Chapter 1583 People coming to the party

 Chaojia figured something out...

The best way to avoid being scapegoated is to make big moves to clarify your position, and then do your best to protect Beixi from harm.

Beixi may still be destroyed in the end, but those people cannot make extravagant efforts while the strategic goals are achieved.

 Because P·B is different, if they frame P·B when P·B has already gone to war to make its position clear, it will definitely lead to Europe using P·B to create a backlash...

 This is detrimental to their grand strategy!

Those old guys are all top masters of power play. They are actually very similar to Boss Qiao in some aspects...

It means that you will not focus on a certain thing or a certain person alone. You will usually bring your opponents in when executing your own strategy. It is much smarter and less labor-intensive to take advantage of the general trend and pressure others than to do it yourself.

 Boss Qiao himself is a top expert in this field. Now he finds out that these old guys do things in the same way. He is even a little happy, because this shows that the way he has figured out actually coincides with the top-level tactics...

 Most importantly, he proved his ‘correctness’ from the side, which was a huge boost to his self-confidence.

  Newcomers will always have to undergo some tests when entering a company. When Boss Qiao steps into the top power class, it is normal to encounter some rejection.

Qiao Jia understands what Xiao Ma means. Beixi can actually be regarded as the 'sole buyer' to control the seller's bargaining chip.

At about 8 o'clock in the evening, Brother Ma rushed to Regent's Park with his assistants and special agents. Along with him was a special assistant to the German Chancellor.

Qiao Jia met with Xiao Ma in a reception room...

 Don’t say that I can’t get the original document that can be used as evidence. Even if I get it, what can you do? "

 The first thing Xiao Ma Ge said after he sat down was...

The atmosphere in the manor is very good at night because there are many friends...

Qiao Jia rummaged through the living room and found a box of cigars that looked expensive. He took it out and handed one to Brother Ma. Then he spread his hands and said, "Am I going to bring over the CIA's top secret plan?" show you?"

“Jackal, are you sure the United States will destroy Nord Stream?”

 France and Germany!

These two countries are currently the actual bosses of the EU. Although they sometimes appear particularly weak due to the infiltration of the United States and the kidnapping of various ideologies and interests, no one can underestimate their determination to dominate the EU.

   Brother Ma shook his head and said: "Beixi is very important!

 But the key is not its ability to deliver energy, but its symbolic meaning!

 Previously, he missed a lot of key information, which led to a series of misjudgments and anxiety, which even caused him to have some lack of confidence.

 As long as Beixi exists, our connection with Daou will not be completely cut off.

 Beixi is in one day, and Europe has room for detours...

As long as Beixi exists, we will always have bargaining chips with Russia. "

 Qiao Jia can easily hold them back on the Beixi issue, because it is P·B who takes the lead, and Boss Qiao bears the greatest pressure. They only need to endorse the legality of P·B’s actions.

 Qiao Jia looked at Brother Ma, who had a solemn face, and said with a smile: "Even if Beixi is attacked, it is not an irreparable matter...

As he spoke, Qiao Jia looked at Brother Ma’s face with anticipation. He shook his head and said, “I asked Eric. According to the official statement from the United States, the plan was canceled and sealed.

 Because Europe is Nord Stream's only customer, Russia does not even have complete pricing power for exported energy.

The Crown Princess of Sweden and her family, as well as the Carl family whose royal status was revoked, also came.

 But things are different now. Putting aside those high-level struggles and condensing the confrontation to a specific matter, there are actually solutions!

And as long as you can clearly see the opponent's purpose, even allies will be ready!

Submarine pipelines can be built if they can be built, but once Beixi is attacked, it means that Russia must give up its last illusions about you, and in turn use Beixi to blackmail you.

In this case, it will not be so easy for you to get Boss Pu to sit down at the negotiating table!

 Look at what you are doing...

When Russia and W went to war, you kicked DaRu out of the Swift system. They clearly wanted their economy to collapse, and they even licked their faces and imposed a price limit on Da Russia's energy.

 Do people take care of you? Have you restricted it?

 Obviously Boss Pu also wants to negotiate, but Uk L has been calling for negotiations in the past three days. As a result, he keeps letting others go, lying and acting out to delay time.

This approach led to various defeats on the Eastern Front of Great Russia, and turmoil on the southern front... Boss Pu is unable to change the nature of the 'special military operation' for the time being. His best approach is to increase the intensity of the local war and use a war of attrition to Accumulate chips.

If there are still people in Europe who hold the idea that Russia may collapse, I advise you to give up your illusions.

The United States raises interest rates, and you also raise interest rates. The result is that you are devastated and inflation reaches the highest level in history.

 With interest rate hikes and a large-scale flight of financial capital to the United States, you have liquidity problems while inflation is occurring.

 Coupled with the refugee problem, how long do you think Europe can withstand it? "

As he spoke, Qiao Jia lit his cigar and said with a smile: "Who do you think will be the most unlucky once Beixi is cut off?

 Have your German colleagues made any plans in this regard?

I asked Gami and he said that Deutsche Bank’s U.S. debt investment has reached the highest level in the past ten years.

 Inflation and reduced capital liquidity occur at the same time. In this case, the industrial capital within Germany cannot withstand it.

We all know that most companies in Europe may not be able to survive for three months without bank loans! "

Hearing this, Brother Ma took a long puff of his cigar and said helplessly: "Jackal, sometimes ideological issues can cause the EU to do many things that you think are unreasonable.

 Even if this ‘unreasonableness’ will cause huge losses…”

 Speaking, Brother Ma coughed and said helplessly: "We won't talk about this topic. I just want to know, how sure are you that you can prevent Beixi from being destroyed?"

Qiao Jia spread his hands and said: "Not even half sure!

The Baltic Sea is an area I have never set foot in, and I have never even interacted with the surrounding countries.

 More importantly, once the United States decides to use force, there will definitely be people within NATO to cooperate with them.

  And I'm sure that Norway and Poland must be involved.

 In this case, if you want to defend Beixi, you must first give me the highest level of authorization...

I want to deploy unmanned airships over the Baltic Sea, and at the same time I will find a way to rent a temporary airport in Sweden...

 You have to find a way to help convince Sweden and endorse my legitimacy. "

When Brother Ma heard this, he said in horror: "Are you going to make it so big?"

Qiao Jia sneered and said: "If my fleet hadn't been in the Black Sea now, I would have wanted to transfer the ship to the Baltic Sea for patrol. Now I can only temporarily buy a cargo ship.

 You have to be mentally prepared. If I don’t make a big fuss this time, it won’t even be over! "

After hearing this, Brother Xiao Ma said worriedly: "You told me before that those people want to use Beixi to frame you. Why don't you just find those people who hold the contract with the Fatal Strike Group and eliminate them?"

 Speaking, Xiao Ma looked at Qiao Jia's meaningful eyes and said helplessly: "Well, killing those people is useless.

 You want to make a big move to finalize your position!

 Then I think you can seek recognition from the Russian side on the issue of protecting Beixi. "

Upon hearing this, Qiao Jia said in surprise: "Is it okay? Can you accept it?"

Brother Ma said helplessly: "The German special adviser from outside can have limited contact with the Russian side.

 Deutsch is a shareholder of Beixi, and they have the qualifications and position to coordinate with Russia on this issue.

I believe that Russia is also willing to see P·B enter the Baltic Sea as a third party! "

 Speaking, Xiao Ma took a long sigh and said: "Whether we can save Beixi in the end is not important. What is important is that we must avoid pushing Daou into a blind corner...

 At least let Da'er understand that that kind of situation is not what we want to see!

No matter what, be careful when you go to the Baltic Sea. The current situation is very complicated, and no one knows who will attack in the end.

The Royal Goose faction in Great Russia has been very active recently. They are extremely dissatisfied with Boss Pu's policies. In this case, they can easily be exploited by the CIA. "

 (End of this chapter)

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