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In the bustling town, people come and go. A group of caravans wearing tall Malaysia horses passed by and headed out of town.

At this time, the opposite Xinghua Building flew up and jumped into a long shadow, holding his sword in the middle of the road.

The middle-aged man at the forefront of the caravan yanked the reins, his horse hissing, his front hoofs halting and stopping.

The horse stopper was so angry that hawkers in the market hurriedly evaded.

All of a sudden the road was empty.

"Who is coming!" The middle-aged man yelled.

The sedan behind him slowly walked out of an old man in a robe. He is King of Kings who has been hiding for a long time.

King Jing stared at the boy in black in front of him, and smiled coldly: "You kid, really a ghost."

"How could I be willing to leave without taking your dog's life?" Chang He spit out coldly, and a dazzling white light flashed on the outside of the sword.

"Kid's arrogance!" King King waved backwards, and the deceased in the dark appeared immediately, and would always be guarding the standing circle.

Chang He looked down slightly and raised his sword quickly to meet.

Blood, flying out, showed a fight under the scorching sun.


After a fierce battle.

On the ground were lying the bodies of more than a dozen dead men.

Chang He put his sword frame around King Jing's neck, which had no strength to fight, his eyes were cold and cold: "Rebel, let's die."

Jing Wang, who knew he had no power to fight back, looked at the teenager in front of him and asked, "Why did you kill me?"

The boy in front of his eyes frowned, there was no emotion in his eyes, there were seven or eight wounds on his body, and his clothes were stained with blood.

"You have committed too many evils, I'm afraid you can't remember it. In those years, you rebelled. How many people were ruined and how many lives were lost to Huangquan because of your ambition."

"You, whose child were you then!" King Jing looked shocked and couldn't believe it: "Morfe, was anyone alive in my nine races?"

"You don't have the right to know this!" Chang He stabbed the blade sharply, cutting through the veins on King Jing's neck.

Bobo's blood slipped down his neck and soaked the ground, often thinking of the often-lost Chang's family.

It was the same year.

The body was pressed against the body, the soil was all red with blood, and all of it was bloodmarks.

Chang He is recovering his memory and said coldly, "I will leave you with a whole body."

King Wang's eyes crossed a puzzle.

Chang He said: "You have no forgiveness for sins, and it is not enough to sacrifice my heart. I only hate that you have a good daughter."

He often said this, and severely cut King Wang's throat.

All hatred, old things.

It's all over here.


After killing King King, Chang He returned to the inn where he was temporarily living, and then received the flying pigeon biography from the pony.

The pony has traced Xiao Ruoshu's whereabouts and explained the location in the tail.

Chang He didn't have any delay, he just rushed over with a sword that he kept on.


The waves roll over the coast, the sea is blue and the shore is endless.

On the shore, the boatman stood on the boat waiting for the tide.

Chang He dismounted and went straight to the coast, and soon saw the Persians on board, one after another.

A dozen boys and girls sat on the deck, plainly dressed, staring blankly at the unknown, and timidly crying secretly.

Just listen to the boatman on the shore sighing in a low voice: "Poor children, if they can't afford the family, they will be sold to this group of Persians, who knows whether they will die or live in the future."

"Who are they?"

"Who knows? With mouth full of words that I don't understand, they look weird and look like cults."

"It's a cult. It seems that it came from Persia. It's called the Guangming religion. It is said that their mission in life is to dedicate themselves to faith. This time I don't know where to go to harm others."

These discussions were intertwined by the sea breeze, and spread into the ears of He Rong's ears without any drop. His face was more dignified.

A sharp-eyed subordinate behind him pointed at the front and said suddenly: "Changye, look, Girl Xiao!"

Chang He looked up suddenly, the sea breeze slowly, Xiao Ruoshu sitting expressionless on the bow of the boat, the sea breeze swelled her bustling robe.

Looks noble and alienated.

Seeing this scene, Chang He Zai's eyes were hurt by the wind, and his teeth were ordered: "Get on board! Save people!"


The people from the Shenxing Division swarmed up and surrounded the entire coast in an instant. Chang He flew onto the Persian ship.

Without saying hello, he slashed at a Persian with a sword.

Subordinates behind one by one came up, a massacre was imminent.

The Persians were caught off guard by the siege, and by the time they responded, seven or eight church members had already died under the sword of the Shenxing Division.

At this time, Xiao Ruoshu also saw Chang He, and she stood up excitedly and looked at it with disbelief.

Watching the man stump and come to her.

At this time, the cult members who responded immediately snarled and began to counterattack, and the combat effectiveness increased suddenly.

You come and go, screaming on the deck.

He often killed the burden before his eyes, and walked towards the sacrifice.

Suddenly a cry came from the children's ears. He often looked back and saw a group of Persians holding their children around their necks.

The sacrifice shouted at Chang He in a stiff tone: "Don't come over, otherwise I will kill these children!"

It turns out they can talk.

Chang He narrowed his eyes and tightened his sword. The rest of the Caution Division did not dare to rush forward, waiting for Chang He's next instruction.

"Let the child down." He muttered, approaching the group step by step.

"You evacuate!" The church members did not budge, their eyes were as fierce as wolves: "Let your people leave this ship, let us go!"

How often do not speak, confront them.

Whoever makes a step, there is no room for turning back.

As time passed by, the believers were anxious, and the sacrifice shouted at a young believer.

The believer immediately left the cabin!

They are not waiting for the high tide, and now they are leaving the ship!

The situation is imminent.

"Don't you want to go? Want to hurt someone? I won't give you a chance to succeed!"

Xiao Ruoshujiao screamed. She snatched the torch in the hands of the believer and lit the explosives.

A loud noise!

The whole ship shook the mountain, the hull drew down a bit, and burst into a hole.

"The ship is leaking!"

"They can't walk!"

"Fuck the Central Plains!" The sacrifice of the sacrifice turned out fiercely, and he slashed at Xiao Ruoshu with a sword that penetrated her body.

"Ruoshu !!!"

Xiao Ruoshu shook his body, looked back in the direction of Chang He, smiled at him, his mouth as if shouting: "Little Changzi ..."

The fierce sacrifice took out the knife in Xiao Ruoshu's body, and turned and ran!

Xiao Ruoshu fell heavily to the ground.

Chang Hezai's heart also seemed to be torn apart by the knife. His eyes were broken, his senses were completely absent, and he transformed into a **** rasa to slash those believers crazy!

One, two ...

Bloody sword body!

The sacrifice kept kneeling and begging for mercy, and the wolf howled and cried: "You forgive me, forgive me heroes!"

Chang He approached him expressionlessly, took thousands of holes in him, and then kicked him towards the bottom of the sea.

He stared coldly at the corpse on the ground, panting constantly, not knowing for a moment where he was.


"Changye, come here, girl Xiao!"

This sentence seemed like a thunder in my ear, and instantly split the Lingtai where it is.

Chang He suddenly turned around, rushed to hold Xiao Ruoshu in her arms, and covered her wound on her chest with her hands, as if she couldn't see all of them.

Xiao Ruoshu leaned weakly in his arms, his eyes could hardly be opened.

"Ruoshu ... Ruoshu ... Ruoshu ..." Chang He called to her again and again, and there was fear and panic in his voice that he did not even know.

"I'm here." Xiao Ruoshu opened his eyes, looked at Chang'er, and smiled at him: "Don't panic, look at me, aren't you right here?"

"I'll take you to the doctor." Chang He was holding her away.

Xiao Ruoshu shook his head and murmured, "No, it's too late. I've got something to say to you, little son."

He often held her tightly, unwilling to let go, put her lips against her ears and whispered, "You say."

Xiao Ruoshu smiled, but there was an unspeakable sadness in the smile: "If I said, I lied to you again, would you be angry?"

"Fool, how could I be mad at you."

When did he say such soft words to her, Xiao Ruoshu only felt that he was in a dream at this moment, and he was unwilling to wake up happily.

Xiao Ruoshu slowly said, "In fact, I was already the sacred girl selected by the Illuminati. When my father Wang sold me to the Tatars, they happened to pick me up. I originally wanted to escape from the Illuminati forces. ... but I met you. "

Speaking of which, she smiled again and again and was sweet and sweet.

"My God, I have always felt that I am the smartest person when I am so big, and I have tried every means to keep everyone in my control. As long as I can escape here, I do n’t care how many people are killed by the Light."

"But I didn't expect that I was the dumbest person. I fell in love with an **** ... and was willing to die for him willingly ..."

Xiao Ruoshu coughed gently, blood began to pour out of her throat, and He often reached out to wipe her away, but over and over again, it couldn't be wiped clean.

"Little brother, I told you I like you?"


"Actually, I haven't told you anything. You put your ears up, and I tell you."

How often he froze, then bowed his head obediently and pressed his ears.

But the next second, he froze.

Xiao Ruoshu took a bite in his ear, and never said a word again.

Suddenly, Chang He was holding her tightly, as if to put her into her arms, and a tear fell hard.

Falling on her pale smiling face.

It's a pity that she will never open her eyes again, nor touch his face with a chuckle, and said, "Little boy, don't cry, it is not worth crying for me.


The memory of that day later stayed in the memory of many people.

Many years later, the pony still clearly remembers that after the death of Xiao Xiao that day, Father-in-law Chang left her body without saying a word.

I only heard that later, Grandpa Chang buried Xiao Xiao on a beautiful hillside.

That hillside has their past, present, and future. The best moment was fixed there forever.

Langzhong, seem to see.

Chang He stood in front of the grave and heard the wind blowing, bringing what she hadn't finished at that time.

She said, "Little brother, I love you. If you are a eunuch, I love you ..."

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