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Frequently frowning, he naturally said, "What does this have to do with you?"

Xiao Ruoshu glanced comfortably and said, "I have seen my father. He has no ambitions. He wants Dongshan to rise again to dream of an emperor."

Chang Hezai was not surprised, King Jing's thoughts were completely in his expectation, otherwise he would not be willing to lie to death for so many years.

"It's not just this." Xiao Ruoshu lowered his eyes, his slender eyelashes continued to tremble, and his red lips slightly opened: "My father and his king wanted to assign me to the King of the Nonghaer tribe in order to capture the power."

Chang He shrinks in Tongren, amazed.

Now the King of the Chahaer tribe has entered the fate of his destiny, and his face is full of ugliness. He is extremely ugly, and looks like life. He likes to spoil a girl who is 12 or 13 years old.

The puppet soldiers under Nonghar were a group of bandits, bandits, and demons. Every time he invades the Central Plains border, many innocent and innocent Han women are taken away.

King Jing actually asked his daughter to marry such a miserable farmer! And even turned against the enemy!

This King of King is crazy!

Thinking about Xiao Ruoshu's marriage with Nanonhaer, Changzai's heart could not help but burst into nausea!

Xiao Ruoshu wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes and continued: "I heard that the Nonghar of the Tatar tribe is older than my father Wang. The family is as petting as a cow hair. What ’s more terrible is that he does not blink and kills. If he does not like it, he will share his favor with his subordinates. "

Xiao Ruoshu said as she shivered, her face panicked: "No, I don't, I'd rather die than marry someone like that."

"I'll kill him." Chang He looked at her coldly. "Kill him, you won't be forced to marry someone."

After speaking, you have to get up.

"No!" Xiao Ruoshu grabbed him: "Uncle Guo is inseparable with my father, you can't be near him at all."

"Then you willingly marry that lascivious Nunhaer?"

Xiao Ruoshu smiled bitterly: "What if you don't want to, Nonghaer has already come, this time the father's iron heart wants to use me as a trading tool."

"What are you talking about? Nonghaer is in the imperial city at this time?" Chang He narrowed his eyes, and there was a gloom in his eyes.

Xiao Ruoshu nodded: "Well. He has sneaked into the Central Plains. The purpose of this trip is to discuss the conditions with my father Wang."

Chang He smiled coldly, full of disdain: "A small tribe tribe, dare to ridicule my country!"

"A tribal tribe is not to be feared, and a tribal king is not to be scared. But the strength of the two is not to be underestimated. In the future, they will form an alliance and join forces with each other inside and outside. Xiao Ruoshu said worriedly.

Chang Hezai was about to speak, and suddenly his ears moved, his expression calmed down: "Someone came."

Xiao Ruoshu froze, quickly walked to the window sill and glanced out, then turned back and said anxiously: "It's my maidservant who came to me."

"what would you do?"

Chang He looked up and down on the layout of the house, suddenly leaped up and sat on the beam.

Xiao Ruoshu was relieved and went back to his original position to sit down.

At this moment, there was a knock at the door.

"Come in." Xiao Ruoshu said coldly.

The maidservant pushed in the door and walked in two maidens. A person holds a food container in his hand, and a person holds a dressing utensil.

"Guest, please have a meal."

Xiao Ruoshu glanced back at the food box without expression.

The two maids seemed accustomed to this reaction and did not force them to come up and dress up Xiao Ruoshu directly.

After a while.

Xiao Ruoshu shook his head's head flower impatiently: "Let's go, let's go down."

"Yes, the lord."

The maid didn't dare to disagree, but she slowly retreated when she answered.

As soon as the door was closed, Chang Hezai jumped off the beam of the room, Xiao Ruoshu took off the obstructing flower on his head and stood up.

She looked at where it was often, anxiously: "Hurry up."

"I can't go." Chang He said.

He came to this point in the investigation of the case, and no one would let him go. Without killing King King and finding out the treasure, he won't go back.

Xiao Ruoshu bit her lip hard and reached out to push the chest where it is often: "Why are you so embarrassed, let you go and go! If you mess around here, they will kill you! There is nowhere in this palace Runaway! You ... you ... "

Thinking of the critical situation, she became more and more uncomfortable, and could not help but cry again.

He often stayed still, just saying, "If you are here to see me obstructing my eyes, I won't appear in front of you."

Just leave.

Why do you really want to go now? Xiao Ruoshu actually panicked and stood up to stop him: "Stop, wait, where are you going?"

Chang He's face didn't change: "It is natural to inquire about King Jing's whereabouts."

This man, a tendon, a bad temper!

Xiao Ruoshu was so white-faced.

She looked at the way she always looked, and gritted her teeth. "Okay, I know that whatever I say is useless, you won't be disheartened. Wait for me here, I have something for you."


"You are waiting!"

Xiao Ruoshu glanced at him, hundreds of emotions flowed in that glance, and then turned back to the screen.

She didn't want him to see it in this scene.

Xiao Ruoshu opened his mouth, put his hand into his throat, and slowly caught his fingers and pulled it outward.

Suddenly the stomach twitched, Xiao Ruoshu forced the nausea, and completely pulled out the jade tied to the other end of the rope with his fingers.


Yu Pei spit out of her mouth and fell into a basin.

I saw the jade crystal clear and uncluttered, and at first glance it was a good piece of precious jade.

Xiao Ruoshu finally breathed a sigh of relief. For more than a day, she could not swallow the jade torture.

After cleaning away the filth on Jade, Xiao Ruoshu took the piece out.

Chang He looked at her pale face with a complex look: "What are you doing?"

Xiao Ruoshu smiled gently: "Because my father Wang wanted to rebel and I didn't want him to succeed."

She shoved the washed jade pendant into Chang He's hands, and then she became cautious.

"Take this piece of jade, it is the key to unlock the secret room. You can get the treasure by holding it. As far as I know, my father and king buried the treasure in eight places. There are countless strange treasures in the two houses below this palace, which will take you a few lifetimes. "

Chang He frowned and looked at her deeply.

Xiao Ruoshu's face was white, but he smiled brightly: "In fact, I know that you are not a man of wealth, but I can't worry about those treasures falling into the hands of people who are interested. I might as well give them to you."

She said as she pulled out a hand-drawn map in her cuff, and handed it to Chang Hezai: "This map was drawn by me just now, it was originally for you."

When Chang He didn't answer, she shoved it into his hand.