, !

God Piccolo's worries did not affect the Blue Star Group side.

The Great Demon King Piccolo and its three demon-type descendants were escorted to the biological laboratory at the Iceland base by curry rice.

Although Old Piccolo had the idea of ​​self-destruction after being captured, the person in charge of escorting was Curry Rice, a master whose strength was second only to Chimi, and the Blue Star Group had various techniques for restraining living organisms.

Therefore, the old Bick did not succeed in blowing himself up.

After being escorted to the Iceland base.

Jin Junmei, who was in charge of the base, and others surrounded Old Piccolo like a treasure.

"Is this the terrifying Piccolo Demon King hundreds of years ago? It's a strange creature." Dr. Red Cabbage Soup said excitedly.

"You **** bugs, I'm going to kill you!" Old Piccolo yelled angrily.

Dr. Soda Water on the side raised his glasses and sneered: "Kill us? Let's talk about it when you escape safely!"

After he finished speaking, he took out a syringe and inserted it into Old Piccolo's arm under the watchful and angry gaze of Old Piccolo, and drew a large tube of purple blood.

Then he drew a gourd and drew blood samples from the other three demon-type Nameks in turn.

Dr. Jin Junmei waved his hand: "Give these guys a comprehensive physical examination, I want to know their specific conditions."

A dozen staff members heard this instruction and immediately took action.

As time went by, the bodies of the four old Bicks were comprehensively tested several times, and many secrets on them were also exposed.

Research report meeting.

Through the virtual network, Dr. Jin Junmei pointed to a research report and reported to Chimi Hui:

"Chairman, after more than half a month of research, we found that the Great Demon King Piccolo and his subordinates are most likely aliens, and there may be a relationship with the spacecraft we found in the Arctic tundra."

Chimi raised his brows: "Why do you see it?"

"Look, this is the life-support system of the spacecraft. According to this life-support system, Dr. Soda Water and others conducted a reverse derivation to deduce the physical condition of the user of the spacecraft."

Dr. Jin Junmei pointed to another report and continued:

"Look at the body analysis report of the Great Demon King Piccolo. These creatures do not need to breathe oxygen, but carbon dioxide, and they can also perform photosynthesis in the body."

"And in the life support system of the spacecraft, its ventilator just supplies carbon dioxide and filters out oxygen. In addition, the life support system also provides a specific wavelength of visible light, this characteristic wavelength of visible light, and Bick cells. The visible light bands required by the chloroplasts are highly coincident."

Hearing this, Chimi understood that the chain of evidence was complete, and there was no need to continue to pretend, he nodded:

"It seems that this Big Demon King Piccolo is the owner of that spaceship, or its descendants."

Dr. Soda Water added: "I think it should be the owner of the spaceship. After all, the age of the cells of the Great Demon King Piccolo has exceeded 783 years, which coincides with the time when the spaceship came to the earth."

Chimi thought for a while and continued:

"I just looked through it roughly and found that the physical potential of this Big Demon King Piccolo is good. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Indeed, I plan to screen each other's genes to see if they can be integrated into the base armor." Dr. Jin Junmei quickly replied.

Dr. Soda Water was a little tangled: "I studied the gene of that Sun Wukong before, and I haven't completed the safe fusion experiment yet. The gene of this Big Devil can only be followed by other researchers."

Chimi didn't force it either.

After all, there are still at least seven or eight years before the Saiyans attack.

According to the original timeline, after the node of the Great Demon King Piccolo, Goukong went to the Temple of Heaven to practice penance for three years, and it was also the time for three generations of Piccolo to grow up.

Then there was the fierce battle between Sun Wukong and the third generation of Piccolo at the world's No. 1 martial arts conference.

Next is Sun Wukong and Niu Qiqi getting married and having children. After Sun Wuhan is five years old, Raditz will come to earth.

With the advent of Raditz, the earth, which is the standard of the Dragon Ball universe, begins to enter the cosmic stage.

During this period, about eight years or so.

But Chimi didn't take it lightly. After all, with his appearance and the confrontation between the People's Revolutionary Alliance and King Quan, the future of this universe will definitely be affected.

He didn't dare to guarantee that Raditz would come to Earth in eight years, or the other party would not come at all, or the other party suddenly came to Earth on a whim and came to Earth ahead of schedule.

As for Raditz, even Vegeta and Naba behind Raditz, Chimi is not too worried.

Although Saiyan blood can be stuck in bg, through frequent death stimulation, part of the gene lock is unlocked and it continues to become stronger.

The problem is that the card bg also depends on the situation.

If Vegeta and Goukong meet Chimi, Chimi will not give each other a chance. Once they become enemies, they will kill them directly to scum, and naturally they will not be overturned by the opponent.

Now Chimi is more worried about the problem.

In fact, it is Majin Buu. The magician Babidi hid Majin Buu's egg on the earth. Majin Buu is a very dangerous creature.

The other is Frieza, the Kurd King, and the Gula, the three frozen demon clans.

Even other Saiyans and Nameks have the possibility of suddenly invading the earth.

Thinking of these terrifying enemies, Chimi took another look at the suitcase that Rum was carrying, and the suitcase was also a group of troubles!

That's right, there are three dragon **** in the suitcase. Chimi knows that dragon **** cannot be used excessively, otherwise the negative power contained in them will accumulate over time, break through the limitations of dragon **** and become evil dragons.

Therefore, after defeating the Great Demon King Piccolo, Chimi sealed the three dragon **** brought back by the curry rice in a special shielding box, and the dragon ball radar could not detect their positions.

His purpose is very simple, and that is to control such a dangerous thing as Dragon Ball.

In Chimi's view, Dragon Ball itself will rapidly accumulate negative energy with the increase in the number and frequency of uses, which is just one of the problems.

The more important problem is that if Dragon Ball falls into the wrong hands, the problem will be serious.

In addition, there is a deep-seated reason. The power of Dragon Ball comes from the Dragon God, which is a sub-universe creature second only to the Quanwang, and it is also a very dangerous existence.

Now Chimi doesn't want to provoke the Dragon God, he just wants to grow in a vulgar way and help the headquarters to complete the collection of the rules of the universe.

As long as the universe rules of the Dragon Ball Universe are obtained by the Human Revolutionary Alliance, the war between the Quanwang and the Human Revolutionary Alliance will soon be decided.

Distant starry sky.

5 small spaceships, swiftly sailing in one direction at high speed.

The style of these ships is spherical, somewhat similar to the one when Goukong went to Namek.

Inside the spaceship, there are pilots on duty and soldiers who are dormant.

They are the Curry Rice group sent by Chimi to Namek. Although the spaceship technology of the Bluestar Group has not yet broken through to the level of space jumping, the technology of the Saiyan spaceship and the Namek spaceship is not bad.

The supernova star spacecraft built by the Blue Star Group is different from the previous new human-class spacecraft, which is a small spacecraft dedicated to space exploration.

The spacecraft is very fast, reaching 300 times the speed of light.

As for the location of Namek, the Bluestar Group deciphered it based on the database of the spacecraft. Namek is about 25 light-years away from the earth. Under the condition of full speed, it will take about a month.

At this point they had been sailing for half a month.

Along the way is a cold and lonely void. Except for a few comets and asteroids floating between the stars, there are very few larger planets.

There are only 3 planetary systems around Namek, and the positions are very well locked.

In fact, this kind of remote planetary system is not very valuable in the Milky Way. If it is a planet close to the central area of ​​the Milky Way, the value will be different.

The central area of ​​​​the Milky Way is also an area where Frieza, Gula, and the Kurdish King are intertwined. At the same time, there are not a few high-tech civilizations. The competition in that area is very fierce.

In addition, the Blue Star Group also found the location of Vegeta and some other well-known planets through the Saiyan spaceship.

Including the planetary system where Frieza is headquartered, this is very useful information.

Time passes day by day.

Until one day, a cold electronic synthesis sound sounded inside the spacecraft.

[Please note that the target planet has been reached...]

[Starting into sync track...]

After waking up from the dormant cabin, the curry rice opened the cabin door and patted his sore neck: "Are you there yet?"

The adjutant chickpea saluted him and reported: "Report sir, we have reached the target planet, are we going to start an operation?"

After drinking a glass of water and gargling, Curry Rice instructed: "Launch monitoring satellites, and all spacecraft fly around synchronous orbit."


One of the spacecraft, which was responsible for carrying surveillance satellites, popped out of its launch nest and launched 72 surveillance satellites into the low-Earth orbit of the emerald-green planet Namek.

Soon these monitoring satellites entered the low-Earth orbit of Namek and began to operate in the planet's low-Earth orbit.

at the same time.

The desolate surface of Namek.

In a cliff, there is a very exotic building, inside that building.

A huge green-skinned man was sitting on a special stone chair, and its closed eyes suddenly opened slightly.

"An unknown alien came to Namek..."

What? The little Namek star Dandy on the side was stunned for a moment, and he asked nervously: "Elder, do you mean that aliens have come to Namek?"

The elder said weakly: "Yes..."

Another sturdy Namekian immediately stood up and said, "Elder, please rest assured, if they dare to invade Namek, I will definitely destroy them completely."

After speaking, the body of the Namekian exuded an extremely powerful aura.

"Neilu, don't be impulsive." The elder stopped Neilu, who was planning to resolve this matter by force, and he still closed his eyes very calmly on the surface.

But the Great Elder's heart was not as calm as it appeared on the surface.

The Nameks are a very strange race, they are the servants of the dragon god, which is the fundamental reason why they can make dragon balls.

Therefore, the Nameks have a variety of peculiar abilities, such as creating dragon balls, stimulating potential, predicting the future, asexual reproduction, and merging with the same race.

The Great Elder is also quite a strange existence among the Namekians. It is the stronger one among the three known Namekians, and it is also the one that is easier to deal with.

The reason why it is very unstable at this time is because in its prophecy, the destruction and rebirth of the Nameks should not be at this time.

When the Great Elder used the ability of prophecy again, he found that he could no longer see the future, and as time passed by, he found that the visible future was becoming more and more lost.

This is…

How could this be?

Questions appeared in the Great Elder's heart. This was the first time in thousands of years that he had encountered such a situation. In the previous years, he had never encountered it.

This sudden change made it feel unstoppable.

Seeing that the elder's aura was a little unstable, Dandy asked worriedly, "Elder, are you alright?"

"Huh..." The elder let out a long sigh, and then said slowly: "I'm fine, the situation of those outsiders is unknown, Neilu, you go to inform other villages and let them pay attention to safety."

"Yes, Great Elder."

The first elder gently pointed to a mountain not far away: "Dandy, you should also re-check Namek's escape ship, just in case."

"Okay, Great Elder." Dandy became a little nervous.

On the other hand, Nei Lu clenched his fists tightly, feeling a little angry and powerless in his heart.

The voice of the first elder sounded again: "Neilu, don't be impatient. Whether those outsiders are enemies or friends is still unknown."

Just when the elders and a group of Namekians were in panic.

The spacecraft in the synchronous orbit has been standing still, and there is no action to descend to Namek immediately, which makes the Namek people even more uneasy and confused.

And the curry rice inside the spaceship. UU reading www. uukanshu.com

After reading the detection report, I discovered the location, number, and special Dragon Ball signals of the Namekians.

This discovery surprised the curry rice very much.

"There are also Dragon Balls here? Could it be wrong?"

The pilot in charge of the radar shook his head: "Impossible, we activated the backup Dragon Ball radar of other spacecraft, and also detected the signal of Dragon Ball, and even the signal was much stronger than that of Earth's Dragon Ball."

Curry rice can't sit still a little now, and he didn't move at first, it was out of caution.

And suddenly found Dragon Ball on Namek, which was something he didn't expect, and it was not in his plan for this trip.

Curry Rice knows the special effects of Dragon Balls. If the Namekians use Dragon Balls against themselves, he can't guarantee that they can withstand it.

He quickly used quantum communication to report the matter to the Earth headquarters.

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