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The cold wind blew through the cracks in the earth wall, and it sounded like a ghost crying late at night. A shadow in the corner shrank. The cell was dark, and it was not clear whether the shadow in the corner was a person or a mass.

Suddenly a dim light outside shook and finally cleared the clump of things in the corner, a dirty woman.

Exactly a girl. Even at this time, she could still see her beautiful face contour with blood on her face.

She should have been younger than the flowers and lived in the high gate courtyard carefree. But at this time her whole body was covered with bloodstains, dark red and dark red, blending with the night.

Her long hair was tangled like a mess of seaweed. The thin layer of clothing was piecemeal, barely covering the **** marks on his body.

She curled up in the corner and hugged herself. There were cracked blood puppets on the ten fingers, like tiny mouths, ruthlessly mocking something.

The slim and delicate jade fingers that were once perfumed and powdered have become this ghost-like picture.

Once the envy of everyone, the appearance and talent of the famous Miss Fu family was reduced to this point.

Once a high-door household, now it is full of doors and entered the prison ...

"Ah!" A scream came from somewhere, tearing the night. The girl shuddered and looked at the darkness in front of her.

"Master, sir! Forgive me! Ah!"

"You are wrong! Our Fu family has no conspiracy!"

Fu family ... conspiracy!


The young girl took a nap, and hurried to her ears, eager to hear something, because it was her father just now. Poor father tortured for several days.

A strange laugh came in the dark: "What is your life? Our family is obliged to investigate the Jiangnan Fu family's rebellion case, let alone your Fu family, even Governor Chen Du has been dismissed. Today our family is here to pry. Open your mouth. If you do it, you can be happy for a few days. If you do n’t do it, hey, let you see the punishment specially crafted by Da Nei Tian prison. "

An old sorrowful voice roared out: "Oh heaven! Our Fu family is full of loyalty, how could it be possible to participate in treason? The so-called certified physical evidence is someone who has planted a spoil ......"

The old voice was interrupted before it was finished. It was followed by a scorching meat smell, and the old man's painful voice.

That gloomy voice sneered again: "Old man, you are the unscrupulous sesame officer in our eyes, do you not understand why it caused such a big disaster? Call it early, otherwise you will know what It is better to die than to live. "

"Fu's ... innocent." The old man's low voice was out of tone.

"Haha ..." The somber voice made a strange smile again, and he sneered suddenly: "Come here, greet these stubborn old men! Bring the Fu family's nephew!"

Immediately following the hoarseness, begging, begging, and swearing ... it filled the whole cell.

The cold night is like **** on earth.

The young girl in the dark began to tremble, and she wanted to cover her ears but could not stop the sorrow that was pervasive. This mourning is the painful cry of her loved ones, the grieving grievance ...

In suffering, her thoughts returned to that **** night.


That night was so cold and dark. She was laughing and laughing with Yaya Yinger around the stove. The silver and carbon in the stove was warm and warm. The whole room was small but full of furnishings of the official house. On the sides of the case, a good incense burner on a stove was emitting smoke, and the whole room was warm and fragrant, unspeakable and pleasant.

Her name is Fu Lengxiang, and she is the only Miss Qianjin under Fu Bo's fu in Jiangnan. Since she was a child, she has been familiar with all kinds of paintings, calligraphy, paintings, and fragrant powders, and because she is very beautiful, she is known as the "Agarwood Beauty".

Yaya Yinger laughed while doing embroidery work: "Miss, the young lady is sixteen, so the Su family should come to propose."

Fu Lengxiang raised her head and gave the girl a glance: "Nonsense, I will not marry."

"Hee hee, the lady is right. The dowry was quietly adjusted a few days ago, wasn't this for the sake of marrying?" Yaya Yinger deliberately raised her embroidery pattern to tease.

Fu Lengxiang Qiao blushed, and Chan Ruo's morning glow.

Yeah, she's going to marry someone, brother Su, who has grown up in childhood. The two families were right at home, and the two agreed. There is no such good thing in the world.

It's just ... She suddenly frowned. It's been more than half a month. Why haven't the two people who have been in close contact with each other?

She thought about it and asked, "Did Dad come back?"

Yaya Yinger shook her head: "The old man went to the city to meet with Governor Chen Du two days ago and said that he would return today, but there was no news."

Fu Lengxiang frowned when he heard that.

For some reason, she felt a sense of uneasiness in her heart. In the past few days, there have been many cases of female corpses in the city, and various rumors and rumors in the city have been secretly turbulent.

Things to start from January. As the snow melted in the early spring, the river outside the city was rushing day by day. The peasants rushed down to cultivate land in the early spring. As a result, a female corpse with a big belly was floating from the upstream during the irrigation of the canal.

The peasants were shocked that all three souls and six souls would fly away and hurried to report to the officer. This matter was dealt with by the county magistrate. As a result, the local magistrate An Zhixian magistrate took her work to inspect it, but she was frightened and reported to Fubo Fuzhifu, her father.

Fu Bo took a person to check it, and he came back in face. Someone in the family asked if he was silent.

After two days like this, the rumors in the city suddenly exploded. There are rumors in the streets. It is said that this female corpse is not rotten over time, looks like a living, and looks extremely beautiful, I am afraid it is a grievance; others said that this female corpse is pregnant with six corpses, one dead body and two lives, I am afraid it is not simple.

But the little female corpse case is so mysterious. For a month, she saw with her own eyes that her father was restless as a dignified Jizhi prefecture, and she was almost arrested in the middle of the night, and everyone in the city was in danger.

This case is really weird. I don't know if there is anything inside. Otherwise, my father would not have to go to Governor Chen Du to discuss these two days. Chen Du is a high-ranking authority, and he has a world relationship with the Fu family. There should be a way ...

She became increasingly disturbed. She thought, and suddenly her fingers hurt. She bowed her head, and saw the big blood drops coming out of Dou.

"Miss?" Yaya Yinger exclaimed quickly: "You poke your hands carefully."

Fu Lengxiang just wanted to make Yan Yan laugh and said he was fine. Suddenly the door slammed open. I saw Niang's own face rushing in, and she broke up and pulled her up.

"Mother? What's wrong?" She froze and asked in a hurry.

"Xiang, don't ask anything, hurry up! Hurry up!" Mrs. Fu almost dragged her and ran outside.

An air-conditioner struck just outside the door. Fu Lengxiang was froze for a moment, and in the middle of the night, she felt that this cold bone was the first time in her life.

Mrs. Fu clasped her hands and hurried out without looking back. Fu Lengxiang never knew that his mother, who always walked in lotus steps, could go so fast.

"Mother, what's going on?" She asked quickly.

Mrs. Fu clasped her lips and pulled her up in the house. The cold wind hit the face with pain and pain. Fu Lengxiang only felt that the whole body was cold. She even complained in her heart that her mother didn't give her a coat and dragged her out.

But Mrs. Fu didn't notice her daughter's discomfort at all, took her to the back garden, opened the door, and immediately pushed her toward the outside.

"Come on! Lengxiang, never come back!"

Fu Lengxiang was pushed down to the ground by his mother. She exclaimed, "No! Mother! What the **** happened?"

Mrs. Fu's voice was hoarse and terrifying: "Go to Su's house! Let them arrange you to go!"

At this time, Fu Lianxiang found his mother's eyes red, and at this time there was a disturbing hustle and bustle in the air. She heard heavy footsteps gradually coming from the side of the street towards Fu House.

Mrs. Fu stood by the gate of the courtyard, and that look of Fu Lengxiang would never be forgotten. The mother was like a desperate mother, exhausting her last strength to protect her child.

"Come on! You won't be too late if you don't leave. The imperial decree is almost here. Go to Su's house! For the sake of the two friends, they will secretly arrange you to leave here. Don't look back ... Fu's messed up the sky A big disaster, I can't escape! "Madam Fu growled in a low voice, with despair," Lenger, you go away. Never come back again. "

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