There is a small country between Xiliang and Beiyi whose name is Lan Kingdom.

The land of the Lan Kingdom is very small, but it is very prosperous and rich in silk. Most of the best silk on the mainland comes from the Lan Kingdom.

A young monarch in the state of Lanzhou was a sick young man who vomited blood and fainted. He had to rest three days a day in the early days.

Major events in the middle of the country are left to the prime minister, but the courtiers all know that the prime minister has the ambition of the wolf, who has a long time on the throne, and the power is in control. The forces are inextricably intertwined and polite to others.

The only general who can compete with the puppet is the general who holds the military power in the middle of the country. This person does not know one but has a divine power and has repeatedly defeated the invading enemy forces of the country. The reason why the country can be in Xiliang and Beiyi Survival depends on the general.

The general spent recklessly and acted recklessly, but he was loved by the monarch. He asked for punishment for mistakes and neglects for minor mistakes. Rao was the prime minister and did not dare to shoot at him at will, so as to maintain the balance between the forces of North Korea and China.

However, this ignorant man is Song Ci.

He wore a special military uniform of Lan Guo and walked slowly on the way to Shang Dynasty. The bottom of the black robe was embroidered with layers of red Ruyi pattern, and his robe corner was raised as he walked.

This clothes made Song Ci feel a little awkward, because it was a bit like wedding clothes.

Lan Guo is a real country, and Song Ci has been heard somewhat.

Regardless of whether it is Xiliang or Dongwang, or Beiyi, although the customs of these huge empires are different, there are some places that are not far behind. For example, the royal color is bright yellow.

But Lan Guo's is different. The special color of the king is indeed purple. The military commander is a black robe with red edges, and the Wenchen is a red robe with black edges. Song Ciping feels that the military generals are tied with Wen Chen.

What's more, his role is still a reckless husband who has never touched the pen and ink since he was born. This makes Song Ci even more unacceptable.

Song Ci spent two days in depression after entering the book.

That's right, this is exactly one of the stories recorded in the book "No Demon Say". I didn't expect this book to be famous. He took it with him for so long and didn't find any strangeness in it.

The story in the book, Song Ci, has been read for more than half. Although the name is Wu Yao Shu, the content of it is to tell people in another way. There are all kinds of monsters and monsters in this world. The strange stories are all these monsters.

And this story tells the very favored male pet around the monarch, a cultivating monster. He adhered to the monarch, exhausted the monarch ’s luck, and finally led to the destruction of the country.

However, in fact, Lan Guo still exists, but because the distance is too long and Song Ci has not been there, naturally, it is impossible to verify whether Lan Guo is really a sick monarch, a man's pet transformed by a monster, a polite traitor, The blind general.

For two days he came in, he didn't hear anything about Wen Changchu.

Song quit his long sleeves and made a big yawn. As soon as he raised his eyes, he saw the early sun rising slowly in the sky, and could not help speeding up his pace.

It is said that the monarch is most disliked that someone is late for the early dynasty.

When Song Ci hurried to the court hall, the minister of North Korea and China was basically in place. His official residence Yipin stood in the first place, and he walked among the two rows of ministers. The rules make a lot of ministers can't help looking.

This seems a little different from the usual generals.

"General Song." Someone stopped him on his way.

There was a man in a red robe. He was the nephew of the prime minister. The newly-appointed court official had a lot of opinions about this reckless husband who walked up and down. Now I saw him for the first time. Stay figured out to deal with him.

The other courtiers watched silently, someone wanted to remind them, but looked at Song Ci but did not dare to say a word.

Everyone knows that this general has a bad temper. Last time, the man who stopped him from making fun of him was shot into the hospital too.

The crowd took a few steps back without a trace.

After Song Ci stopped, he turned to look at that Wenchen, wondering, "What is it?"

"I heard that the general had suffered from cold and wind for the past two days and missed the early dynasty. I don't know if it is better now." Wen Chen said calmly.

It is not mentioned in the book, so Song Ci does not know.

The reckless general was very busy a few days ago and learned to write poetry on those literati cruises. As a result, he accidentally fell into the water and suffered a cold.

The prime minister and the general have never dealt with it. Wen Chen mentioned at this time that he wanted to make fun of him.

According to normal circumstances, the general should be so angry that his face was red and thick, and his sleeves would be opened soon.

But I saw this polite young general with a red lips and a polite smile, folded his sleeves, with a little cold pride, "Thank you for your love, but since I can come to the early dynasty, it also shows that the wind and cold are not a big deal, why bother asking . "

Song Ci didn't stop after speaking, walked to his place a few steps and waited quietly for the opening.

With a loud chant, the young monarch slowly walked up to the dragon's chair, Song Ci and other ministers bowed their heads and knelt down and shouted Long live my emperor, followed by a series of coughs. Song Ci felt when he heard it. Struggling, as if coughing up your lungs.

After finally coughing, the monarch did not pardon the ministers for the first time, but slammed the desk, screaming angrily, "What's the matter! Dare anyone not to come to the early dynasty? Or in the widowed eyelids?" ! It's bold! Who is it! "

After roaring and coughing, he looked really sick.

Severely ill, weak, but irritable.

But it sounds familiar.

"Going back to the king, it's ... it's Lord Prime Minister."

"What is the Prime Minister ?!" The monarch yelled again, but with too much force, he spit blood on the spot, and the **** who was waiting was screaming with a loud voice, and the officials panicked.

Song Ci was inexplicably surprised. When he looked up, he saw that Wen Changchu was spitting blood from his mouth, his face was white and scary, and there was a severe sickness between his brows.

Song Ci stood up right now, "Wen Changchu!"

When Wen Changchu heard his own name, his eyes narrowed and he was surprised, pointing at Song Ci, "Song, Song!"

This Song of Song failed to yell out. When Wen Changchu's eyes rolled over, he fell into a dragon on the dragon's chair, and suddenly made a group of palace people panic. Obviously, this was not the first time to deal with such a thing. His face was panicked, but the action was very rapid, and he quickly lifted Wen Changchu away from the court. Lazy listen to books

No wonder it's so irritable. If you smell Chang Changchu, that makes perfect sense.

He must be so irritable because he got into this strange world and got a sick character.

Song Ci really felt that his identity was suitable for Wen Changchu.

"Master Xiang arrives—" When the crowd was panicking, it was only too late for the monarch to vomit blood to the monarch.

Song Ci turned his head and saw that in the backlight, his uncle wearing a red robe and black border came slowly, every step was careless. Song Ci couldn't see his face, but he was inexplicably familiar with his outline. Can't help but take a few steps forward and want to see clearly.

As soon as the courtier heard the arrival of the minister, they all held their feet and stood still. When this happened several times in the past, all the ministers stabilized the court with one hand, and the ministers became more aware.

When all the people came in, the light behind him hit the side profile. Song Ci caught off guard with a pair of smiling eyes, opened his eyes a little unexpectedly, and walked quickly to him, "Why are you here?"

Rong Bai twisted his tail intimately, wiped off the debris on the tip of the tail, and whispered, "Isn't this to come to you?"

"How did you find that I was involved in the book?" Song Ci also worried that Rong Bai was anxious because he couldn't find him.

"There is a piece of ink in the Six Realms. There is ink out of nothing. Every story written in this ink will constitute a new world. The book in your arms is written in this ink. You always carry it with me. I go back. When I found that you were missing, there was only one book left on the table, and I could naturally guess where you were. "Rong Bai's tone was slow and slow, and everyone else could not hear clearly.

The ministers did not know what the two were talking about, but they all lamented that the Prime Minister and the General had such a harmonious scene.

"Then how do we go out?" Song Ci asked.

"You've read this book and you should know the ending of the story. The story ends at the end, and we naturally go out."

Song Ci stepped slightly, and whispered in Rong Bai's ear, "The ending is that the monarch was killed by the monster, and the kingdom of Lan is perished."

Rong Bai squeezed his earlobe, and Waner replied in his ear, "Then we will kill the monarch."

"That ..." Song Ci was a little embarrassed. "The monarch is Wen Changchu."

"It doesn't matter, he won't be harmed by himself." Rong Bai has no psychological burden. "The story written by Wu Shengsheng with ink is just for entertaining. Every story, every year, some monster monsters like to get into the story. play."

"That's OK." Song Ci agreed instantly.

Song Ci smiled happily, Rong Bai glanced at him, couldn't help pinching his side.

However, the interaction between the two people brought shock to the thunder of the Five Thunders to others. No one in the Chinese government thought that the relationship between the prime minister and the general had become so good.

The last two of them both left early and left with a big swing.

Inside the monarch palace.

"Help! Help!" Wen Changchu rolled down from the couch, screaming as he ran, "Come here!"

Song Ci grabbed his back collar, "In the beginning, you obediently, we can go out sooner."

"You dream!" Wen Changchu was struggling and struggling. "I'm going to die, but also in the gentle hometown of Ai Fei, you let me go!"

"You monarch acted very realistically." Song Ci drew out Du Er, "I try to hurry as soon as possible, to give you a lot of joy."

Wen Changchu's body could not stand the frustration, and now he started to vomit blood again, and his teeth were spit with blood. "Song Ci, you are dead and unconscience, I am so good to you, ohh.

When Song Ci saw him, he could n’t bear to let go. He let go and turned back to Rong Bai. “Let ’s wait for him to die in the arms of the fairy concubine. See how he spit out like this. It won't last long. "

As soon as Wen Changchu slammed, he rushed outside the hall door, "How about the widow's concubine! Find the widow's concubine!"

Who knew that when I opened the door of the temple, I happened to run into a person who was wearing a lilac robe and embroidered a delicate phoenix with gold threads on his shoulders, with a faint smile on his face, Hugged.

Song Ci took a closer look, hey! Isn't this Zhu Yishu?

Zhu Yishu was still so moist, so he took out a piece of parchment and gently wiped the blood from his mouth for Wen Changchu, "In the beginning, did you call me?"

Song Ci was wondering. Looking at the costume of Zhu Yishu, it was obviously the legitimate queen of Lan Guo, who was not in favor of the monster man.

Obviously Wen Changchu himself did not expect Zhu Yishu to be here. He turned numbly and looked at Song Ci, "Is it too late to accept your offer?"

Song Ci said, "It's too late."

Before it's too late, you can safely die in the arms of the evil of the country.

Oh no, it's Queen of God.


Monster man pet: Is it too late for me to escape now?

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