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Time flies like an arrow, time flies like a shuttle.

In a blink of an eye, it was time for Sun Wukong to get married and have children.

On the other side, the Red Ribbon Legion, which had already been destroyed, was also completely annexed by the Blue Star Group, which made the Blue Star Group the largest force on Earth, occupying 48% of the Earth's area and 61% of the population.

At this time, the earth had not been destroyed by the Great Demon King Piccolo, and Sun Wukong also returned to his hometown in Baozishan after getting married.

And the earth warriors went their separate ways.

But the presence of the Blue Star Group has changed a lot of things.

For example, the Blue Star Group's cosmic strategy is actually a well-known thing inside the earth.

After all, after the Blue Star Group established the space elevator, the materials that travel between the earth and outer space every day, as well as the dense spaceships, as long as the eyes are not blind, the Blue Star Group will know the strength.

Of course, because the Blue Star Group is very domineering, the relationship between other Earth forces and the Blue Star Group is relatively cold, and many corrupt forces are huddled together for warmth.

It's just that their "unity" did not stop the Blue Star Group from sieging the city and looting the land. As long as there is a problem within these corrupt forces, the Blue Star Group can easily take advantage of it.

It is estimated that within a few years, the entire Earth will be annexed by the Blue Star Group.

However, the forces within the earth, the understanding of the Blue Star Group is still very shallow.

They only know that the Blue Star Group has entered the universe on a large scale, but they do not know that the Blue Star Group has established a large number of secret bases in planetary systems outside the solar system.

The Bluestar Group has also raised its technological level abruptly with the help of Bigaoxing's technology accumulation.

At present, in the Northern Galaxy, where the solar system is located, the spy satellites of the Bluestar Group have been densely distributed in various areas, and they also have a deeper understanding of other forces in the Galaxy.

The Northern Milky Way, about 1,883 light-years northwest of the solar system.

The originally vibrant emerald green planet has now turned into a desolate khaki desert. Near the planet's equator, it is the only green area.

In this out of place green area, is a towering tree.

On the trunk, a figure was sitting cross-legged. He picked up a fist-sized green fruit and gnawed at it.

The surrounding figures swallowed their saliva involuntarily, their eyes filled with greed for the pile of fruits.

Seeing the greed in the eyes of his subordinates, Darles sneered and ate the fruit in his hands, then looked at the subordinates, and finally he supported his cheeks:

"You take one each."


"Thank you, Lord Darles!"

Soon a group of subordinates took a fruit and devoured it, as if they were eating delicacies from the mountains and seas.

As a fruit was eaten, the energy in their bodies also climbed a little.

Darles looked at the dozen or so nerve tree fruits left, and fell into deep thought. He felt that his body's energy had almost reached a peak, and the effect of eating nerve tree fruits was getting worse and worse.

If he has read the book, he will understand that this is the emergence of drug resistance in the body.

Neurosurgery can plunder the vitality of life planets, that is, life energy, and then enrich these energy into fruits.

It is the first time to eat nerve fruit, the effect is immediate, it can increase the gas volume of hundreds of thousands of units, but as the amount of consumption increases, not only the effect will become worse and worse, but also the body will have bottlenecks.

Now Dalles has encountered a bottleneck.

He looked at those subordinates, and countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

As an ambitious hero, Darles will naturally not distribute the remaining nerve fruit to his subordinates, allowing them to threaten him.

It's just that his body has reached a bottleneck now, which makes him a little distressed.

[DiDi...Arrived at the target star field...]

Zizi... The negative pressure airlock of the dormant cabin door slowly opened, and a three-eyed bald man opened his eyes and sat up from the cabin.

"Tianjin, we're here." The little dumpling on the side floated in mid-air.

The human warriors in the other dormant cabins also quickly woke up from their dormancy, and the person who brought this team was a scarred face with a cold expression.

Scarface called Pumpkin Pie, and he clapped his hands: "Everyone has it, start checking the equipment, and then do a half-hour warm-up."


Tianjin Rice and Dumplings followed a group of human warriors and shouted in unison.

The reason why the two joined the Blue Star Group was because the Martial Daoists on Earth were not easy to get along with.

Although Tianjin Fan and Dumpling started living as a family after quitting the Crane faction, they were recruited by the Blue Star Group by accident.

Compared to Gou Kong, who is immersed in the gentle village, Yamucha who eats soft rice, Kelin, Tianjin Rice and Dumpling, who are beside Turtle Immortal, they have a deeper relationship with the Blue Star Group.

After all, Chimi's martial arts foundation was taught by Professor Tao Baibai, and Tao Baibai died at the hands of the Blue Star Group.

In the later Piccolo incident, Tianjin Rice and Dumplings were also among the spectators present.

After being defeated by Goukong, Tianjin Fan, who was not convinced, embarked on an ascetic practice in pursuit of stronger power. During this process, the strength of the Blue Star Group has always lingered in his heart.

This is also one of the reasons why he chose to join the Blue Star Group after hearing about the recruitment of special forces soldiers.

After several years of practice, Tianjin Fan and Jiaozi have made rapid progress in their combat effectiveness. In this year's internal competition, Tianjin Fan won the 37th place, and Jiaozi ranked 268th.

This time, they were dispatched because they were strong enough to deal with powerful enemies.

After warming up, Scarface Pumpkin Pie looked at the location of the fleet. At this time, they were less than 2.4 million kilometers away from the target planet.

"Tianjin rice, mullet roe... dumplings... beets... 20 of you broke into the surface with me, and the rest obeyed the fleet commander's orders, warned the other side to flee, and other forces intervened."


Pumpkin Pie waved: "Let's go."

Everyone quickly entered the small ball-shaped spaceship. This small ball-shaped spaceship was actually a personal spaceship that imitated the Saiyans, mainly using assault landings.

Of course, these human warriors can actually fly and orbit in the universe by virtue of their fleshly bodies.

The problem is that the speed is too slow, and it is easy to be detected by the enemy, and this kind of assault ship imitating the Saiyan personal spaceship has a very strong stealth ability, which can effectively block the detection of scientific and technological means or breath induction.

Soon the 21 assault spaceships quickly approached the dead planet, and quickly burst into the atmosphere at the edge of the small green area at the equator.

Darles, who was waiting for the seeds of the nerve tree to mature, suddenly became a little uneasy. He opened his eyes and clicked the detector in his ear.

The detector did not detect a strong life signal, and he turned off the detector hesitantly: "Am I too sensitive?"

"Huh? Is that a meteor shower?" Kakao said, pointing to the distant horizon.

What? Darles hurriedly turned his head, looked at the distant horizon, and saw dozens of meteors rapidly falling to the ground.

"Idiot, that's the enemy, ready to fight." Darles clenched his fists and cursed.

"Enemies?" The other aliens also responded.

Kakao hurriedly asked: "Lord Darles, what should I do now?"

Darles' gloomy voice sounded in the ears of everyone: "The secret of the spiritual tree cannot be leaked. Amendo, you lead someone to guard the spiritual tree. The others will come with me, and you must kill all these guys."

"Yes, Lord Darles."

"I must protect the spiritual tree."

The energy in Darles' body burst out: "Go!"

boom boom boom…

A dozen air currents soared into the sky and galloped towards the landing area in the distance.

At the same time, the group of Pumpkin Pie and Tianjin Rice who had arrived also quickly got out of the spaceship, and then pressed the compression switch of the spaceship to turn the spaceship into a universal capsule state.

Pumpkin Pie sensed the galloping breath, and the breath was full of rage and killing intent, as well as some vainness.

"Here are those guys."

After Tianjin Fan sensed the powerful aura of the enemy, he did not feel fear, only a strong fighting spirit.

Soon the two sides met in the Gobi Desert.

After braking, Darles looked at Pumpkin Pie, Tianjin Rice and the others, showing a gloomy killing intent: "Is it just you people?"

Goku? Tianjin Fan looked at the appearance that was highly similar to Sun Wukong, especially the fluffy tail, which made him even more suspicious.

wrong! This guy is not Goku, the qi in his body is too evil, could it be Goku's fellow Saiyan?

"Do it!" The nuclear fusion reactor in Pumpkin Pie exploded rapidly, and its energy instantly soared to the extreme. With more than 1 billion units of energy, his combat power reached a terrifying level.

boom! Before Dalles could dodge, he was hit in the chest with a fist from Pumpkin Pie, and he was instantly sent dozens of kilometers away, opening a huge ravine in the Gobi Desert.

"What? Lord Darles!" Kakao was shocked.

"What the **** are you calling?" Tianjin Fan instantly appeared in front of Kakao, his fists like raindrops in the sky.

boom boom boom…


"Ah ah..." Kakao, who was caught off guard, was beaten to pieces, his bones were broken directly, and he was heavily smashed into the Gobi Desert on the ground.

The other aliens have also suffered disasters. Human warriors with terrifying combat effectiveness have no idea of ​​​​comparing with each other. When they come up, they attack with all their strength, and the enemy is full of teeth.

"Ah, ah, die for me!" Dalles covered his chest with one hand, blood dripping from the corner of his mouth, and an energy ball condensed in the other hand.

Immediately, a dense ball of energy spewed out of Darles' hands and smashed into pumpkin pie and a group of human warriors. As for the subordinates who had been beaten to the ground, Darles didn't care about the lives of these guys.

Bang bang bang... The energy ball bombed the Gobi Desert frantically, and immediately the area within a few hundred kilometers was bombed into the sky.

"Huhu..." Dalles quickly took out a nerve fruit, ready to restore the injury and energy in his body.

In the next second, a hand grabbed Darles' left wrist holding the nerve fruit.

"Is this your secret?"

Even though he couldn't understand the language of the earth, Darles' face suddenly became defeated, because he felt the terrifying sense of oppression in Pumpkin Pie's body, and the mother's unquestionable killing intent.

If you can't move, you will die.

"You're acquainted." The pumpkin pie arm was like dissolved mercury, quickly spreading to Dalles' body.

Dalles, who was pinched by his wrist, had no room for fusion and resistance at all.

He could only watch his body helplessly, covered by the silver-gray liquid, and then his body was completely controlled. Originally, Darles still had a trump card that he didn't use, and that was the Saiyan's giant ape transformation.

It's a pity that Pumpkin Pie didn't give him a chance to transform at all.

On the other side, Tianjin Fan and his party also pressed the captured aliens and rushed over to meet.

Pumpkin Pie made an immediate decision: "Dumpling, you watch these prisoners, and the others follow me to clean up the remaining guys."


Qi energy erupted from under the feet, propelling the group to the center of the trunk of the nerve tree.

Because the battle broke out too suddenly and ended quickly, this made Amondo and others who stayed behind the nerve tree not react for a while.

When they realized that the situation was not good, it was too late. Pumpkin Pie and Tianjin Rice had already appeared in front of them.

Pumpkin Pie looked at Amondo and the others contemptuously: "A group of weak chickens, you go and clean them with Tianjin Rice."

Tianjin Fan did not despise these weak chickens, and gave all his strength, one person gave a fist, and directly beat these aliens to the point of doubting their lives.

In fact, the human warriors of the Blue Star Group are already very powerful.

At present, human warriors are mainly divided into four types, namely "mechanical modification", "robot", "genetic modification" and "enhanced man".

The mechanical transformation of people is similar to the androids No. 17 and 18.

Robots are similar to Cyborg 16 and Metal Gula.

Genetically modified people are similar to Sharu's.

Enhanced people are not genetically modified, but stimulated by special training and drugs, similar to ordinary human martial artists.

In addition, of course, there are hybrid human warriors.

And because the Bluestar Group's technology is relatively complete, these transformations are actually reversible, and the route can also be changed.

Tianjin Rice chose the route of strengthening people, UU reading www. uukanshu. com and Pumpkin Pie is the robotic route.

As for why ordinary human beings can obtain very powerful power without modification, the reason is that the Blue Star Group is in the research of scientific martial arts.

In fact, martial arts power can also promote genetic evolution, but this kind of evolution is relatively gentle, and the evolution speed is not so fast.

Tianjin Fan's talent is good, and after retraining the scientific martial arts, his strength has made rapid progress, and now his combat power is about 82 million.

As the Darles gang was captured, the neural tree also fell into the hands of the Blue Star Group.

Although Darles was unwilling to cooperate at first, he was not the only one who knew the secret of the nerve tree, and the other prisoners quickly explained the matter clearly.

After about two days, the seeds of the nerve tree finally matured. The pumpkin pie picked the seeds of the nerve tree, and then completely erased the traces of the nerve tree on this planet, and quickly returned to the Earth headquarters with the captives, the seeds and fruits of the nerve tree.

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