, !

Rum whispered in his ear:

"Chairman, there is information from Tequila. Sun Wukong, who you told us to pay attention to, resumed the search for Dragon Ball after defeating the headquarters of the Red Ribbon Legion some time ago."

Chimi frowned.

And Rum continued: "Tequila has carefully monitored all the people who have an intersection with Sun Wukong. Just now, one of the targets has an abnormal situation."

"Which target?"

"The king of mixed rice, this guy found a special rice cooker in the depths of the ocean trench in the Eastern Continent, and released a special creature from it." Rum immediately projected the information sent by Tequila.

Chimi took a closer look.

It turned out to be the king of chowder who was robbed of the Dragon Ball by Sun Wukong and delusional to unify the earth.

As for the special creature released by the mixed rice, it was naturally the old Bick who was sealed in the rice cooker by Wu Taidou.

Rum continued to ask: "Chairman, Tequila asked you, whether to take action?"

"..." Chimi thought for a while, and then made a decision: "Let the curry rice bring people over and take down this Big Demon King Pic, lest it cause large-scale killings."


Chimi stopped Rum, who was about to reply to Tequila: "Wait a minute, if you can, don't kill it first. This green-skinned man is not very like an earthling. It may be worthwhile to capture it back."

Rum nodded: "I see."

Soon, Curry Rice took 60 special forces and drove a floating battleship to leave the Equatorial Space City to join Tequila.

At present, the old Bick has just come out of the rice cooker. Due to the long-term seal, his body has aged to the extreme. If he does not regain his youth, it is estimated that his combat power will be two or three hundred.


the other side.

Above Kaelin Tower, in the Temple of Heaven.

God Piccolo suddenly widened his eyes: "Not good?! That guy actually escaped the seal!"

The ** on the side couldn't see any expression: "God, what are your plans?"

God Piccolo's face changed again and again, and finally said with gritted teeth: "It's all my fault, in order to prevent the life of the human world from being ruined, ** you immediately kill me!"

"What?" ** thought she had heard it wrong.

God Piccolo explained bitterly: "I and Piccolo are two sides of the same body. As long as I die, Piccolo will surely die."

** After being silent for a while, he asked with some helplessness: "God, is there no other way? For example, seal the Great Demon King Piccolo again."

God Piccolo shook his head with a wry smile: "My strength is weaker than the opponent's, and now only I and Wu Tian can use the magic seal wave. The Great Demon King Piccolo has been sealed once by the magic seal wave, and it is too difficult to seal the opponent again. already."

"Maybe God can join forces with Wutian to increase the hope of the seal." ** proposed again: "And God has divine power, and there is no successor yet."

Hearing this question, God Piccolo also fell silent.

Although he is already enlightened, if he doesn't have to die, who doesn't want to live longer.

Just when God Piccolo was in a tangle, he sensed a lot of powerful auras, and he was also quickly approaching the location of Piccolo's great devil.

God Piccolo possessed a lot of special divine arts because he held the divine position of the earth. He closed his eyes and quickly sensed these breaths, which were mainly divided into two groups.

One group is the turtle immortals he is familiar with, plus Kelin, Tianjin Rice and Dumplings and others.

The other group made God Piccolo feel very unfamiliar.

Although God Piccolo masters many divine arts, it doesn't mean that he is omniscient and omnipotent. Even if the King of Omnipotence can't be omniscient and omnipotent, he is at best a small wild god.

From the very beginning, Chimi has studied a lot of scientific martial arts with hidden breath, and the base armor itself will not emit obvious energy.

Therefore, God Piccolo only felt a few dozen points of anger in the curry rice.

In fact, in the Blue Star Group, curry rice is a high-ranking fighter second only to Chimi.


Inside the floating spaceship of the chowder.

Piccolo is spitting eggs and starting to reproduce.

On the other hand, the three people at the side of the chowder were shivering with fright. If the chowder hadn't been able to fly the spaceship and develop the Dragon Ball detector, they would have been pinched to death by the Great Demon King Piccolo.


The three eggs split quickly, and three greenskins hatched out of them, but they didn't look like Piccolo, but had wings.

It seems that the offspring of the Great Demon King Piccolo are not pure Nameks.

"You guys go get the Dragon Balls... Huh?" The Great Demon King Piccolo was about to instruct his subordinates to grab the Dragon Balls, but he sensed a few secret auras around him, and seemed to be following him.

It grinned gloomily at the corner of its mouth: "Hehe... There are little bugs who dare to follow me, go! Bring me the heads of these bugs."

"Yes!" The three Devil-shaped Nameks quickly rushed out of the spaceship.

The Tequila team that was following the Crispy Rice spacecraft had been hanging behind the spacecraft at a distance of about 15 kilometers, and did not speed up until two minutes ago.

At this time, the three demon-type Nameks rushing out from the chowder spaceship naturally had no way to avoid the lock of the energy detector.

Tequila waved back: "An enemy is coming. The combat power is 85, 90, 93. The strongest one has not come out, ready to fight."


There are a total of six people in the team she led, and the individual combat power is between 50 and 100, but the base armor on her body will give them about 500 combat power.

In fact, even if Piccolo made a personal shot, there was no way to defeat the Tequila Squad.

After all, the Great Demon King Piccolo at this time was still in a state of aging, not the later Namekian period.

Three demon-type Nameks, flapping their wings, appeared not far from the Tequila Squad.

"Is it you bugs? I'll take your heads." As soon as one of the fatter demon-type Nameks landed on the ground, he rushed forward with murderous intent all over his body.

The green arm has an afterimage, and the claws in the palm seem to tear the agave.

Suddenly the fat devil's arm stopped in front of Tequila, and its wrist was grasped by a seemingly weak palm.

"What?" The fat demon suddenly flashed a malicious look in his eyes: "Go to hell!"

Its palms swelled up, straight into Tequila's eyes.

Between the lightning and flint, Tequila dodged sideways, while raising her feet on the fat devil's lower abdomen.

boom! The fat devil's eyes widened, and purple blood spit out from his mouth: "Pfft..." His body flew upside down for dozens of meters, and slammed into a mountain.

The other two demons were also full of disbelief at this time.

"I thought you had hidden combat power, but it seems that I overestimated you, it's over!" Tequila looked unhappy.

As soon as the words fell, the remaining two demons only felt a flower in front of their eyes, and then slammed their fists on the back of the neck, their eyes rolled suddenly, and they fell to the ground.

The reason why Tequila was unhappy was that at first she thought that the other party was a big devil and might have some hidden strength, and then she reported to the headquarters and called for support.

Now it seems that she is superfluous. She could have completed the right task by herself, but now she has to support a part of it, she is naturally brooding.

However, there is no way for Tequila, because the Blue Star Group's intelligence system is inherited from the People's Revolutionary Alliance, and the Human Revolutionary Alliance takes Gou Dao as its standard of conduct.

As soon as she discovered the Great Demon King Piccolo, she was worried that the other party had any special means or hidden strength, and worried about the overturned Tequila, so she directly chose to call for support.

"Grab these three rubbish, don't kill them, the laboratory is useful." After Tequila arranged this matter, she immediately looked at the chowder spaceship not far away.

To be precise, it was the Piccolo Demon King inside the risotto spaceship.

At this time, the Great Demon King Piccolo felt cold all over, and a shuddering premonition filled his heart.


My three children were defeated so easily. Are there still masters of this level on Earth?

The Great Demon King Piccolo's face was extremely gloomy, and then he stood up: "Open the hatch, I'll go meet these **** martial artists."

"Yes..." The shivering risotto quickly opened the hatch of the spaceship, but he was praying constantly in his heart, and the Great Demon King Bick hurriedly got out.

Before stepping out of the hatch, the Great Demon King Bick turned his head and asked maliciously, "Don't you want to take the opportunity to escape?"

"What?...Aah...No, no, I am loyal to His Majesty the Demon King, and I will never run away."

"Hehe...that's fine."

Big Devil Piccolo jumped off the spaceship directly.

As the Great Demon King Piccolo landed on a small grass, the Tequila team also took three prisoners and appeared on a cliff not far away.

At this moment, a jet plane appeared in the air nearby, hovering for a few minutes, and Guixianren, Tianjin Fan, Kelin, and Dumpling also landed nearby.

"Haha, it's really lively!" Big Demon King Piccolo glanced at Turtle Immortal and his group, especially Turtle Immortal:

"It turns out to be that bastard's disciple of Wu Taidou! I don't know how far your Demon Sealing Bo has cultivated."

"Big Devil Piccolo, even if this old man dies, I will stop you!" At this time, Immortal Turtle no longer looked cynical, but looked like a volcano about to erupt.

Big Devil Piccolo smiled maliciously: "When I kill those bugs, it will be your turn."

Hearing the words of the Great Demon King Piccolo, Guixianren and his party noticed that there was another party at the scene.

Tequila looked at the outspoken Big Demon King Piccolo, her fists hardened involuntarily: "You talk too much, lie down for me!"

boom! The breath of Tequila's body suddenly soared, and the cliff beneath her feet collapsed, and she instantly appeared in front of the Great Demon King Piccolo.

What? The strength of this woman is so strong! Tianjin Fan's eyes widened, looking at the afterimage of Tequila, and felt a strong sense of depression in his body.

The Great Demon King Piccolo didn't react, and was approached by Tequila, and the next moment, a fist hit its abdomen.

Uh... Big Devil Piccolo's face turned purple, he covered his stomach and stepped back five or six steps, his eyes were full of incredulity.

Looking at the swaying steps of the Great Demon King Piccolo, and the appearance of seeing a ghost, the Turtle Immortal was also confused.


What the **** is going on in this world?

Am I really getting old?

Turtle Immortal is doubting life.

The Great Demon King Piccolo was already wondering if he was dreaming.

The Demon King Piccolo, whose self-esteem was shattered, roared hysterically: "Ah... I am the Great Piccolo! I can't lose!"

The unwilling Big Demon King Piccolo used all the strength of his entire body to once again condense an incomparably terrifying aura. The surrounding ground cracked instantly, and the small stones slowly floated up.

"Cut, waste my mother's expression." Tequila raised her left hand and pointed her finger forward a few times.

The terrifying energy slammed into the whole body of the Great Demon King Piccolo with lightning speed.

clap clap clap...


The last breath that had just been condensed was dissipated immediately.

It was lying on the grass with a decadent face, and the bones of its body had been shattered. Although the Namekians had very strong resilience, they could not restore their defeated confidence.

Not far away, Tianjin Fan turned his head stiffly and asked, "Mr. Wu Tian, ​​is this the Great Demon King Piccolo?"

Immortal Turtle had just woken up from his doubtful life, when he saw the Great Demon King Piccolo being beaten like a dead dog, he said with a dry smile:

"It's just that the crisis is lifted, and we don't have to work hard."

And Ke Lin, who was originally here to make soy sauce, also nodded quickly: "Just defeat the enemy."

Just as Turtle Immortal and the others were whispering about what to do next, in the sky in the distance, a huge floating battleship appeared above the chowder spaceship.

Seeing the logo belonging to the Blue Star Group, Tianjin Fan's expression changed slightly. Obviously, he knew the Blue Star Group, but he felt embarrassed when he thought about the relationship between Master Hexian and himself.

Kelin and Dumpling also recognized the Blue Star Group logo.

Soon Chowder Rice's spaceship was directly arrested, and Curry Rice discovered Tequila and others on the ground.

He flew down with people.

"This is the Great Demon King Piccolo?"

Tequila nodded awkwardly: "Yes, I didn't expect this guy to be so rubbish."

"It's enough to complete the task, there's no need to worry about the details." Curry Rice saw the embarrassment of Tequila. After all, he also thought that Piccolo would be a difficult character, but he didn't expect it to be so broken~www.mtlnovel .com~ Turtle Immortal saw the group of curry rice falling from the sky, and his body tensed involuntarily.

This person's breath... Although the Turtle Immortal did not feel the breath of the other party, he was aware of the oppressive aura on the curry rice.

Tequila handed over Piccolo and the three demon-type Nameks to Curry Rice, and she quickly disappeared into the wilderness with them.

And the curry rice did not have the idea of ​​communicating with the Guixianren and his party, and left with the captives directly.

Over the distant Kalyn Tower.

The **** Piccolo, who was also highly concerned about this matter, was also stunned at this time. He did not expect that such a sudden change would occur.

At this time, the **** Piccolo looked gloomy and uncertain, although Piccolo was defeated, which was a good thing.

The Big Demon King Copic was captured by an unknown force, which also made God Picco very uneasy.

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