inject into the spirit formation.

Suddenly, the Juling Formation has undergone earth-shaking changes. A faint spirit mist appeared in front of Qin Liufu's eyes in the ten-square radius shrouded by the Juling Formation.

Wu Qin Liufu entered the Juling array and felt something, and found that the concentration of the aura in it was already pretty good. He nodded with satisfaction, then took out his mobile phone and started to call relatives.