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Chimi put down the document in his hand. He actually knew exactly what the curry rice reported, but he did not show any signs of "unpredictable".

"This alien civilization also has something similar to Dragon Ball, and the Earth Dragon Ball only appeared more than 700 years ago. That is to say, it is very likely that Dragon Ball was brought to Earth by this civilization."

Rum nodded: "The chairman's guess is very likely."

Chimi looked at the analysis report on the strength of the Namekians. Many of the Namekians had several thousand combat powers, and even one of them reached hundreds of thousands.

He immediately ordered: "Let curry rice not enter this planet, then find an unmanned planet in this planetary system, and first set up a temporary base."


Rum quickly sent instructions to the curry rice in the synchronous orbit of Namek through quantum communication.

Naturally, curry rice did not dare to go against Chimi's instructions, leaving only those monitoring satellites, and then controlled the spacecraft to leave.

The planetary system where Namek is located has two more planets than the solar system. Curry Rice chose a satellite of a gaseous planet as its base.

And the namekians of Namek felt a little relieved when they sensed the sudden departure of the spacecraft, but the elder and Neru understood that the position of Namek had been exposed.

Due to the butterfly effect of red rice, the future of this universe has undergone unpredictable changes, and the elders have to think about the future of the Nameks.

In fact, Chimi doesn't have any ill will towards the Namekians, but he doesn't have a good impression either.

He arranged for the curry rice to come, just to draw some evidence and make some of his future arrangements reasonable.

After Curry Rice set up a temporary base on the natural satellite of the gaseous planet, only one of the spaceships was left, and then he took the remaining four spaceships and continued to surreptitiously investigate the surrounding planetary systems.

His mission is to establish a warning zone for the earth, to prevent the enemy from coming to the solar system, only to detect the other party.

Chimi has dispatched the second and third reconnaissance teams, and plans to conduct a preliminary survey of the star field within a radius of 300 light-years of the solar system.

At the same time, in each planetary system within the radius, secretly set up observatories and secret bases.

The observatory is to detect foreign invaders, and the secret base is to keep the fire of human civilization.

According to the original timeline, the earth has indeed survived in the cruel environment of the galaxy under the protection of Sun Wukong and others.

But the crisis of extinction again and again, a little carelessness is the result of losing everything. If it weren't for the existence of Dragon Ball, the earthlings would have been extinct several times.

Chimi has no intention of relying on Dragon Ball, which is not in line with the spirit of the Human Revolutionary Alliance.

Only the power that you completely control is the real power. It is too "inert" to rely on the uncontrollable external force of Dragon Ball all the time.

The People's Revolutionary Federation is about man's victory over nature.

Chimi develops a cosmic strategy, develops alien colonies, builds observatories and secret bases, and studies the power of human evolution, all of which are so that humans can stand on their own in this universe.

Two years have passed since the last time Namek descended.

The probe and reconnaissance team of the Bluestar Group have completed the detection of the star field with a radius of 300 light-years, and set up dense observation stations, as well as 32 secret bases, and 38,000 people have immigrated to the aliens.

With the passage of time, the scale of the alien immigration of the Blue Star Group is skyrocketing exponentially year by year.

It is expected that in the next 5 years, 360 million people will be immigrated to aliens, and its 6 million-person space fleet will be built at the same time.

A void about 44 light-years from the solar system.

A small spy reconnaissance spacecraft, sailing slowly in the empty void.

Suddenly the spacecraft, seemingly detecting something, activated its auxiliary thrusters and changed its flight direction.

After three hours, the spaceship stopped because it was not far away from a strange planet.

After the planet was discovered, the spy spacecraft turned into a satellite and began to fly around the planet, while the universe carried out a comprehensive exploration of the planet.

More than two months later, a cosmos fleet appeared not far from the planet. This cosmos fleet was Fleet 304, and the fleet commander was Shortbread.

He received a request from the intelligence department to investigate this strange planet.

Shortbread turned around and asked the big-backed intelligence officer on the side, "Brandy, is this the junk planet?"

"It's this planet." Brandy was looking at the planet's detection report carefully.

Shortbread said that this planet is a junk planet, not to make fun of this planet, but this planet is indeed made of space junk.

Although the Blue Star Group is very wary of other civilizations in the galaxy, it does not mean that the Blue Star Group is in a closed state.

In fact, the Blue Star Group has dispatched a fleet, disguised as a wandering civilization, to participate in some affairs of the galaxy.

Through some exchanges, at least I know that forces such as Frieza, Kurds, Gula, Saiyans, and Guardians of the Galaxy exist.

"Does this junk planet have any resources worth collecting?" Shortcake asked in confusion.

Brandy thought about it and explained:

"Our spy ship has discovered that there is a very powerful energy in the core of this planet..."

"Uh?" Shortcake scratched his head: "Isn't that all star cores on planets? Although this is a junk planet, its mass is almost a quarter of that of Earth, and it may have formed star cores."

Brandy shook his head: "The cores of ordinary planets are all nuclear fission mixed with nuclear decay, and the energy density will not reach this level."

Shortbread flipped through the information and found a problem. This junk planet, which is only one-quarter of the mass of the earth, has an internal energy density that is more than ten times that of the earth's star core.

Such a high energy is obviously not something that nuclear fission and nuclear decay can achieve.

"Do you suspect that this junk planet is a disguise? This might be a planetary fortress of an advanced civilization? Or a planetary battleship?"

Brandy shook his head: "It's not like, if this planet is owned, then our spy ship can't be unscathed, and the other party can't watch us approach."

"That's true." Shortcake put himself into the other party's role, and immediately discovered the problem.

Brandy stood up: "I plan to bring my subordinates into it, Major General Shortbread, the vigilance work will be handed over to you. If I do not contact you in the agreed way within a week, then you should act according to the plan!"

Shortbread nodded solemnly, then saluted and said, "Take care and stay safe."

Brandy waved his hand without looking back.

After half an hour.

Brandy and more than a dozen subordinates activated the exoskeleton armor form of the base armor, driving a small spaceship, and carefully landed on the surface of the junk planet.

Looking at the mountains of **** piled up around him, Brandy arranged for the left-behind personnel and then personally led them to float down.

Cold, cluttered, silent.

As long as the earth's gravity is one-fourth of the gravity, Brandy feels a little relaxed in his body, but at this moment his heart is very dignified.

When I haven't set foot on this planet, I haven't felt the weirdness and depression in it.

When he stepped into it, it felt very wrong.

"Be careful, if you encounter an unknown situation, launch an attack directly." Brandy ordered on the internal channel.


Right when they set foot on this planet.

Somewhere in the depths of the planet, a hollow electronic synthesis sound slowly sounded: [Biology...]

A series of special electromagnetic waves shuttled through the interior of the junk planet, and then the surface of the planet trembled slightly.

Feeling this slight vibration, the brandy quickly gathered strong energy, ready to launch an indiscriminate attack at any time.

Just ten seconds later, the ground in front of them cracked a bottomless crack.

Countless mechanical tentacles spread out from the cracks, and Brandy's face changed: "The situation is not good, prepare to attack and retreat."



Their communication channels were severely disrupted.

Just as Brandy was about to attack, a peculiar electronic synth sound appeared on his communication channel.


[Gu thorn... block...]


Soon the translation system that came with his communication channel translated part of the content, which was the language of several galactic civilizations.

After listening to the translation, Brandy did not relax his vigilance. Even if the mechanical tentacles did not move next, he would not easily trust each other.

After a while, those mechanical tentacles opened a passage, seeming to guide Brandy down.

At this time his communication system also returned to normal.

"Captain, could this place be a trap?"

"I think it's too weird here, why don't you just destroy it completely!"

Several members of the team made a proposal.

Brandy weighed the pros and cons for a while, and he instructed: "You take out three people and follow me down. The others are here to be on guard. If I don't return within an hour, I will withdraw the fleet and let Major General Shortbread launch an attack directly and destroy it completely. the planet."


Brandy said firmly: "Obey orders."


Under the watchful eyes of all the team members, the four of Brandy cautiously walked into the passage.

There were passages made of garbage around, and under the guidance of those tentacles, Brandy quickly came to an underground hall.

There are colorful electronic indicator lights flashing here, and a mechanical chair is in the middle.

The mechanical tentacle motioned him to sit in the mechanical chair.

The daring brandy of Yi Gao sat on the mechanical chair, and instantly a large number of dense micro-mechanical tentacles appeared on the mechanical chair, and these mechanical tentacles pierced into his base armor.

"team leader!"

"I'm fine."

Brandy felt the memories that kept popping up in his mind. This is the memory of this planet. The junk planet called "Bigao" started from a piece of space junk. After millions of years of accumulation and wandering, it has become the present day. looks like.

If it were an ordinary human being, it would not be able to bear the memory of Bigao Xing at all.

Fortunately, the brandy has been implanted with base armor, and the auxiliary system of base armor has helped him sort out Bie Gaoxing's chaotic and huge memory.

Half an hour later, he opened his eyes, and the mechanical tentacles on his body were quickly released, leaving only one mechanical tentacle connected to the back of his head.

"Captain, are there any problems with you?"

Brandy shook his head: "No, it's just that I can't leave this planet for the time being. Let's go to the surface together."

When Brandy returned to the ground with his subordinates, he explained the situation of Bigao and himself to his subordinates and the fleet commander.

Hearing that Brandy couldn't be separated from Bi Gao Xing for the time being because of the fusion with Bi Gao Xing's artificial intelligence, Shortcake did not dare to make an assertion, and immediately reported the situation here.

Chimi actually knew that the wandering Bigao star was near the solar system.

After all, according to the original timeline, after Frieza and King Kurd came to Earth to give the heads, it was Gula who came to give the heads.

But Gula was not killed by Goukong, but only a part of his body remained, floating in outer space lingering.

Until he encountered Bigao star floating near the solar system, Gula was swallowed by Bigao star, and then Gula and Bigao star's artificial intelligence merged together and became Metal Gula.

It's just that in the time line of Chimi, the large-scale detection of the Earth's periphery by the Bluestar Group led to the discovery of Bigao Star in advance.

Now that Bi Gao Xing and Brandy are fused together, this does not make Chimi give up eating because of choking. After all, compared to the ambitious Gula, Brandy is a die-hard loyalist of the Blue Star Group.

Moreover, the auxiliary system of the base armor itself also hides the monitoring and countermeasure programs. He is not worried that the brandy will get out of control because of this.

Soon Chimi sent a scientific research team to Bigao to study this special metal life.

Although Bigaoxing's artificial intelligence is very white in terms of emotional intelligence, this kind of artificial intelligence is also relatively easy to handle.

If it's artificial intelligence like Skynet, that's the trouble.

The value of Bigao Star is very high. After it is fused with Gula, it can manufacture Metal Gula on a large scale. These Metal Gula can compete with Chaosai. Its technical content is higher than that of Dr. Gallo's androids 17 and 18. Not much more.

You know, this is a technology that can be mass-produced.

And the space junk that has accumulated over the millions of years of Bigao Star contains a lot of technological items.

It is also of great help for Chimi to study the cosmic rules of the Dragon Ball universe. UU Reading

Although Metal Gula's technology may be partly derived from Gula's body, it may not be possible to create a robot of the level of Metal Gula at this stage, but Chimi did not pick and choose.

After all, he has determined that the super alloy is the product of Bigao Xing itself, and the rest is the energy supply system and weapons.

For the energy supply system, Chimi actually has a backup plan.

In the Dragon Ball universe, there are more than one bosses who play the mechanical route.

In addition, the mechanical technology of Blue Star Group itself is not weak.

The future mass production of "metal warriors" is a matter of time.

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