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From Arms Dealer To King of War

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A magical ‘universal toolbox’ that allowed Joga to step into the arms industry.

The strangeness of the world made Joga gradually change his goals…

“Sir, how did you get to this point?”

“I don’t know. At first, I just wanted to make some money, buy a house, and marry a wife. But slowly, as more and more people appeared around me, my goals began to change. ”

“Then what is your goal now?”

“Now I just want to retire in peace with my guys, really!”

- Description from MTLNovel


Short Title:FADTKW
Alternate Title:从军火商到战争之王
Author:Rat likes to eat chicken legs
Weekly Rank:#534
Monthly Rank:#345
All Time Rank:#7585
Tags:Arms Dealers, Business Management, Businessmen, Male Protagonist,
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13 Comments on “From Arms Dealer To King of War
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  1. Lol A Arms dealer acting HOLLY/good person finding reasons/excuses he is a good person condemning ppl while he sells arms not wanting his fellow HUA xia ppl to get in trouble but i bet if they aint a fellow HUA xia he will not care if they die "you're so evil you kill innocent ppl you dont want peace, What you do is all for money" while he is selling arms for money wtf is this mindset

  2. Author is only trying to demean western countries and show how much as a chinese he cares about Army and UN peace keeping force whereas he sells the guns himself but provides himself reasonable to explanation for protection.

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