Po Lin Monastery is close to Lotus Mountain on the right and Tiantai Buddha on the right. It is one of the most prestigious temples in Hong Kong. It has beautiful scenery and solemn Buddha. Especially the Tiantan Buddha, which completed the dome ceremony last year, is known as the world’s tallest open-air Sakyamuni. Since the bronze statue of Muni has not been consecrated, tourists are generally not welcome in the temple to burn incense now.

"I heard people say that this is the best place for Feng Shui in Hong Kong. I don't know if it is true or not."

Sekong leaned on the railing and looked at the green mountains from afar, pointed his right finger at the archway of the temple, twisted his face to the side and asked, "You are Zhao Jianzhong?"

Both Muni and Yushi's concubine stood under the two hundred and sixty-eighth stone steps looking up at the railing, the cold wind was rustling, the collar of the unbuttoned lady's suit and the hem of the dirty yellow raincoat swayed alternately.

"I like your taste very much. If the negotiation breaks down later, I will eat you."

Mou Ni licked her lips with her bright red tongue, licking her concubine Yu.

Concubine Yu pulled her hair and smiled at Muni, "There is a chance."


Zhao Jianzhong looked at the little bald girl who was less than his waist height before him, and nodded for a long time.

"My name is Sekong, and I am Sifan's current leader. We will deal with each other often in the future."

After a pause, Sekong said: "I'm here to make peace. Last time the love and parting died in your hands. Many of us have deep feelings with him. After all, love and parting lead us for decades. No need, as long as you give us the corpse. I can hand over the key fate and let you open the core with peace of mind."

Sekong finished speaking and smiled slyly. She only said that Yan Zhao would be relieved to open the core, but she did not make the promise after opening the core. She had long been smashed in her mind.

"Whose body?"

Zhao Jianzhong asked.

"Are you pretending to be confused with me? Love parting." Sekong increased the volume: "Love parting from Zaifeng's corpse."

"I can hear it."

Zhao Jianzhong drew his ears: "But I can't promise you."

"Well, the conditions can be discussed."

Sekong said dryly.

"I can't get Zaifeng's corpse." Zhao Jianzhong said: "Zaifeng was killed by Su Ling. After taking care of Xiaoan's funeral, I took Zaifeng's remaining head from his hand and buried it. It's in a cemetery outside the capital. It's also considered the fallen leaves to return to their roots."


Sekong scratched her head, she thought about it, and there was no flaw in Zhao Jian's words.

She shrugged: "Then there's nothing to say, start fighting. No one can survive except your Yan Zhao who will come! Let's go, Muni,"

She shouted down.

"I have an idea."

Zhao Jianzhong said slowly.

"Tell me."

"If you can kill me, there will be no one among the eight sufferings who will disobey you."

Sekong moved his eyes, showing a pensive expression, and then said for a while: "Why, are you going to stand and let me kill? How many seeds of Sifan's power do I still have in my hand?"

"of course not."

Zhao Jianzhong stretched out his hand with a mahjong tile in his palm: Hongzhong.

Although Sekong and Zhao Jianzhong have never met, he knows a lot about Zhao Jianzhong from the mouth of the old sick. Zhao Jianzhong's original name is Zhao Jianzhong, a native of Sichuan. In what year he was born in Yan Zhaohui, and he even entered Yanfu. No one knows the previous experience in the Yan Zhao meeting today.

But the old, the sick, and the two sufferings are the deadly enemies with Zhao Jianzhong for a lifetime, and the understanding of Zhao Jianzhong even surpasses that of the other ten masters of Yan Zhaohui.

According to Erku, the old man Zhao's name is Jianzhong, and he has the fame of the Qing court and fought the Northern Expedition. At the beginning, he gotten out of Sifan, how much benefit he got is not enough for outsiders, but it is said that Yan Fu gave him a chance to completely customize the unique props, but Zhao Jianzhong actually asked for a set of mahjong tiles, named "Win Tianshou". At the "Win Tianshou" gambling table, everything in this world can be used as a bet, and the winner will surely take away what he won. Inheritance, life span, soul, everything is fine. But it is absolutely impossible to cheat in the gambling game of winning Tianshou. No matter who loses, the bet must be cashed. Even Zhao Jianzhong himself is the same.

But Zhao Jianzhong was already the well-deserved leader of the Yan Zhaohui at that time and the head of the ten masters. Winning Tianshou is completely tasteless to him, and even tasteless. It will provoke the suspicion of others in vain. Many people say that winning Tianshou was specially designed by Zhao Jianzhong to deal with Cao Yuanchao. The bet he wants to win is Cao Yuanzhao Yan Zhaohui. The only four imperial force...

"Tonight’s auction, let’s play cards. We only play three laps. If you lose one piece after the three laps, you will lose. If I lose, I will give you my life. If you lose, it’s very cheap. I will ask you a question. An honest answer will pay for your life. How?"

Sekong's eyes rolled around. Zhao Jian waited for her for half a minute. Seeing that she was still hesitating, he shook his head disappointedly: "That's it."

"What's the matter, what's the matter, that's it!"

Se Kongsheng was afraid that Zhao Jianzhong would regret it: "See you tonight, Muni! Go!"

Sekong jumped out a few steps before turning around suddenly: "By the way, since it's just a gambling, the fruit is hidden, I won't let it."

Zhao Jian nodded with a smile.

"Dead old man, wait for you to die."

Sekong made a grimace at Zhao Jianzhong, jumped down the steps, dragged Muni and walked away.

The Yushi concubine looked a little hesitant, Zhao Jianzhong didn't know when he had already walked down.

"Mr. Zhao, you."

Yu Shi's concubine was interrupted by Zhao Jianzhong before finishing saying: "You have to accompany you in the game tonight."


Yu Shi's concubine had to answer like this.


"You are in a good mood."

Halfway up the mountain, Muni asked Sekong.

"Of course, I killed Old Man Zhao this time, so I don't have to worry about it in the future."

Mou Ni is obviously not so optimistic: "But how could Zhao Jianzhong propose such harsh rules to himself"

"Their old guys live for too long, and they are all stunned. They are either desperate and shameless, like those two old guys, or desperate. It's this Zhao Jianzhong. What's so incomprehensible?"

"What you said seems to make sense."

"You have only been in Yanfu for a few years, and you are still a long way from it. Learn a bit."

Sekong was in a good mood, and happened to see the novice welcoming novice who was sweeping the mountain road. She ran over and pulled the novice's clothes, her white and tender palms swayed and swayed before his eyes, and suddenly shouted: "Hey, monk, you said it was your home. Buddha or me?"

The monk froze for a while, but quickly calmed down. The Po Lin Monastery became famous in Hong Kong for a while, and it has received many celebrities and gentlemen in Hong Kong. Among them, there are many pioneers who are keen to fight with others. Even a novice monk who sweeps the mountain road has an exquisite heart. Although Sekong is just a little girl, the monk does not dare to act lightly at all: "The Buddha statue weighs hundreds of tons and is several stories high. It only requires building materials. You have to pull hundreds of carts, but girl, look at such a huge Buddha statue, now you raise your head and you can see it all at one glance, and you can see it all. Such a large Buddha statue can only fit in the eyes of a girl, of course it’s the girl you are older. ."

Sekong nodded in satisfaction: "You can talk."

After all, she hummed a little song and walked away, leaving only a string of silver bell-like laughter in the air.

The little monk didn't care, lowered his head and continued to sweep his land.

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